How I Had Sex With My Best Friend In Cuttack

I am Piyush from Cuttack. I have been reading stories for a few years on ISS. Today I am going to share one of my stories. I am a fair guy and have an athletic body. The heroine of this story is my neighbor. She is 22 years old and has awesome ass and boobs.

This incident happened this summer. It was Sunday and raining heavily. I was bored staying home and then I got a call from my best friend. Let’s call her Archana.

She invited me to her home for a drink. I brought some whiskey and went to her home. I rang the bell and then she opened the door wearing a tank top and hot pants. She was looking very pretty; her 34 sized boobs were partially visible due to the tight top.

I was dumbstruck when she asked me are you coming in or not. I smiled and entered her home. I locked the gate and turned around to find her going in. I saw the curve of her ass. She had a round ass which I just wanted to grab and fuck her right there. She was looking that amazing.

We went to the hall and I prepared the drinks. She came with some snacks. We started talking and drinking and smoking (she smokes too). After 5 pegs we were a little high. Then I played a song and asked her to dance with me.

At first, we were dancing like mad dogs suddenly she got hit by the sofa and fell on it. I rushed to pull her up when accidentally my dick touched her ass. It was a very awesome feeling which she felt too. I held her like that for a minute.

We were breathing heavily, and not saying anything, I pulled her closer to me, applying more pressure on her ass and I started to smell her body. I pushed her hairs aside and planted a soft kiss on her neck to which she shivered. All of this happened in a minute then we parted, and I made another peg.

While taking that peg she asked me when I had sex the last time? I replied, “A month ago.” I enquired about her. She said she is still a virgin. I asked is this an invite to which she winked.

Now the real story starts.

I held her hand and pulled her towards me. She came on me spreading her both legs around me and sat on my lap. I removed her hairs from her face and held her face with my hands and slowly planted a kiss on her lips.

I was teasing her with the soft kisses, to which she got aggressive and pulled me, grabbing my hair and planted a deep kiss. Her lips felt soft and heavenly. She slid her tongue to my mouth and I started biting and sucking her tongue. Then she brought her remaining peg and held it in her mouth, which I drank from her mouth while kissing.

My hands were on her neck exploring her back. She got wild and removed my t-shirt and started kissing me on my neck, my shoulder and then she kissed me on my chest. She was circling her tongue on my nipples. I held her top and removed it.

She was wearing a black bra which was too tiny for her melons. I kissed her on her neck then licked her skin until her valley. She was smelling amazing, I slid my tongue on her valley and licked her cleavage.

She started kissing me again and I pressed her boobs which were very soft. I held it on the bra and squeezed them to which she started moaning heavily. I took the chance and kissed her boobs which were smelling amazing.

I bite her nipples above her bra, to which she could not control and open her bra. That was the first time I saw her boobs. It was fair with a brownish nipple, it was an amazing sight.

I held her right boobs and pressed it while the other one was in my mouth. I circled my tongue over her nipples which were erect she was enjoying a lot. She guided her other boob to my mouth I sucked them both. We were getting too restless. I picked her up and took her to her room.

I threw her on her bed and removed her bra. She got up and undid my jeans and underwear. I was cleaned shaved which she liked but she was surprised by my 6″ dick. She kissed the mushroom and took my dick in her mouth. Her cold mouth felt very good to my dick.

She was sucking it very well. Using her tongue, she circled my entire dick which felt like heaven. I held her hair with my both hands and pushed my dick into her mouth like I was fucking her mouth.

She took my entire dick in her mouth after 5 minutes of sucking, I cummed in her mouth which she drank.

Now it was my turn to please her. She stood up and pushed me on her bed and she climbed on me and kissed me. Then I pulled her pants down and she sat on my face widening her pussy to lips. I started licking her from down to up.

I kissed her vertical lips and opened the door of her red pussy. It was very juicy, and I started to lick her. In no time I started tongue fucking her cunt to which she pushed her pussy more and I kept licking her with my tongue within a few minutes she arched and cummed on me. We were exhausted with so much oral and took rest.

She slept beside me and started shaking my tool. I pressed her boobs after some time my dick was hard again. I climbed on her applied Vaseline on my mushroom and her pussy. She guided my dick to her hole and with few strokes, I entered half of my dick in her. She somehow controlled her pain.

I started slow penetrating her after a few shots her pain eased and this time I gave her a very hard shot my entire dick was in her. She screamed and grabbed me very hard. Her nails dug deep in my back.

I stopped there for a few minutes and kissed her continuously. She then gave an upward push, indicating me to start my drill. I started fucking her slowly and increased my speed. I told her to grab my balls and started ramming her real hard.

Her bed was shaking very badly, and the room was filled with the noise of us fucking. She started to cooperate with me by pushing herself up. I fucked her like that more 15 minutes and cummed in her pussy. We both collapsed at that time. We had no idea how long we slept.

We woke up to a heavy sound in the evening. It was her friend who came to meet her. We were shocked to see her there.

What happened next, I will write in my next story.

Any females from Cuttack or Bhubaneswar looking for casual sex can email me here at [email protected].

Waiting for your feedback.

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