How I Lost My Virginity

Hi friends, I’m Ted. I am living in Kerala. I came to know about ISS a few weeks back and since have become a huge fan of ISS. This is my first story so please forgive for any mistakes. Do send Feedbacks on [email protected]. All types of feedbacks are welcomed.

You might feel it a long story but you surely will enjoy. So, let’s get started


First let me tell you about myself. I’m a 23 year old engineer, good looking and a slim person. I’m 5’9″and my cock size is 7 inches long.

This is the story of how I lost my virginity. This happened to be about 7 years ago, during my tenth standard vacation. I have had sex a lot lately, but your first sex, the one in which you lose your virginity, is always special. Even thinking about it gives me chill.

Both my parents are employed. Father works in a bank while mom is a teacher. This is the story of how I had sex with my mother’s best friend. This friend of my mom, her name is Suja, is also a teacher and around 40 years old. She is married and lives happily, but they don’t have any kids as she is sterile. They are our family friends.

During my tenth vacation, it was the time I came to know about porn films. I had started watching it just a few months back. Since, my mom teaches in 12th standard, she had special classes during vacation. So, usually I will be alone at home from morning 9am to evening 5pm. My daily routine was wake up, eat, watch porn, masturbate and sleep.

We have visited her many times, and usually she wears sari at home. The sari will be a bit light. So, by just looking at her, I used to see a part of her cleavage. Also, her navel were visible most of the time. Lately, just seeing it made me hard. A kind of obsession started growing on me towards her. She was the first person I masturbated thinking about.

One day, my mother told me that suja aunty’s husband is going to Delhi for some official purpose. Hence, she told me to stay at their house for two days. I was at first happy hearing this as I could watch suja aunty close for two days, but as she didn’t had school, she would be at home all the time. It would affect me as it meant a change in my daily routine.

The next day, I reached her home by evening. She was wearing a maroon churidar with no shall. Actually, I left home at noon and went for a film without informing my mom or suja aunty. My mom called suja aunty and as I didn’t arrive there on time, both were much tensed and were about to go to police station. Upon seeing me, she felt relieved and asked me to call my mom. My mom scolded me a lot over phone. I became very sad and gloomy. Suja aunty noticed this and started comforting me saying it’s alright, don’t feel bad and all those. She asked me to go and have a bath and after that we both had dinner.

Afterwards, she started folding some clothes and I was watching TV. After folding, she took her dress to one room and uncle’s dress to another. I asked her, why two rooms and she said they aren’t sleeping together for a while now, and have two separate rooms. During all this time I was just looking at her amazing boobs thinking about sucking it. I later came to know from her that they haven’t had sex for a long time and she was craving for it.

They had bought a new desktop and she didn’t know much about computers, so she asked me to help her find some movies copied in the pc.

As I was looking for those movies, I asked her whether there is any game in the computer for which she replied just building words. Don’t know whether seeing me gloomy or not, she told me that we can play that game for some time. It’s a simple game in which you build words by typing an alphabet alternatively. I was sitting on a chair and she was sitting on a stool very close to me. Our elbows were rubbing against each other, and onetime by some luck, I touched her boobs with my elbow. The game got interesting, she was on lead and at one instance I made a stupid error because of which she could get a big word. So, playfully to stop her, I pulled her back, she resisted and in the middle of events, I accidentally grabbed her boobs. We stopped. Both of us were embarrassed and we didn’t talk for some time and started playing silently.

Sometimes later, she took my hand and locked with her, assuring me that nothing happened and she hasn’t took it seriously. I was very much relieved. She was holding my hand and sometimes she would rest them on my thighs while some other time on her thighs. This made my dick harder. The only think I wanted was to fuck her now. I was searching for some way to bring anything sexual.

At that time I noticed in the game that there was a letter sense and a blank space adjacent to it. I typed X there and told aloud “sex, 3 points”. Instead, the computer awarded me 6 points for sensex. Seeing this she laughed, and joked “the only thing you think about is sex, ha??” I was embarrassed but also happy as she used the word sex. She started holding my hand tightly. A few minutes later, she typed I between pen and sensex and said “penis, 5 points”. I was stunned. I was sitting there looking at the computer, mouth wide open. Slowly, I turned towards her. She was smiling. I don’t know what happened but in the next instant, she was on my lap. She was breathing heavily. She said I wanted to kiss you. My eyes broadened. Before I could say anything she leaned over me and her lips were on mine. My eyes weren’t closed at first and I could see her beautiful closed eyes and her head moving randomly while kissing me passionately.

I closed my eyes, and we were kissing passionately for a long time, our tongue collided with each other. It was the first kiss of my life and it felt like heaven. After some time, she hold my head in her hands and asked me whether I was a virgin. I said yes. She again asked me whether I have kissed someone before, to which I replied no. she asked me, did I like it, and instead of saying anything I started kissing her neck. I started moving my hands on her back slowly. Her loosened hair was covering my face, and it had a pleasant smell. The kiss went on for so long.

Meanwhile my hands were moving inside her top, I was able to feel her bra stripes. Then I broke the kiss, and looked up at her. I took off her churidar top. She was wearing a white colored bra. I just touched her boobs with my palms and smelled the aroma of her cleavage. She hugged me tightly, and then I unhooked her bra. A pair of big loose naked boobs were there in front of me. I pressed my face between those two boobs.

I took one boob and started sucking the nipple slowly. She was closing her eyes. Then I sucked both her boobs for quite some time and I played with my tongue circling her nipples. She removed my t-shirt and went to bed, wearing just a pant. I went to bed, lied on top of her and started kissing her. My dick had become very hard now. Slowly, I started moving downwards while kissing.

I kissed her boobs and then her navel. I played with my tongue circling her navel. I slowly lowered her pant. She was wearing a black panty. I took it off and there it was, a big hairy pussy. I started kissing and licking it. I spread her pussy lips and gave one strong lick, she jerked out strongly. She held my head in between her legs in pleasure and with strong breath started caressing my hair. I kept licking her pussy.

After some time, she got up, made me lie on the bed and removed my jean and underwear. She was happy seeing my cock. She took it in her hands and started moving it. I asked her to take it in her mouth, to which she replied what? I said that I had seen it in some porn films. She gave me a smile and slowly took the tip in her mouth and started sucking slowly. After sometime she started sucking my erected cock madly, and she was moving the fore skin up and down rapidly. She licked my cock till I cummed.

Then she lied on bed. She widened her legs and took my cock near to her vagina. I didn’t know what to do. She told me to enter slowly, I rubbed it over her pussy and slowly pushed in, and she said “ahhh!” I looked up smiling and gave her a kiss. I remained on her for a while kissing her, and after sometime I slowly started moving, I saw that she was enjoying it. She was closing her eyes in pleasure and biting her lips herself. I kept pumping her, it was great, and it was totally unexplainable. I was stroking her continuously. I increased the speed and she started moaning loudly, and with loads of cum I cummed on her pussy. I fall on her and after some time both of us fall asleep.

Next day, when I woke up, I was lying alone on the bed, completely naked. I started remembering what happened last night. Soon, I got out of bed, still naked and went on to the living room to find suja aunty. She wasn’t there. I found her at the kitchen. She was completely dressed.

Without making any noise, I went behind her and started rubbing my dick against her ass through her clothes. She furiously turned back and asked me to put on my dress. I put on my dress and when I came back, my breakfast was served at the dining table. I slowly started eating my breakfast, peeking her now and then. She was still looking furious. I finished my breakfast, and she swiftly took the dishes away. I didn’t know what to do. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to have sex with her again.

I went to the kitchen and asked her what the matter was? She didn’t reply and started washing the dishes. I stood there for some time. When she was about to go out, I grabbed her hand and again asked her what the matter was? Instead of replying, she started beating my hand with the other hand.

I forcefully grabbed both her hands, raised it and shoved her towards the wall. I asked her again what the matter was. Both of us were breathing heavily. I gave her a quick kiss. She hesitated and turned her face. I again gave her a short kiss. Now, she was moving her head towards me as if she wanted a kiss. I let go of her hand, and we kissed. We kissed for a long time. My hand was moving behind her back. After some time, I grabbed her ass. She quickly stopped kissing and said that she wanted to go and have a bath. I wasn’t about to give up.

I followed her and entered the bathroom. She told me to get out. I said that I also haven’t had a bath, and as I have seen her completely naked and had sex with her, nothing will happen if we two bathed together. She was very furious and asked me furiously, “so, what do u want?? You want me? My body?? Come, take it, have it.” She removed her dress quickly and in no time she was completely nude standing in front of me. She said, “Come, have me. This is what you want.” Saying this she started crying. I didn’t know what to do. I was standing there frozen not knowing what to do. Slowly, I placed my hand on her shoulder, consoling her and asked her what the matter is.

She wiped her tears and started telling me about their married life and how it got affected after finding out that she was sterile. Since, she was sterile, they didn’t had sex for some months and both of them are now sleeping in separate rooms. She hugged me. I took her clothes, took her out of the bathroom and asked her to wear those. She said that she wanted to lie down for a few moments and went and lied down on her bed. I was about to go out when she asked me to lie down beside her.

I laid down beside her. She started telling me about their marriage and their happy moments. After some time, she became silent. I thought that she fall asleep. Suddenly, she jumped over me and started kissing me. I didn’t protest. She kissed me for some time. Then, she got up and removed my shirt and shorts.

She again bent down and started stroking my dick up and down. Her soft warm hand made it feel heavenly. She stopped stroking and started licking my balls. She licked it so much that if her tongue was a sand paper, my balls had been gone forever. She slowly started licking my dick.

Soon she reached the tip of it. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it. She was pretty good at it and I couldn’t believe her talent in sucking a cock. She was doing it like a pro and after some time I could feel pressure build in my balls so I grabbed her head, put my dick into her mouth and started thrusting vigorously. She pushed my thighs as if she was choking but it was unable to stop me and I cummed in her mouth. She started breathing heavily. To be honest, it was the best blowjob I have ever received in my life.

I got up and started removing her dress. First, I moved my hand under her blouse and felt her boobs. It felt just great. I kissed her, played with her breast, kissed her all over. I lifted her sari and fingered her pussy. It was intense, I continued to finger her and she had an orgasm in some time.

We both went to bathroom and cleaned. I cleaned my dick and helped her wash her pussy. I was still high on the situation and I took her back to the room. I started kissing her again lying above her. Slowly, I went downwards and started sucking her pussy again. She asked me to bring my dick towards her and I stopped sucking and went up to get a blowjob. On seeing this, she told me to just turn around and I came to know about 69 position. We sucked in 69 position for some time.

Soon, my dick became very hard. I stopped sucking, took my dick and started rubbing her pussy. I slowly pushed my dick in. It was just heaven. I wanted to enjoy the moment and I pressed it deep in and held it there for some time and then started going in and out slowly. It was my second time and I couldn’t hold longer. I did her hard and fast and I cummed inside her. It was amazing.I came home the next day evening.

Till I left her home, both of us didn’t wear any dress and were completely naked all the time. We bathed together, ate together, we were together always. She didn’t even cook. We had bread and jam for all the meals afterwards. We had sex numerous times on those two days. Actually, I lost count. It was like, sex every half an hour.

We had sex again numerous times. Actually, I had sex with her this past April. Nobody knows about this. I will say about our other meetings in another story.

So, bye. Thanks for reading.

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