How I Made My Maid My Sex Slave

Hi everyone. My name Kabir (name changed for obvious reason). Today I am going to tell you guys how I fucked my maid.

1st thing let me describe myself I m 19yrs old. Slim tall and good shape. I don’t have six pack abs but I look really handsome. My tool is 7 inch long and 3 inch thick. At my home we are family of 4. Dad, mom,sis and me. I belong to a well to do middle class family. We live in a 3bhk bungalow. 1 bedroom for mom dad, one for my sis and 1 for me.

So things went like this. I was doing and I was in S.Y. as all teenagers even I was curious for sex. Being a virgin I was craving for sex. I use too masturbate 2 times a day. I was kinda supper horny. We had hired a maid for washing utensils and cloths. Her name was harsha. She was 28 yrs old. She was married but didn’t had kids. She was sexy.

30-28-32 were her statistic. Big firm boobs and nice round ass. She use too work for us from 8 months. She was very friendly. As we were somewhat of same age group We had something like friendship between us.

i never had bad thoughts for her. Until one day. It was Saturday. my college left early bcoz here was a staff meeting It was afternoon. I was expecting no1 at home except for harsha. As my dad and mom must be off to office and sister in school.

So I reached home. Opened the door with my key. I went to my room. But when I was going to my room I heard some voice from mom dads room. It was weird. Because at this time they should not be home. So I decided to check. I slowly opened the door. and I saw harsha was in there. She had opened our wardrobe and I saw her removing 1000rs note from drawer. I was shocked. She removed the note and put it in her blouse. I was stunned. I decided I will teach that bitch a lesson. I planned to fuck her. I kept quite and went to my room as if nothing happened. After sometime she came to my room for cleaning she was shocked to see me in room but I acted normal.

She asked “bhaiya ap aj jaldi ghar kesse”

I said “ha bas esse hi”

She didn’t said anything but I could sense her nervousness.

Next day my plan was ready.

I got ready for college. But I kept my wallet on my bed and placed my camera on the cupboard. I hide it perfectly so that no one can see it but it recorded everything in room.

And as per my plan I went to college. After college I was excided to come home and check if my plan worked or no. I came home as fast as I could. When I reached home there was no1 I went inside I saw harsha working in kitchen.

She asked “ bhaiya apko kuch banake ?

I said “ ha please, mujhe ek coffee lake do. Mai mere room mai hu.

I literally ran to my room and locked my door and took camera and started to check recording I fast forwarded it. and I saw harsha coming in my room with a brome. She saw my wallet. She took it and removed 500 and kept it in her blouse.

I was happy. My plan was successful . finally I got license to fuck her. I was now wait for her to enter my room with coffee. After 5 mins she came. I was looking at her figure. wow what boobs.

I said “table pe rakh do coffee”

She obeyed

I told “ 2 min betho, mujhe tumse kuch bat karni hai”

She asked “ kya hua bhaiya”

I said “ apna blouse kholo”

On hearing that she was shocked. Her eyes were wide open.

She said “yeah ap kyakeh rahe hai bhaiya, thodi toh sharam karo”

I said “jitna kaha hai utna kar kamini” I was in no mood of time pass

She was shocked I got up and started to walk away from the room.I grabbed her wrist and pushed her on bed. I took my cam and played tat clip. She was shocked. Because of fear she was not even able to talk. There was silence for few secs. Then she jumped at me and tried to grab the camera. But my power easily over came her I pushed her from chest and slapped her with all my force. She felt on bed. Then she started crying. I locked my camera in my cupboard and went to her and said “dekh mai yeah video kisiko nahi dikhaunga but in return mujhe bhi tumse kuch cahiye”

She started crying heavily. But I was in no mood to play. She started begging me to delete that video. I said “dekh mujhe tujhe chodna hai. Agar tune nahi kaha toh mai yeah clip society mai sabko dikha dunga aur koi bhi tujhe kam pe nahi rakhega”

She was crying slowly now she knew she didn’t had any option. She said” but meri shadi hui hai. Agar mere pati ko pata chala to ?”

I took it was a green signal. I didn’t said anything I just lean forward and started to kiss her. I felt those soft juicy lips on mine. 1st she was not responding to my kiss so I got angry and slapped her hard. She started crying I said “ kutiya thiksse kiss kar or else I will slap you again”

After that she started to kiss me passionately . was were like kissing biting lips. then with my right hand I started to press her boobs. She mourned a little. Then I was folding her boobs pinching her nipples.

She was enjoying it. Then I unhooked her blouse. She was wearing a white bra. I could see her soft white cleavages I got mad I tore her bra and started to suck her boobs like a wild animal. She was moaning “ aaahh chuso. Inhe aur chuso bhaiya. Apni pyas bujha do aaahhhh”

I was horny. Then she put her hand on my dick on my jeans. And started to feel it. I was on 7th heaven. Then I removed my shirt and hugged her. I felt her soft boobs on my bare chest. She started to kiss my neck. It was pleasure. Then I lifter her saari. And grabbed her white thighs. I was pressing them. Then I advanced. And put my finger in her pussy. It was already wet. She mourned a bit. Ahhhh

Then she removed my jeans and saw my tool.

She “wow bhaiya, apka toh bohot bada hai. Mere pati se bhi jyada bada”

Me”toh kutti ddekh kya rahi hai chus use.”

Then I held her hair tightly and put my full 7 inch dick in her mouth. She was not able to handle it in her mouth but I forced it in. her mouth was making sound. I could feel my dick totally wet in her saliva. Sssrrrpp sssrrrpp. She was breathing heavily.

Then after 10 mins I came in her mouth. As soon as I came I held her mouth close and with other hand closed her nose. As the result she had to drink my full cum. Then I removed her saree she was completely naked in front of me. I was fingering her she was in pleasure. Room was full of sounds like “aaahhh mmhhh, aur zorse uungli karo, kutiiya banao mujhe apnii. Aahhh”

After 5 mins she climaxed. But real fun was about to start. I pulled out condom from my bag (I was prepaired for this ) she was giggling.

Then I started to rub my dick on her pussy. Was teasing her. Then she said “ bhaiya aur mat tadapao, jaldi se chodo mujhe, aur mujhe apni banado”

Me”madarchod bohot sex chadha hai na abhi chod chod ke teri chut fad dunga”

And ii pushed my dick in her. It went half and there was a loud scream “aaahhhh, mar gai, ouch”

Me”ab bol randi, mazza aa raha hai ?”

And then gave another and put my full dick in her. Tears roll out of her eyes. She was crying. “aaahhh, harami meri chut fad di, mar gai”

But after few strokes she started enjoying. She started to match my rhythm . we were fucking like wild animal. I was fucking her like dog. After 5 mins I picked her up in my arms, my dick was still inside her. And lifted her like baby and was fucking her like that. After sometime we both came and finally rested on bed. We both were tired. Then we went to bath room and cleaned ourself up. After coming out I said. “aj se tu meri randi hai, jab mera maan karega mai tujhe chodunga.”she said “jessa ap kaho”

And went. And from then we use2 fuck whenever we got time.

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