How I Made My Bestie’s Pakistani Friend To My Bestie

Hi, hope everyone enjoying your day in ISS. I was a big fan of ISS, after I moved to Dubai I missed this site. I would like to share my first story here for you guys.

This story is about how it’s turned my bestie’s bestie to my bestie. Share your valuable comments to my email: [email protected]

Call me spykie, 26 year old. After my graduation I moved to Dubai. It was really boring days. After few months my bestie neha came to Dubai. She was my classmate and good friend. She is very sexy with good assets. As she has a bf I never think anything bad about her. One Thursday eve, neha invited me to meet up. As it was weekend there I agreed to meet up. I went to pick her up from a mall in my car. She was waiting outside the mall. It was not a parking lot so I told her to come inside the car quickly. She refused to come. When I asked her what’s wrong, she told that her friend is also there. When I looked out the window next to Neha I saw a slim beautiful girl smiling to me. I don’t know that she was accompanying neha. People were honking from my back because of traffic, I told neha both go inside the car fast. They came inside the car and we moved from there.

Neha introduced me her bestie Huma, they live together in one room. Huma is from Pakistan. I said hi to Huma, she just said hi. After I met Huma my mind got blanked. She looks so gorgeous. So I don’t know where to go, so I asked neha suggest me someplace to sit. She suggested to go for a long drive. I said ok and we started our journey. Neha was sitting infront and Huma was in the back. I want to see her beautiful face once again but can’t turn my head. Neha was keep talking and I was trying to start a conversation with Huma. But Huma kept silent all the time.

After long drive we reached the beach, it was around 11 pm. We spent sometime on the beach and left from there.While returning neha wants to sleep, so I parked the car and told neha to sleep on the back. Huma was sitting in back. I told Huma don’t make me a driver come infront and give me company. My intention was I want to talk with her more. She agreed and came infront. I was very happy. She has beautiful smile, I always stare that smile while she talk.

We both got know each other, after awhile I noticed her phone which was very small and elegant. I asked her phone to check, it was very tiny phone like a toy. I dialed my number on her phone to check whether it works or not. She said it works well so I didnt make a call. Then I dropped both of them and went back home. When I reached home it was around 2 am. I was not sleepy and busy on my phone.

Suddenly I received a SMS from one unknown number, thank you and good night. I replied to check who was that. It was Huma, I was very happy coz my idea works. I asked her how she got know my number, she told in her phone only two dialed number was there. One was her sister and the other one was u. She understood what was my intention. Anyway it was a great night.

Next day neha called me to check whether I’m free or not. I was free at home so neha requested me to go out with them to meet Huma’s sister. I was very happy to hear it. I said double ok. Huma was in white today. Then I dropped them to Huma’s sister. After that we had dinner together and planed for a movie. They agreed to go for movie. I took tickets for an English horror movie.

We got tickets and our seat was in corner. I went inside, then neha and Huma. When movie started neha told she is scary so she want to move to the corner. I was happy to offer my seat to her. So now I’m in the middle of two beautiful girls. It was a bit scary movie. Huma got scared and told she don’t want to finish the movie and she want to go out. I told her don’t worry we both are here.

When she got up from her seat I hold her hand and make her sit again. Then she don’t have any other option so she continue the movie with us. But I didn’t leave her hand, I was holding her hand all the time. Huma’s finger were crossed by my fingers. I slowly rub her fingers with my thumb. It was very soft. When neha turned around our side I just released her hand. Huma smiled me. Now she is good to me and became more friendly. That night we started texting, not just good night message like previous day. We talked a lot through texts. Neha didn’t know about that we have contacts.

After 2 days I invited Huma to go out. She was not ready to go without neha. I told her if neha is there I can’t talk with u more. Somehow I convinced her to go out. Then she came out from house and got in my car. I was thinking to just go for a ride but that night changed everything.

Huma was wearing tshirt and jeans. She has very long hair, beautiful eyes, smile with dimple. She was really gorgeous. Her perfume was awesome, when she entered the car whole car has her smell. She was very tensed, it was the first time we were meeting without neha. It was nice winter in Dubai, so we both were enjoying the ride and climate.

When it was in a signal I put my right hand on her hand. She got shocked and stared at me. I just given a smile. She asked what is this, I replied nothing. Then she asked what u did in cinema. I said I was stopping u to go out. Then she laughed and told why u have to hold my hands until movie get over.

Then I winked and hold her hand once again. She smiled too. We went to a park beside beach. We were in the parking area. I took her hand and kissed on her hands. She didn’t say anything. It gave me courage to go further. I slowly pulled her beside me and kissed on her forehead. She moved back this time and said what you doing. I moved beside her, she told its public area people will notice us. I told don’t worry my car is tinted. I kissed her again on her forehead, this time she closed her eyes. She was trying to stay away from me, but I moved again to her seat this time I tried to kiss on her neck. She got current on her body and she shivered like snake. Oh man it given me the same current which passed on her body.

She has small black mole on her neck. I tried to kiss again on her neck, she was literally like snake. It really made me crazy. This time I got her on my hand and started kissing on her neck, earlobes. She was slim like barbie girl. Then I kissed on her cheeks, then slowly kissed on her beautiful red lips. I took her Lower lips on my mouth and started smooching it, it was like fresh strawberry. now she lost her control on her and she started enjoying it. I want to see her snake move so I kissed again on her neck. I given her a bite mark there. I kissed again on her lips and slowly bite it with my lips. She took my lips and started kissing, it was a deep kiss.

We started sweating inside the car even when ac was on. We both were in different world, we were not bother about outside what’s happening. We continued our kiss, suddenly I pulled the lever and made her seat full back. Now she is laying on the seat. I moved to her seat and went on her top. I don’t want to leave her red lips, I took her tongue in my mouth.

Then I bite her tshirt neck and pull it down. Oh my god I saw the second mole on her chest just above of her right boob. So I was curious to see full her body. I lift her top slowly, her stomach was white like marble. I kept my face on that rolled. It given tickle for her. She don’t want to remove her top, I again started kissing her, her sweat was also very sweet that time. This time I pulled her top and her pink flowered bra came out. She got shocked how her bra is already unbuttoned from back. I am expert in that. She was happy and surprised. She has small boobs, but her nipples was erected like anything. It was waiting to be eaten up.

I started licking it. It made her moan. She closed her eyes and enjoying my moves. I was super excited to explore my gorgeous Huma. I took her right boob on my mouth and playing with her left nipple. Since long time I got big bulge on jeans. While sucking her boobs I was rolling mine on her thighs. It was fully loaded and ready to shoot.

So I started unzipping her jeans. I made her jeans down and it was very tight, so she helped to remove her jeans. My fingers were more excited than me, it went inside her panty and started feeling the warmth of her pussy. Literally it was flood inside her panty. I kissed her pussy over her panty. She grabbed my hair and pulled with her pleasure. I bite the tips of her panty and slowly moved down. Her panty was full wet with my saliva.

When I took out her panty I couldn’t believe my eyes. I never see such a beautiful vagina with my eyes. It was full shaven except the top of her vagina she kept some bush left. It was like eyebrow of her eyes. I bite her lower tummy and started licking it. She started moaning like anything. I kissed on her clit and touched with my tongue. She was full wet and still it’s flowing down. I was licking all her juice. It tastes really good.

I can’t wait anymore to feel the real pleasure. I told Huma to go back seat, she don’t know what’s happening there, she just obeyed me and moved to back seat. I went out the car and went to back. I didnn’t remember to check also if someone is noticing us. I was in hurry to go back. She was fully naked now. I made her sit on my lap. I grabbed her hips and moved to my lap.

We started kissing again, now she is full on with power. She don’t want to break our liplock. We were in deep kiss and she started removing my tshirt. I felt really good after removing it. We both were full on sweat.

On each kiss she was dancing like snake, I took her boobs and started biting the tips of her erected nipples. She was crying with pleasure. She started removing my belt. I helped her to take out my jeans. Our car must be jumping but we didn’t care about it. I made my jeans down till my knee. She grabbed my cock on the top of my trunks. It was turned on from once she entered the car. It was ready to pop out. She took it out slowly and I saw surprise and excitement on her eyes. She started playing with it. She started rubbing the top of mine with her thumbs. It made me jump from my seat. She slowly kiss on the tips of cock and started licking it. I know she was tasting my precum.

She started sucking my thick meat ball. That blowjob showed me heaven. I made her sit again and started penetrating. There were enough lubricant on her pussy and on my cock. My cock was full of her sweet saliva. She took my cock and positioned on the right place. It was very tight and I started giving force. I don’t know she was crying or moaning with pain. I started kissing her and slowly moved up and down.

Finally with full force I pushed hard and it went straight inside and hit her pussy wall. I started stroking and she was keep jumping on my laps. Her tiny boobs were jumping, I hold her hair with my one hand and keep stroking. She was keep moaning. We both were enjoying to the core.

Finally I told her I’m coming so I took out my cock and splash on her body. She also had orgasm same time. It was the great sex which I ever had in my life. She told me it was after 3 years she was having a relation and she was contended. After this we our relation became strong and had more fun.

Hope you guys like my story. Keep in touch with me [email protected].

Thank you.

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