How I Fucked My Girlfriend And Her Friend Like A Bitch

Hi friends, I am Hardik from Kota and this is my first story on ISS I am a regular reader of ISS. This is my first story on ISS. So please forgive for any mistake

This story is about my girlfriend and her hot friend how I fucked them like a bitch. My gf name is Riya she is a 18 year old girl and her friends who is Vandana who is also 18 years old and myself also 18 years old and studying in Kota and lives in hostel and even my gf and her friend lives in a hostel nearby me.

This incident took place 2 weeks ago. It’s was a Sunday and we three didn’t had our classes today so we decided to go somewhere out so we met and went to city mall where my gf had shopping and then we went back to hostel.

I wanted to fuck her and her friend as their looked so hot my gf had figure of near about 38-36-40 and she maintain her body very much and her friend vandana had figure of 36-34-38 and she was also so hot so I planned to call them to my hostel after 11 pm when the hostel warden goes to sleep and I want to riya’s hostel to talk to the security guard about the same and he took 100 rs.

But he agreed and then at 11 pm riya was going to come but I saw that vandana has also come with her and I took them to my room and gave them water to drink then I thought that now I have to seduce both of them for sex so we were talking generally and I was looking at riya’s boob as they were so hot in her nighty and I think that she has even not wore bra and her cleavage was clearly visible

Then I asked them about sex that ever they had sex and they said no and said that they wish to have it and then I saw that riya was suffering my phone and found some blue films and even vandana saw that and then I saw that they both are watching it and getting horny so I took advantage of the situation and said if you wish that then we can do it today.By this they were shocked but then hesitated then I said them that it would give them pleasure but they said no.

But as I observed their nipples were and ready and they were continuously looking at my hard cock which was trying to come out and then I touched riya boob from top and felt her nipple they were so hard and I wanted to fuck then both because it was like now or never so afterwards

Then I said that we will just get naked and play with each other and I would not fuck them then they accepted then I started kissing riya and pressing vandana’s boob then vandana removed her top and riya was also respond smoothly to the kiss and then she was removing her top so I started sucking vandana’s boo and pressing them hard till then riya got fully naked and started unzipping my pants and my 7 inch penis came out and riya took it in her hand and spitted and it and started taking it in her mouth then vandana also got naked and started sucking my cock only half of the cock was going inside riya mouth and she was giving me a great blow job and

I was pressing riya’s boobs then I caught riya’s head and started fucking her in her mouth and then to vandana then I was licking riya pussy and fingering vandana’s pussy then they both exchanged after 15 min of licking they both cummed in my mouth and I drank all of it.

It was salty but tasty then they got horny and sister started to sy to fuck her to which I accepted then I kept my cock head on her pussy lips and started teasing her then I gave a force and my cock head vanished in riya’s pussy and she was screaming to taking it out but then vandana started kissing her then I gave one huge force and my penis was fully inside her cunt and she was trying to take it out but I was holding her tightly then I started fucking her slowly then after some time she started moaning like aaah aaaha …. Yeah fuck hard yeah her moans encouraged me and I started fucking hard then after 15 min she had and orgasm then I started with vandana and

She was also so hard then I fucked riya fucked back in her ass and she moan hard aah aah aaaa yaaeahh fuckk hard then

She was bleeding then I fucked vandana’s ass then I was having standing fuck with riya in her pussy and she was moan hard then I was about to cum so I increased my stroke and cummed in her pussy and half on vandana’s boob and then I torn the riya’s pussy and she was crying and bleeding and even fucked very hard in her ass as well as in her pussy in even cummed in her pussy and they both were satisfied and riya slept on top of me with my cock deep touched her cervix in her hot wet pussy

After that whenever we got change I used to fuck them both very hard and then riya’s went back home

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