How I Fucked My Helper’s Daughter

Hello guys, it’s AlphaQ here. I’m back with my second story.

My first story was about how I fucked my clients employee.

I’m a 23 year old guy living in Mumbai. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

So this incident took place a few months after my sex incident at my clients office with S.

It was the month of April and vacations were going on. I was also on a study leave as I had my exams lined up in the month of May. It just so happened that during this time my helpers daughter A, decided to come to Mumbai.

Well about my helper and his daughter. The helper H has been working with us for over 30 years. He started helping my family when he was like 18 years old. So he is like a member of the family though he had his own small house nearby. He was married and had a daughter ( her name is A and she is the heroine of this story) . She was around 26 years old at the time of the incident. She was married and had 2 kids as well. She had a nice big rack and a decent ass.

She was on the darker side and as she had kids her boobs were milky . She got married off in Hyderabad. She was bought up in my house and my aunt and mother used to help her to study. Since she would be at home when she was young I always spoke to her. We used to play together and stuff as well.

So back to the incident. A was in town with her kids. She was at her parents home and came to visit my family one evening. I had gone to play football at the time she came home. The moment I got done with football and went home I saw her and her kids. I greeted her and spoke to her before going for a shower.

After coming out of a shower I needed to apply a cream near my groin and H would always help me with that. Due to the summer heat and sweat I used to have rashes on my inner thigh near the groin. So H would apply a cream on the affected spot for me. So I shouted out for H but he dint reply. Instead his daughter came to the room.

So I asked her about her father and she said that he took her kids down to play a few minutes back and that my mother had gone for a walk. So it was only the 2 of us at home. I just said okay and went. She then asked me if I had any work so I told her that I needed to apply a cream to prevent rashes. She offered to help but I wasnt sure at first but agreed to it as I needed somebody to apply it. So I just wore my boxer and lay down on my bed and asked her to apply the cream.

She couldn’t see the rashes so she put my boxer higher and then started applying. Her touch was amazing and I was just trying to make sure I don’t get erect. But I couldn’t control it any longer and started to get erect. She saw my dick rise and just laughed. She asks me what is this and I just casually reply saying that she is talking like she doesn’t know what that is. She just laughs and asks me well is that for me. And i reply saying that there is nobody else around and her touch while applying cream felt good.

I was about to apologize to her for the erection when she happened to move her hands higher on my thigh and touched my balls while applying cream. I felt a current run through me and erection got harder and bigger. I just looked at her and smiled. She smiled back at me. I slyly asked her should I remove my boxers and she goes like don’t worry she will do the needful. She then kisses my dick over my boxer and teases me by sucking it that way. It felt really good.

Then she just pulled down my boxer and started kissing my dick. She started stroking it and sucking my balls and kissing me everywhere. She came up on me and started kissing me. She kissed my neck and my face and then my lips. We kept kissing for a good time before she broke it and went down again. She started sucking my dick real nice. She was taking it deep and moving her tongue all over it. I then asked her to show me her boobs and give me a boobjob as well.

She agreed and loosened her kurti and removed it. She kept her bra on and gave me a boobjob with her bra on. Guys thats an amazing feeling. It feels awesome to get one that way. She squeezed my dick between her boobs and kept pressing them. It was the best boobjob I have ever gotten. Her boobs were big and soft. I was about to cum and told her that. She instantly put my dick in her mouth and was blowing me again and I shot my load in her mouth. She swallowed my cum and smiled back at me.

Don’t know why but that got me a little turned on and I jumped on her started kissing her. I unhooked her bra and dug my face between her boobs. I squashed my face between those sexy tits and was licking her. I then started sucking her nipples. They were totally erect. I was pressing one boob and sucking the other one. In sometime her nipples started leaking milk. I loved that and started drinking it. I kept sucking on her nipples and drinking her milk.

Then suddenly the bell rang. We were scared and dint know what to do. I asked her take her clothes and go to the bathroom to change and I wore my boxer and went to open the door. Turns out it was my brother who had come to have water. He had water and left.

I then called out to A and asked her to come out. She came out only in her bra and panty. Turns out she heard my brother and decided to tease me. She had removed her kurti and pants inside and come. I was surprised to see her that way. She looked absolutely stunning. I couldn’t get my eyes off her and went and grabbed her. I started kissing her again and took her to my room. I removed her bra and started to suck her again.

She then stopped me and asked me to fuck her before anyone else comes. I told her I don’t have any condom on me and she said that it’s okay as she can’t get pregnant again. I removed her panty on hearing that and got on top of her. I inserted my dick inside her and started to fuck her. I was fucking her like a wild animal. She was moaning and shouting and scratching my back. She even bit my shoulder while I was fucking her. All this got me real wild and started fucking her harder. I fucked her in a few positions before we both came. I released my cum inside her.

We then lay naked for a few minutes before getting dressed. Few minutes later her father came with her children. And then she took her kids and went home. But not before we exchanged numbers.

We fucked a few times at my place after that as well. We also managed to have sex at her parents place on a few afternoons when her kids fell asleep. I fucked her in every position possible and also in different places. We fucked each other at the beach, in my car, in a lodge, in a theatre and few more places. She had the best boobs I have ever come across. Soft and big.

Well she went back later but we yet do have phone sex on a regular basis. I’m expecting her to be back soon so can those boobs and pussy to play with.

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