How I Gave My Father-In-Law A Perfect Farewell Gift

Hi it’s me Ayesha again…I told you how my Father-In-Law(FIL) took advantage of me during my husband’s absence and made me his slut in the my first submission. For the next three months, it was just passionate animal sex every day and night…..We used to download online books about Kama sutra and try different positions. We did all over the house- living room, shower, garden, garage, inside the car.

Anyway, my servant Philomena used to come every afternoon and wash our utensils, clothes and sweep the house. Her husband was a fisherman who could have kept his family well off if not for his drinking and it’s the money she earns from doing odd jobs helps her family afloat. One day, he beat his wife in a drunken rage and Philomena broke her arm.

So, she started sending her daughter, Omana Mary, as backup. Omana Mary just failed her 12th exam and was waiting to write her supplementary exam. She was short, a bit stout though her family was poor. She had breasts bigger for her age and height. She had a long jet black hair which let it free like all Kerala girls do. Needless to say, my FIL fell for her the moment he saw her, which made me jealous. I warned him it’s not wise to pursue her. But he kept insisting me that he wants to have a threesome with us.

But I decided to guard her against his prying eyes and make sure she’s not alone with my FIL.Since Omana failed in mathematics. I decided to give tuition to her after household work.Though, FIL was a retired mathematics teacher, I decided to take tuition. FIL kept asking me to seduce her but I never relented. As a week passed, she started getting more and more friendly. She wanted me to show my Iphone which was a gift from my husband. While examine the Iphone, she asked if she can have my old handset? I told her that I already gave it to her mom and I got curious and asked why she needed it.

She was silent at first and then admitted that she had a boyfriend called Rajesh, who used to fish along with his father. That nightfall was very happy to hear this news, he asked me to check what all she did with her boyfriend? Soothe next day, as usual, I was taking mathematics tuition for Omana. But I noticed that she was a bit distracted today and kept smiling for no reason at all. I asked her what happened. She shyly said that today Rajesh kissed her in the mouth and was rubbing his hands all over her before they had to flee when they heard a noise nearby. I asked her if she’s doing the right thing, she said Rajesh promised to marry her after she finishes her supplementary exam. I told her he might be playing with her, but she maintained that it was just love.

Just 2 days later, Omana asked how sex will be. Will it be painful or nice? I told her not to think of it much. But Omana said that Rajesh showed her few porn clips in his mobile and she loved it. Just then, my FIL who was intently listening from the other room sent an SMS to show her more porn clips. I ignored his request but immediately Omana asked if she could see some porn clips in my computer.

After some cajoling, I said “I’ll show you but be careful that not to tell anyone else or I will tell her mother about Rajesh”. She agreed and I opened the computer and went to few sites where FIL usually visits. Needless to say, the next 3 days, she kept asking me for clips and as advised by FIL, I kept showing them.

That night, FIL said he has a very good plan. I initially didn’t agree to that plan as it not only could go wrong, plus my relationship with FIL would be exposed. But in the end, I agreed.

Since our house is surrounded by huge walls and iron gate. We usually unlock the gate and the door of the house at around 1:30pm for our servant to come inside without disturbing us as we sometimes used to sleep after a nice lunch.Today, we were waiting in my FIL’s room totally naked waiting for Omana to come. When we heard the creaking noise of our gate being opened and shut.FIL lay on the bed and I started riding him. We purposefully were moaning in the top of the lungs.

Omana came in and might have the heard the voice. We purposefully left the door a bit ajar so that she can peep through the crack. I was riding for around 15 minutes. I could see that Omana was frozen like a statue in front of the door and we had arranged the dressing table mirror to show the door. Then we broke off and FIL asked me to bring a cigarette from the almirah.As practiced around 20 times yesterday night, I suddenly leapt and opened the door.

Omana was totally transfixed. She looked like a deer caught in the headlight. She opened the mouth but voice refused to come out. She kept stammering for some time.

“So what were you looking” I asked teasingly

“Nothing,chechi” she managed to speak at last.A nude woman confronting her must be tough for anyone“You were looking at us,right” I asked a bit more sternly“No chechi” she said “I just came inside”“I saw you standing there for past 15 minutes enjoying what we were doing”

Omana almost started crying not knowing what to do.

I put a hand on her shoulder and said “There is nothing wrong in watching.You watched porn clips,this is similar to that.Come inside” Saying this,I dragged her into the room and made her sit on FIL’s rocking chair.Her entire body was trembling.

“Dont worry,everything’s fine” I reassured her “Look,you dont tell about this to anyone and I wont tell anything about Rajesh.Deal!!!”

She nodded and sat on the chair.I positioned myself on all fours.I looked at her said “Today I will show you doggie position”.Then my FIL took hold of me from behind and started ramming me inside.

She was watching me getting fucked..I could see from the corner of my eyes that she was getting wildly excited.Omana was wearing the traditional Kerala dress of full skirt with long blouse…She slowly put her hands into her skirt was stroking herself while watching me get rammed.In order to arouse her even further,I was shouting in the top of my lungs.

After a while we both came with a big orgasm and I fell down on the bed like a heap.I knew this was the crucial phase of FIL’s plan and if it fails,we will be in trouble.

FIL slowly advanced towards her.Omana realised that she completely lost herself and was stroking herself.She immediately pulled her hands out of her skirt.I could see it glistening due to her vaginal juice.She looked at FIL in a frightened manner.He sat next to her and took her right hand in his hand.He slowly took it to his mouth and started sucking her fingers.

I could sense Omana didnt know what to do or how to respond to the situation.She still looked at him like a troubled child looking at teacher.FIL pulled her face close and gave her a mouth-to-mouth kiss.

I could see Omana’s hand come closer to FIL’s face as if to push him away,but then the hand stopped and it fell down slowly.I understood that she has fallen in the trap.

FIL continued kissing her,and his hands started moving all over her body.I suddenly remembered what he told yesterday.I took the handycam from under the bed and started filming her.He said we needed this in case to keep her silent in case she feels guilty.

While I was started recording,FIL and Omana were still kissing each other.After some time,they broke the kiss.Now FIL lifted Omana effortlessly and threw her on the bed and jumped on top of her.He once again kissed her mouth and slowly came down to the neck.

After sometime of kissing the neck,FIL got into business by starting to open her blouse.One-by-one he slowly opened the buttons of her red blouse and slowly parted it off her body.

Since my FIL has a fetish for my navel,as expected,he started kissing and licking her navel.Since Omana was slightly on fatter side,she waist formed lines and her navel was very deep like a well on a field.While he was licking the navel,my FIL’s hands were around Omana’s breasts covered by her bra..He was gently pressing them like an air horn.

Now he put his hands behind her back and swiftly opened the clasp of her bra and removed it slowly.He has the knack in opening the bra hooks.He now finally got what he was longing for 2 weeks.Her big breasts with nice brown nipples which I have to admit were bigger than mine.He was a kid with a candy.He kept playing around,kissing,licking,sucking,biting as Omana was moaning furiously.I was intent in capturing her every emotion.

After playing to his heart’s content,he slowly came down and opened the draw string of her skirt and in a instant,pulled her skirt away.He now climbed down to the edge of the bed and slowly started sucking her toes.Omana was gently biting her lips and was stroking her own breasts with her hands..Slowly he came upto knees,inner thighs.He then pulled her panties off with his teeth as he often does with me.

FIL now parted her legs and plunged his mouth into her vagina..It was too hairy for my liking,personally speaking.But as a virgin pussy,FIL was so intent to enjoy the most out of it as he put his tongue inside and started wiggling inside. Omana was unable to bear the excitement she was getting.She was looking a woman who was possessed by ghost in exorcist movie.Her body was writhing in the pleasure she was getting and she was moaning enough to wake up a sleeping person in the next room.

After a while,Omana got her first orgasm which I brilliantly captured in my handycam.She went almost gasping for air and then gave a huge moan and fell down on the bed.FIL was furiously licking her juices.When he lifted his head,I could see his beard drenched with her cum.

Then FIL did something which I never thought he would.He slowly lifted up Omana till she was in a sitting postion. He was already kneeling on the bed.He tried to force his cock into her mouth.Omana clearly didnt want it and was saying no.I could understand as sucking cock could be thought as gross by woman who never had sex before.and FIL was going his spoil his own party.He tried to put his cock close to her lips and she kept turning away.After a while,FIL took the matters in his own hands.

He caught her face and pinched her nose tightly.Omana was struggling for breath and opened her mouth,at that time he thrust his cock inside.He caught hold of her long hair and then started pushing her head inside and out.

Omana’s eyes were widened in the shock of sucking a penis.So was I shocked by the stupidity of FIL.But he held her head tight and was doing it front and back.Lucky for him,I showed her a few videos of fellatio.So she soon started sucking it like a lollipop though she could only take just half of it due to the enormous cock of my FIL.

Now FIL started grunting.I knew it was time for him to orgasm.He gave a huge orgasm and his cock exploded in her mouth.He held her head tight against his crotch so that she doesnt get the chance to spit it out.She kept gagging on his cock that I was a bit frightened.But then,her reflex made her swallow his cum to avoid choking.But she couldnt do so fully and his semen was leaking from her mouth and fell on her breast.

When FIL finally took out the cock,she looked like someone who just got up from water.She immediately rushed to the bathroom attached to the bedroom to throw up..FIL looked at me grinning.I said to him “You idiot,you screwed off a golden opportunity”

FIL replied “I always knew she likes it dirty and thats why I gave it to her”. and then he rushed into the toilet.I suddenly realised that I was standing nude holding a camcorder in my hand.I dont want her to see this and get alarmed.So I once again hid the camcorder under the bed and dressed up with a nightie.

I could hear both of them arguing in the bathroom.Then after that FIL came out dragging Omana in her arms.I could see that Omana didnt want sex and at the same time,something in her was stopping from running.So,she was silently coming with FIL,rather than protesting.He made her sit on the bed.

Omana kept saying “Madhi Madhi(Enough Enough)” but FIL cut her off by giving a nice kiss in her mouth.But this time,she cut the kiss halfway and said “No,lets stop now”.I was afraid if things could go awry as my FIL had a very short temper,especially in sex.

FIL just pushed her on the bed and jumped on top of her,widened her legs and buried his face in her vagina.He then began to furiously lick it.Omana was once again under control.I could see that she started moaning again as FIL extended his hand up and started pressing her breasts.I stealthily took the camcorder and started recording again.

After some furious sucking,FIL was hard again.He came on top of her till he positioned himself correctly on her.He kissed her deeply and said “Omana,it will pain a bit initially,but you will feel better after that”.

Omana looked at him in a very nervous way.FIL slowly took his time and then in a rapid surge plunged his cock inside.Omana made a loud shriek when he broke her hymen,as if he was being stabbed.The blood was coming from her pussy and was flowing outside.I could understand her pain as no virgin can take an 21 cm thick cock of my FIL.After that initial shriek,she became a bit hysteric,she started pushing FIL from her and beating and scratching him.FIL held her hand tights with his hand..After all she was around 5′ 5″ and FIL was above 6 feet and built strong.He waited for her thrashing to die down.

When Omana was getting subdued,FIL then started ramming her inside.Omana tried to free herself again,but she couldnt break herself from the iron fist of my FIL.She was crying and tears were falling down as FIL was making each thrusts,while the white bedsheet was getting bloodied every minute.

“Aiyyoo Vedhana….Ende Rakshikoo…aah…madhi…madhi….Pundamoane…vidu..da Thayoli” Omana was almost getting mad by the thrusts of FIL and bad words kept coming out of her mouth.

But slowly,her pain started disappearing and she began to feel pleasure and her moans started changing on a positive note.She stopped struggling and her legs got locked around my FIL’s butt.She was finally getting the feel of Omana.

After around 15 minutes,Omana reached her orgasm,she gave a loud shout “Yeshuve”.Her legs were high in the air for sometime.FIL stopped fucking her and watching her get her delightful orgasm.She then slumped on the floor.

FIL also was lying her for her sometime as she was slowly coming from her orgasm.Then after few minutes,FIL mounted off her.His erect cock was dripping with blood and her cunt juices.He took her cheap white cotton panty and rubbed it clean.(He later kept that panty for himself as a trophy).But he has not had an orgasm yet and he had the ability to delay his orgasm well.

He pulled the already tired Omana and made her stand on her fours.He stood near the edge of the bed and started fucking her in a doggie style.He caught hold of her hips tightly and started ramming it again.

Once again,Omana started screaming but this time she screamed less of pain and was enjoying more.She saw me videotaping it,but was too immersed in pleasure to care.This time,even FIL started grunting and he was about to orgasm.Lucky for Omana,they both came at the same time.Omana’s hands gave way as she had a deep orgasm and collapsed. FIL too shouted at top of his lungs and discharged his entire load in her pussy. Even he went a bit weak in his knees as he hastily removed his cock and fell back on his favorite arm chair with his limp cock showing the triumph of his discharge.

Omana was lying on her face and didnt move for sometime.She almost looked but her face was radiant with happiness and tiredness.But after sometime,she suddenly got up and started crying.As FIL said,this was my turn to act.

I went to her and consoled that nothing wrong happened.I took her to the bathroom and washed her and then counselled her for an hour that there is nothing wrong.After a long time,she finally stopped crying over her lost virginity and calmed down.

Omana didn’t come the next day as she was still sore. But after that for the next 2 months,it was an orgy at home everyday.She used to come and with my help,we would complete the tasks soon..and then we were in the bed with FIL who had his dream of having a threesome finally come true.

Now,I’m in Middle East along with my husband,but I made sure that FIL doesnt get wanted during my absence and Omana was keeping him happy and occupied as he teaches mathematics to her.She broke up with Rajesh,but FIL proved to be a better lover by showering her with gifts she could never get from Rajesh.

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