How I Had Sex With My Mother-In-Law

Dear Readers, I am writing this story about my mother-in-law and how I ended up having sex with her. To begin with let me summarize my situation with my mother-in-law: I am 22 years old and I live with my wife and her mother. It is just us three in the household. My mother-in-law is sort of a traditional Indian woman and as a result she always has something to teach her daughter in the ways of marriage. Most often it has to do with me and how I can be better in treating my wife. She always has something negative to say to her daughter about me and that in turn causes conflicts between me and my wife. This annoys me greatly and I have always wanted to teach my mother-in-law a lesson. One time, my wife was planning to leave to another city for a week and it would only be me and my mother-in-law in the house for that week. So I planned my revenge. What I did was I planted a camera in the shower that my mother-in-law uses regularly.

This way I was able to capture screenshots and a video off her naked and taking a shower. I know this is a wrong but I needed this to emotionally blackmail her. So the week came when my wife was out of town. That first day I came back from work and I sat her down to speak with her. I told her plainly that I was unhappy with her always coming in between me and my wife. I showed her the screenshots and video that I had taken and told her that I will be putting this on the Internet for everyone to see. Of course this was a bluff but knowing my mother-in-law and her traditional views I know she would be devastated if something like that were to happen. She began to cry and told me that she would never get in between my marriage.

I told her this was not enough and that she had to prove that she is willing to do anything to avoid the videos from getting all over the Internet. I told her to stop crying, go wash up, and make dinner and we will discuss this later. Let me begin by describing my mother-in-law will. She’s around 51 years old, she has a decent face, her boob size is probably 36 D, and she has a very big gland. She is little bit on the heavy side as she has round but nice belly. Outside the house, she typically wears a sari, and inside the house she typically wears a long gown. So that evening I went into her bedroom and she was sleeping on her bed. She was wearing her typical nightgown as she always did. I went near her bed and sat down next to her and put my hands around her upper body.

She woke up immediately and just looked at me. I continued to be on top of her and I slowly started pulling her nightgown up revealing her thighs. She was very hesitant and tried very lightly to just push me away but I continued what I was doing. I started to kiss her belly as well as our breasts and as I was doing this she sort of stood up to a sitting position which made it easier for me to continue kissing her in her neck. She lay back down again and just turned over to her left side and I continued to pull her gown up to her belly and to her breasts. She was wearing a large granny like panty covering her big gland. Now I rose up and took off my shirt and continue to lay on her kissing her belly and her cheeks.

At this time she stopped using her hands to push me away and put her right hand over my back and slowly started rubbing it. Now I pulled her gown up to her neck and slowly started kissing her breasts. At this time I took down my pants and continued kissing and grabbing her breasts. With my left hand, I started rubbing her pussy. The whole time I was kissing her over the body she continued to moan and just moan. I went ahead and took down her granny panties. She was completely unshaven down there and I put my waist between her legs and she put her legs in the air and surrounded it around my butt. She no longer resisted at all and I now started kissing her on the cheeks.

She liked it when I kissed her cheeks. She was a big woman which I realized as I was laying on top of her. I started and continued kissing her cheeks and she also started to kiss me on the mouth. Now, I rolled over and also grabbed her as I was rolling over so that now I was underneath and her big body was on top of me. I used both my hands to grab her gland and slowly pushed her pussy into my cock. She immediately knew what to do and started jolting her body on my cock. She kept saying aah, aah, aah… as she jolted her big body and fucking my cock. I also continued kissing her mouth and grabbing her breasts putting it all over my face.

We kept on this for good five minutes. In between her moans she would occasionally say I’d dard ho rahi hair but I kept at it. I rolled her over again and now she was at the bottom and I was at the top. Now I started ramming my cock into her pussy while her legs just hung in the air moving back and forth. Her whole body just moved back and forth and I could see through her face that she liked it. She kept saying oh, oh, oh. She also kept saying it hurts this hurts again and again. I continued to push my cock deep inside her pussy. This went on for another 10 minutes. All this while, she had put her hands over my neck and as I kissed her she continued to kiss me back.

I told her, mujhe tumari moti gland bahot pasand ayi. At this point I told her to get up and get on her knees and then forward, like Dogie style. Initially she could not get it right but I explained her where to put the hands etc. I was right behind her gland now. I told her that I’m going to slowly insert my cock in her butt hole. I took some lubricant and rubbed it in her butt hole as I knew that she has probably not ever done this before. After that I slowly and very carefully began to insert my cock in her butt hole. She immediately cried out in pain but I reassured her by gently rubbing my hands over her back and tried again to slowly insert inside her butt.

Slowly and surely I was able to put half of my cock inside her and she continued in pain saying, I’d bahot dard ho raha hai, ye mujse pass and nahi hai please don’t do it like this. But I continued to go inside her gland and started sucking her in her very big butt and it felt good rubbing my thighs against her but as it kept making flap flap flap sound. I continued to ram my cock deep in her ass hole. After another 10 minutes of continued fucking, I finally came inside her gland. I kissed her on the cheeks and took my pants and my shirt and left the room without saying anything. The End.

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