How I Lost My Virginity To My Aunt (Chithi)

A warm welcome to all iss readers and this is my first story and I thank all the iss writers who put up their effort in penning down their experiences.

I am ram,22 years old guy working in a software company in chennai.

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After reading all the iss stories, I always wondered whether I would have any such real experience. I waited and waited until a day. I had this encounter with my aunt who hails from chennai.

I just finished my engineering two months back and was waiting for my company to give me the joining date. So was on a vacation and our family went to a temple festival in our native. My aunty’s husband met with an accident a few years back and died recently after being in coma for some years. So our aunt’s family and our family met during the temple festival. She is a lady of nearly my mom’s age. Having got married at any early age of 15, she must be 35-40 years old and one can easily get aroused by her since she was not that old enough to be praised being a mother of a 21 year guy who is my cousin.We had a big house in the village where both the families including grandparents used to stay during the vacation.So the temple festival was for 4 days and it was the second day.

That day morning at 7 am , we all except my aunt woke up early and went to temple to attend a special pooja. My aunt told she will join us after finishing the house hold chores. So we all went and at around 10am, my aunt called my mom and told she will join us but cannot walk till the temple. Then my mom asked me to go pickup my aunt in bike. Right then the evil in me started to take my mind.

To be frank I always had an eye on my aunt since a long time. But since she is my aunt I convinced myself that such thoughts are wrong. All these thoughts were on my mind while going in the bike from temple to pick her up. Finally I reached our home. She was inside the house in the kitchen and right after seeing her in saree, I had an instant hard on. The feeling of no one being around made me think. Trust me she had an asset of 36-28-36.

Such a huge ass and the ass crack clearly visible from the saree.It became a war between my heart and my mind

My heart:h

My mind:m

H: she is your aunt.Stop the bad thoughts

M:come on dude, she is a widow.

My aunt being a widow would have had her last sex some 10 years back when my uncle was alright.That gave me confidence and made me proceed. I asked for water and she gave me the glass and v touched our fingers and that gave me a shock. I did not know how to seduce. I just asked her

Me: aunty, since uncle is not there, are you feeling lonely?

Aunt: its getting late, lets go to the temple

Me: aunty, all the family members are coming back from temple. We need not go( I was lying)

Aunt: oh is it so, ok da. Btw what were you asking.. Yes da. I am feeling too lonely

The convo went on and suddenly she started crying. I started feeling pity and patted her back. While patting I touched her back part near the shoulder where there is a window gap in the blouse. The evil in me got alarmed and I thought of taking this as an advantage.I got an instant hard on. I thought of seducing her. I told her not to worry as we all are there and” I am there chithi, dont worry.I can help you with whatever you want. She gave me a sexy look watching from top to bottom. I was happy I managed to stop her cry.

Then I told its ok aunty. And I hugged her. There was a shock in my nerves when our bodies touched. I did not get any stopping from her. So I patted on her head while hugging. She was like I am alright now and I am happy that you are there for me. I was not sure if that meant to carry on .However I then slowly freed from the hug and placed my hand palm on her cheeks and saw her eye to eye.

She was closing her eyes.. And I just planted a kiss on her cheeks. She did not oppose me. She hugged me tightly again. She seemed to have felt my boner while hugging. She then touched my boner which made gave a current shock to me. I slowly started kissing her neck and then her ears slowly I came to her lips.. As she was closing her eyes and moaning. I was sure she was enjoying this.

I slowly planted a kiss on her lips.. I was not a pro at smooching as it was my first time. He held her hand on my head and pulled towards her and kissed with passion. V landed up smooching for 10 minutes and she took my right hand and placed on her boobs. It was so soft and I started to spank her ass by my left hand . Then I removed her saree. Now she was in her blouse and petticoat. She removed my pant and took my boner and started to touch the top of my penis which gave me a different feeling

All this while we were totally unaware of we being in the kitchen. I went up to the main door locked it and came back.

Then she told me do you wanna feel my tits. Who would say no to that.I told yes and she took out her boobs from her blouse and I was like what the fuck.. This much big..Then I started sucking the nipples and she was on heaven and was moaning.

I then took out her petticoat and made her sit on the kitchen slab and slowly touched her pussy head. She just shouted and told me come on ram, suck it now. I could understand her hunger. No one fucked my aunty for a long time since she was a widow and was not getting over with the death of her husband.

So she was hungry for sex

I then caressed her boobs with one hand and feeling her thighs the other hand and my tongue is busy tasting her pussy. I went from top to down of her pussy tasting it .Then I inserted my finger and touched tje g spot. She was moaning like a real bitch and this made me get horny. I then fingered her pussy and she was about to cum. She stopped me there and then came down to my little brother. I did not know if it was the first blowjob but that was the best feeling I have ever experienced when she took my cock inside her mouth. She gave me an awesome blowjob by taking my 6.5 inches cock in one go. I was about to cum when she told me I cannot wait .Fuck me da ram.

I again lifted her and placed her on the kitchen slab which was perfect for banging her. I slowly inserted my cock inside and she gave a big moaning. Then I started to increase my speed and I was sure it touched her g spot in that angle of fucking. She then stopped me and got down and took my cock in one go and swallowed the precum.

I then made her stand in doggy style and she was holding the kitchen slab and bending by showing her beautiful ass wanting me to fuck the hell out of it.

I then slowly inserted my cock inside and she started moaning again. I took her untied hair and took the hair in my arms and was banging her pussy. The phak phak sound was there and she went crazy. It was like I was riding a horse. I was holding her hair like the rope used to ride the horse. Finally after 5 mins I came inside her pussy. She too got her cum before me. Thats how it ended. She then took swallowed my cum I one go. V then quickly exchanged a kiss and she was like “That is the best sex I have ever had in my life”Sex in the kitchen.!

I could not meet her after that. That is how I lost my virginity to my sexy aunty

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