How I Fucked My Neighbour Aunt

Hi, guys, am lucifer (name changed) am from Kerala, this is my first story so forgive me for my grammatical mistakes. This is a real incident and its one among my sex expeditions and the names are changed due to privacy reasons.Let me describe me first am 5’5 tall with average built body and I ain’t going to boast about my brother like others he is 6 inch which I hope can satisfy any women. Am 19 years old doing btech

I will dive into my story. This happened when I was studying in 10th(15 years old). Her name is Sumi(name changed). She lives next to my house. She and my mom was very close. So she visits us everyday. Her stats are 36-28-38 which will give you instant hard on when u see her. I was into her from my small age and started jerking by thinking about her as soon as my puberty hit me.

I will really comet o the story, one day my parents said they are going to Bangalore for visiting my brother and only return after 2 weeks and will not be taking me as I was having an exam and Sumi aunty will take care of me. Sumi aunty invited me to her house to stay I denied as her 3 children and her in-laws are there. The elder one is a tabu(name changed) that’s another story. So she told she will stay with me I was happy as I can enjoy her beauty. She always wears saree. After first 3 days, my exams are over and I interacted with aunt more within 2 days we became so close. So one night I was jerking in my room suddenly she opened my room for calling me for dinner she saw me and left the room I was so afraid. I went to her and pleaded no to say to my parents he said it’s ok for boys of your age and I was little relieved

After dinner while watching tv she asked me if she asked can she borrow some porn I said we can watch it together now and brought her to my bedroom and started watching it lying I my bed she was in yellow saree and her sree was tucked in hip exposing her curvy hip and her back watching her lying in my bed and watching porn I was so turned on and want to rip her then and there I slowly touched her hip she didn’t respond so I led on top of her my dick was in her ass crack she started to give small moans I slowly sucked her earlobes then her neck she was moaning then turned her kissed her lip it continued for 10 min then I undressed her and she undressed me

I started kissing her whole body slowly started licking her pussy she was giving heavy moans and she came in my mouth and I drank all of it the she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it I said to her I was cumming after 10 min she took it all in her mouth the I started sucking her boobs which again gave me a hard on she guided my dick to her pussy and I fucked her in missionary position after 2o min I changed the position to doggy then I was about to come I told her she took it in her mouth and we laid for some time and went to clean ourselves together we started kissing passionately under the shower I the slowly turned her towards the wall and started kissing her earlobes and back of the neck while rubbing my dick over her ass this continued for some time then I slowly entered my dick in her ass she screamed loudly

I silenced her with my kiss on her lips I slowly I increased my speed it continued for some time and I cummed in her ass then made her turn and started chewing her lips then her neck slowly is started kissing her navel then to her love hole she was moaning heavily and she cummed over my face this was more tasty than last time we completed our bath and came to the bedroom and she lied on the bed and naughtily invited me I slowly crawled to the bed i then started kissing her toes the slowly sucking and then to the thighs the I planted a kiss on her pussy and moved up and started kissing her lip the I broke the kiss and started kissing her neck I slowly entered my dick in her pussy and started fucking her after some time she came on top of me and started riding me I couldn’t resist to hold her melons then we went on to doggy style and I started spanking her and hold her hair she was giving loud moans which was driving me crazy and I was about to cum so leaned towards her neck and started kissing it while holding her boobs then I cummed in her pussy.

We remained I that position for a while as we were exhausted then she lay on my chest and said it was her best sex in years as she husband is in the gulf and only comes once in 2 years.I took leave from school to fuck her I fucked her in many positions around the house and we maintained the relation till I moved away. If I am getting positive reviews I will write about how I banged her elder daughter

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