How I Fucked Chubby Aunty In Her Home

Hi, myself Ashish from Hyderabad and am completed my pg and working as desktop support engineer as a field engineer in Hyderabad so I used to visit customers at their homes and repair laptops and desktops in their house like this is my routine day life one day I got a call from the customer regarding laptop problem

I went to their house in banjarahills and rang the bell door opened by the aunty she was in her 35 years and well built body with attractive curves and shapes she smiled at me and shown the laptop which is in problem and I went to watch the laptop and meanwhile she brought a coffee and offered me and while we are having coffee she asking about the problem and price and about my work she was in her nighty in that she was looking as like a angel and I said her coffee is too good mam she smiled and said thanks then I said it will take two hours to complete and she asked y wt is d problem I said in this lot of virus she asked how it will come then I said by watching porn sites and she said no one wl use this laptop then I said just a minute and entered a command and it shows all the porn stuff in the laptop

Then she said sorry I used to watch in the afternoon because my husband is in middle east so I used to watch and masturbate by listening this my cock went hard and the bulge is visible to aunty and she said wow your also naughty and smiled I am shy and turned towards the laptop and opened one clip by mistake in which the African fucking a girl wildly and I got afraid and looked at aunty she was smiling and said she like big cocks so used to watch interracial and told you do have nice bulge in your pant then I got shocked and smiled at her and then she came near to me and touched oh its like heaven on earth and she was pressing it hardly now its paining and a pleasure both at the same time. I am uncontrolled and kissed her lips wildly she is also responding same we smooched for five minutes and got up

I hugged her tightly and kissed on her neck and earlobes she got horny and we both went to her bed room and she unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped and in one way she removed my jeans and inner then my cock is in front of her face she watched and smiled at me and stroking it with her hands and kissing the top and started sucking nicely and am in heaven she was sucking like a professional and in ten minutes I cummed in her mouth and she drank every drop and smiled at me

Then I said it is my turn to explore she smiled and said ok then I removed her nighty and kissing all over her body and pressing her 36c boobs which are very soft and big I opened her bra and started sucking her boobs one by one and biting her both nipples at a time and she was pressing my head to her boobs and moaning and it went for 20 minutes and came down to her belly and circle my tongue at her navel and she was in heaven

Then I went to her panty and removed it with my teeth and I saw the beautiful love triangle with pink lips then I said her both of your h/v lips are pink and she laughed at me and then I touched her pussy which is already wet and I inserted my middle finger and started finger fucking she is shivering like a fish and I inserted two fingers and fucked her for five minutes she is moaning loudly and asking to stop then I removed my fingers and started licking her pussy which is already wet and she is shutting come on come on and pressing my head into her pussy and she got her orgasms.

And then she take me into her arms and said this is the first time I got orgasm by licking and kissed me wildly and stroking my cock and she went to my cock and sucked it for a while and my cock is ready to fuck she told me that start slowly because its almost one year her last fuck session done so I started rubbing my cock on her pussy she is pleased and begging for fuck then I put my cock at the entrance of the lovely love hole and pushed she got pain and my tool inserted top and slowly then I gave a stroke and it went half and she said its paining but you put hole cock in me

Then I gave a hard stroke it went full and I kissed on her lips and started to and fro and she is enjoying now and I increased my pace and she was moaning ahhhh hmm umm come on darling. Fuck me fuck me hard and I am fucking her with high speed and giving hard strokes and she came her juices are coming out but am fucking like the hell and I fucked her for 15 minutes and told her am going to cum she said cum in my mouth and I removed it from her pussy and fucked her mouth for ten strokes and filled her mouth with my cum

She drank and went washroom and washed herself and came to the bed and slept on me and we spoke about her sex life and all then she started stroking my cock and now we were in 69 position and sucking and licking for five minutes and cock get ready for another session so I said her this time doggy she accepted I fucked her in doggy style for ten minutes and she said she will ride its awesome I like doggy and cowgirl styles so much and I slept at bed and she came top on me and fucking like cow girl and riding my cock vigorously and moaning am sucking her boobs and giving strikes from the down for ten minutes and we both came at a time and she slept on me for 15 minutes

We both went to bathroom and had shower and there I fucked her doggy and bathed and came out and she ordered biryani and we both ate and I complete my work and she paid more money and hugged and kissed and gave a blow job to me and said you have to come every week here and opened the door this continue for six months after that her husband came now she is enjoying with her hubby and she calls me and asks about job and if you like my story please give me your feedback and comments at [email protected]

Any Hyderabad girls and aunty who want discrete relationship with high privacy can catch me @ [email protected]

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