How I Made My Family Incest – Part 1

Hi everyone, I am a regular reader of this site since 7 years. My name is anuhya and my age is 23, elder daughter of my parents and I am from hyderabad. Both my parents are employees. My mom name is bindhu and my dad’s name is raghu ram. I am having two younger brothers krishna and arjun who are in their 21 and 19 respectively and a younger sister sravani who is in her 18. At present I am working as a consultant in leading software mnc. Krishna is in his engineering final year, arjun is a hockey player, all the time he would be practicing, sravani is doing her architecture in a nearby college. I came to know about sex during my school days from my friend. From then I used to visit porn sites and iss and by seeing those sort stuff, I used to masturbate using carrots cucumber and tried to satisfy my desires.

But I was nt fully satisfied by this masturbation. I was badly in the need of cock. But I controlled my desires due to my family reputation in the society, till last month.

Last month I decided myself to seduce one of brother! As krishna is in his final year, he would often go to college most of the time he used to surf internet sitting in the house. I had selected krishna for seducing for that I applied for a week off in the office showing some lame excuse. Everyone in the house used to leave by 10:30. After 10:30 we were left alone in the house. As I was having only one week time I would like to execute the plan immediately. Krishna woke up lately after every one left.

He got freshened up and sat on the sofa and started watching some boring programme. As my room attached to the living room. I wantedly intimated my brother that I going for a bath and went into my room and half closed the room door and stood in a position that I can be visible to my brother who is in the living room and I can watch his action through the mirror. First I removed my tee, I was not wearing bra inside, I checked my brother whether he is seeing or not but he is not seeing me. I thought for a while and picked my tee and threw it on the dressing table and made some small sound.

He suddenly looked at me. I was absorbing him through the mirror and he was shocked, I stood for a minute without moving he was not even closing his eye lid. I think he started fucking me inside in his eyes.I understood he is also interested in sex, I thanked god for making my plan a success. I slowly removed my short and now I was completely nude. I intentionally pressed my boobs and later fingered my pussy and left to bathroom.Then I fell on the floor and shouted amma. Within a minute my brother came running into the room asked me “What happened didi?”

I opened the latch of the bath room from the floor and called him for help. He gave his hand and picked me up, I wantedly fell and pushed my boobs on his chest and shoulders, he brought me to the bed. As I was naked, he pulled the bed sheet and covered my bare body and asked me “What happened ??”

I said ” I slipped and my back is paining a lot”

Krishna ” shall we go to the hospital?’

Me ” no I will be fine within a few hours, can you please massage my back?’

Krishna ‘yeah, sure didi”

He went in to another room got a oil bottle applied some oil to his palms and rubbed for a while and I turned so that krishna can massage my back. He started massaging my back slowly, I shifted my eyes towards the dressing table. I could able to see krishna’s eyes in the mirror while massaging he is enjoying my body.

After few minutes he started to move a bit forward and dared to touch my boob sides from back.Mean time I could able to feel his hard on which is telling me that my plan is going on a right track. I requested him to massage fastly. He started moving his hands fastly on my body and I suddenly turned towards him and now his hands were on my boobs. He pulled his hands back and said” I am sorry didi”. I said “Its ok.”

He started to stare at my boobs and pussy. I shouted at him “What are doing?”

He said ” I am sorry, its first time I am seeing a girl nude”

I asked ” wanna feel them?”

He was shocked but regained immediately and said “Are you serious?”

I said ” of course I am ”

He ripped his tee shirt and dropped his shorts and undies. I was shocked as it was first time for me to see a guy nakedly. He is having a muscular body and his cock is making me go gaga. Seriously its about 7 and half inches. He kissed me on my lips and he started to lick my tongue and I started to lick his tongue for a few minutes we had a tongue fight, simultaneously he started moving his hands on my boobs and pussy, even I started to feel his cock.

We parted our lips and he started sucking my upper lip and latter lower lip after his turn I licked his lips separately. Later he started biting my lips. I moaned lightly in pain. He left my lips and started licking my boobs. First he started licking my right boob and pressing my left boob with his right hand after vigorous sucking he shifted to my left boob and started pressing my right boob with his left hand. Started to bite my nipples, I started to moan but he didn’t stop and he was biting my nipples like a hell.

After continuous biting and sucking of my nipples and boobs he came up and kissed me deeply. I broke the kiss and spit my saliva in his mouth. For my act he responded and he swallowed my saliva and he spit his in my mouth and I swallowed his. He said ” I think you need a very hardcore sex” with a sheepish smile. I replied ” yeah ”

With my answer he started licking my chut which was shove recently and my fingers were running through his hair he increased his speed and I could not control started moaning loudly ahhh ahhh ahhhh hhhh hssss hss mmm aah mm ahhhh yeah gud yeah hmm hssss aaahhh

And then he started tongue fucking my chut. I might be virgin but due to heavy masturbation my hymen was broken long back. After continuous sucking for about 15 mins I am about to cum I said him but he continued and I released my loads in his mouth he drank some and gave a kiss to me and spit some in my mouth. I drank my cum it was a bit salty but it tasted good so, drank all of it. He gave a deep kiss to me. Now its was turn to satisfy him

I started licking his chest and started biting his nipples hardly he moaned lightly and started sliding his tool for some time later I took his dick into my mouth and started licking and taking his dick deep into my throat I brushed his cock head with my teeth he started moaning heavily. Later he mouth fucked when he was about to cum he removed his cock from my mouth and it all spilled on my boobs and face. I asked him that I wanna taste his cum. So obediently licked his cum on my face and spit in my mouth I hungrily drank all his cum and rubbed my boobs with his cum.

He drove his cock into pussy. Pussy hole was small that his rod couldn’t able to get into it. He pushed it vigorously and started slowly and I could not control the pain started moaning. He slowly increased his speed steadily and ramming my pussy like ahell. I was sweating and room was filled with my sounds. Ahhhh ammaaaa pllsss sloooow hhha haaa aaaahhh hmaaa ahhha yeahh hssss sloow haaaa he didnt care and continued his fucking. I cummed again that was my second orgasm after couple of minutes he said that he was about to cum, I told him to cum inside only… He filled his seed in my sacred hole. And we both were exhausted. His penis started to decrease its size.. We slept like that for few hours.

First I woke up and started licking his penis. He was aroused and his penis size increased to 7 and half inches. He woke up and he asked me how was session I said it was awesome. But, my pussy is paining. He came down to my pussy and started licking it. I was feeling better now. After few minutes I released another load of cum he drank all of it and I gave hj with my mouth and drank all his cum..Suddenly time struck 3. Its time for sravani to reach home so we both took bath together and had lunch nakedly and dressed each other.

I continue this story in the next part. Any feedback, you can mail me my mail id is [email protected]. Any girls or boys, uncles and aunties interested in me irrespective of your age can inbox me 🙂

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