How I Lost My Virginity To An Aunt In Bangalore

Please read this story which was happened 8 months before hi guys, this is a real story which I am going to narrate, and send your comments to this mail id [email protected] waiting for your mails. for women those who want a relationship please mail me to my id. I’m a regularly follow ISS site for a long time from last 5 years. I like to have sex with mature women like bhabi’s, teenage girls and aunties from age 30 to 45 years. Any women like to have sex with me please mail me to this ID. I’m staying in Bangalore.

I used to read out sex-magazines, watch blue-films that multiplied my huger. When I reached the peak, I started to imagine about women. Whenever I saw a women passing by me or going along the street, I started to think how it would be if I get her nude completely in front of me, how she would look like without bra and panty,

This happened when i was about 19 years old now I am 20 My name is Mahesh and she’s mallige aunty aunty. she was about 45 yr old but looked quite sexy for her age..Her figure is 34 28 38.

Let me describe mallige aunty aunty to you – she is beautiful, wheatish and damn sexy but she is very orthodox. She always wears only sarees n at home she wears nighties. Her boob’s are so beautiful in shape as well as in size. Whenever I think of sex, she was d 1st lady tat was coming 2 my mind. our house n her house is very nearby. let me come to the incident where I lost my virginity.

I was in college that time and just coming off age. I started to look at mallige aunty aunty as sexual object. I knew it was bad but could not stop from thinking about it. As I used to visit her home My mallige aunty aunty was not aware of this and considered me as just a kid. She did not know the effect of her dress in the house as I used to visit her home on a regular basis, what it did to me or it aroused my sexual interests. I started to be close to my mallige aunty aunty as much as possible. As days passed my hunger for sex became more n more so at first I started 2 seduce her by many ways but she did not come 2 my track. I also knew that Her hubby was expired few years back so she was desperately in need of sex but she was not able to express her feelings with anyone.

One day when I went to her home no one was there as I couldn’t control myself so I directly went to mallige aunty aunty and told my feelings to her and at the same time I was nervous thinking about her reaction and also that she might tell to my parents but somehow got braveness and asked for her answer then she told that I am married and you are so young!!” .

So I replied “I know aunty but having sex doesn’t need any age difference and what if you are married?”Saying this I started to kiss and lick her neck. She tried to free herself but I was very strong and did not let her and hugged her tightly and started tasting her neck and shoulders from back My penis starting getting erect slowly, pushing its way upwards through my pant. I was so thrilled n started to kiss her legs, thighs, navel like a mad lover. then I pressed her boobs with both my hands slowly unhooked her bra n took her breast in hands n sucked pressed, licked n did all what I want to do .

I took her face with both my hands n kissed her lips for bout 10 mins . then I came down licking n kissing every part of her body n finally removed her panty n saw her fucking cunt in full light, I could see her pubic hairs around the crotch area and her big thighs that provoked me to fuck her badly.

I pushed her sideways and saw her full view of her buttocks. I took a look on her whole body , then I removed my pant in the same position and my penis got free space to get erect then I kissed her boobs for 10 minutes in a mean while I have placed one of my finger in her pussy and moving in and out she was enjoying about what i am doing and shouting hm ahhhh come-on mahesh we got a nice time to have sex as all our family members have gone for a marriage in near by village and they will come at night lets enjoy this day completely . “Have me if you want but be slow and excite me very much honey. Today I am only yours.” She hugged me and my dick pressed hard against her vagina. “Aaahh your cock is so hard honey! Excite me with it. I love you.”.

I then started pressing both her boobs and was kissing her stomach. She was not able to control , and was screaming “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ooooooooohhhh ,stop it naa.oooouch”and at times she also used to lift her head up but I continued. She was pushing my head towards her vagina then I sucked her pussy for around 15 minutes then she is in complete mood and she was ready to have sex with me and then kept my 6 inch rod in her pussy and moving my dick in and out and she is enjoying. I have fucked her for 5 minutes and shot a load in her pussy as it was the first time I have fucked any women and I have lost my virginity and after first fucking session got over she told that I love you and you’re my husband from now onwards and you can have sex whenever you want…..

After few minutes she stood up and then she started sucking my cock . She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. now Her boobs got erect and were very hard as I felt it becoming erect while I was smooching her. I thanked God in my mind that he gave me a chance to have such a mature fair sexy married lady to have sex with me.My mind was full of lust and joyful on seeing her naked. I was staring at her beauty from a distance of 1 meter. She opened her eyes and when she saw me she smiled, on seeing me moving my hard erect cock up and down by my penis muscles itself.

I was pressing her large tits with my left hand . I could hear muffled sounds,” mmmm mmmmm oh my mmmmm ahh”. Then I moved on to her neck and then to her boobs…. Then I bent my head and took out my tongue to taste her pussy!! I pushed my tongue inside her clit and started licking it. Mallige aunty aunty took hold of both ends of her with her hands very tightly. I got to know that she was not being able to control it. I went on and increased my licking and biting speed.. She was just like-“mahesssh aaahhh ooooh oooh oh my god!!! Aaah keep on going honey, eat me” I realized that almost 45 mins had passed and now I could not wait any more for second session.. I got up and showed mallige aunty aunty my 6inch cock and placed it near her pussy When I inserted only one inch of my cock I could not hold it and took it out. Soon mallige aunty pulled me towards her with a great force and we both gave out a loud moan together: “aaaahhhh”.

I waited for that heavenly feel to subside and I got delighted to see mallige aunty’s face with with her eyes closed and her head lifted upwards. Her cunt was very warm .Then I started thrusting my cock into her pussy.. My penis was feeling each skin cell of her vagina.. Wow what a soothing feeling it was!! Now mallige aunty placed her both legs on my shoulders and circled it around the back tightly I kept on rocking her. I was gradually increasing the pace as I kept on enjoying my fuck with her. The room was full of sexual noises,”aaaaaaahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm more faster honey ahh aaah ,yyyaa you are getting it right baby yaa yaa aaaahhhh”. With each thrust I gave her she gave out a big moan.i was in heaven.

Then I stopped and told her that I wanted to fuck her like a dog. I removed my cock from her cockpit and got up she stood on her knees and bent forward. I stood on the ground. I then inserted my cock into her vagina from the back while she was watching me do so. Then again she closed her eyes her when I Began fucking her and this time very vigourously. Most probably it was around three thrusts a second. Mallige aunty was screaming and moaning at the top of her voice..”Seed me darling fuck me aaaaaaaaaaahhh even more harder. Be my husband forever a a a a a aaaahgh” her mouth was very wide open and sexual sounds were coming very loudly from her mouth. Now mallige aunty was completely mine and she was like my wife.” Make me pregnant my egg needs your sperm honey”..

I was surprised but at the same time happy for that comment. Now I was waiting to cum and soon after five minutes I felt like urinating but mallige aunty told me that it was the feeling of cumming and I cumed inside her wet vagina. I could feel my sperms showering her vagina and shooting itself and splashing inside her thirsty vagina. But I still kept on rocking her until I got exhausted.

Then I started biting mallige aunty’s buttocks waist some sometime and then we both laid besides each other in the bed. Then mallige aunty put my hands on my cheeks and smiled at me.. And I returned her with a kiss on her lips.. mallige aunty then took my penis in her hand and started stroking it..and she told me “Thanks for giving me such pleasure was an out of the world experience for me which even my husband could not give it to me when he was alive. He was not at all naughty u know? “…

I want to you in my bed whenever we get some time you have to fuck me this was the first intercourse we done and after this we have several fucking sections on that day and around 5 pm I went to my house. If you want know more about how we have sex with each other then you have to wait for my next article.

aunty ‘s of age from 30 to 45 please mail me to my mail id [email protected] . Please feel free to talk to me and waiting for mails for matured women in Bangalore..Thanks…..

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