How I Met 19 Year Old Bindu & Fucked Her

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Now, I don’t want to waste much of your time. Let me come straight to the point. I am writing about one of my experience here. It happened when I was chatting in adult chatrooms. Usually, I am a very horny kind of guy, even a slight movement is enough for me to get a huge turn-on. I also show myself on webcam and masturbate on it. I feel very satisfied when female makes me cum like that. But I was always waiting for the real thing.

Once a 19 year old girl was chatting with me. I asked her about her whereabouts etc and etc. I was really feeling very horny while chatting with her. Meanwhile, I asked here jokingly for a date. It was just a joke and to my surprise she agreed!! I could not believe it as I had never done this before. Anyway, I gave her my email id. After 2 days, I got a mail from her stating that her parents was going out for 2 days and there would be nobody at home. She gave me her address and phone number & told me to come @ 4pm. I still remember the date, she told me that her parents would be out for 2 days, my god!! That was too much for me.I could not believe her.

I thought she might be a crook and may land me up in some trouble. But I was too excited to miss an opportunity like this. So, when the d-day came I could not control myself I felt like fucking every girl I see , every minute felt like 1 hour till 3:30 , @ 3:30 I took my bike and darted towards her house. I had not seen her. She had seen me on camera, I went to a few houses nearby and asked about the exact location. I pretended to be a computer repairer. Both of us knew each others name so that was helpful.

Atlast, I found her house. She opened the door , I was stunned at seeing her beauty it was like an angel opening the door. Let me describe about her . Her name is bindu , she was 19 , she had a perfect body structure , she has good boobs. Her height was about 5.4″ and she was very slim , her figure is 36 24 36 , every guy who see her feels like fucking her . Anyhow, she took me to her hall . I just could not stop from smiling. My heart was beating a million times . I was just too happy to look at her . She made coffee for me. That made me feel somewhat comfortable. We had coffee and talked about ourselves. She told me how bored she was bla bla bla , she told she was a viren , after hearing that I was on cloud 9 after some time she kept her hand on my hand. Then took my hand to her neck, then slowly to her cleavage area. Then I took it as green signal & I enter my hand inside her dress. She was wearing a tight t-shirt & white bra , I started to squeeze her boobs hard. She was moaning slowly, aahahahahoooooh.

Then we came closer, we met our lip, and kissed like passionate french style, . I was biting her lip hard and sucking her tongue, then I came to her neck . But when I kissed her neck and ear, she couldn’t resist. She was moaning like whore. Mmmmmm…….. Ohhhhhh ooooo, I love you abhi, ruin me , ruin me now. Then I removed her t-shirt & bra. Then I was kissing sucking & squeezing her boobs and erect nipples. She was moaning in sexual pleasure . Then I inserted my finger in her pussy & starterd finger fucking her . She held my hairs very tightly and my head was rubing her boobs. Then I kissed her navel , she was uncontrolled. She was just saying. “I love this, I love. Mmmmmmmmmmmm………uuuuuhhhhhhh. I love you. Ya kiss it , bite it , eat it , eat it dear eat it. Today I am your bitch, fuck me hard till I would cry, mwahwahwah……..Mmmmmmmm”

Then I got down so I pulled of her pant and panty, then I ask her in a royal style “can I eat this tasty dish” . She replied, “this body is yours, you can do everything you can. You are my husband and I am your wife .”so at first I smelled the pussy area , she was 19 but had shaved her hair like nothing existed , now I made her lie down on the bed and put my mouth on her pussy. She was keeping her two hand on bedsheet and squeezing them. And moaning like a whore. I put my whole tunge inside her pussy & liking madly , after some time she suddenly cum and all the bed and my mouth got wet (the taste was awesome ), then I came up and started smooching her to share her cum. Then I put my one finger inside her pussy , she was moaning and then 3 fingers, she said its paining. Then I opened my shirt and pant.

She kissed my chest and play with my chest hair, and jerking sensation was on my body in the way of her touching like a bitch. Then she placed her hand on my dick and play with it , but refuse to suck . I told her don’t be scared it won’t bite its just like lollipop , after some incest she stated sucking it like a professional sucker , I was moaning in relax, after some time in came in her mouth.

Then I made her lie down on the bed and spraded her legs , first I put both of my hands on her hand tightly and before the dream drive I kissed her lip for 2 minutes, then I entered my dick in her pussy just half , she scream ohohohohoh . Its its its its paining I can’t bear .” I told ” at 1st little pain will be there after some time you’ll enjoy it . ” then in one stroke I enter it fully , start my machine slowly with entering and kissing her neck and ears. Her hands were tightly hold me and after some stroke she also started to enjoy it . Now she was also kissing me and enjoying a lot. She came to my ear and said with a whispering voice” I love youuuuuu… love me like this. I am alllll youuurs. I am your bitch. Fuck me harderrrrrr” I was so aroused in those word that I fuck hardrrrr and she came after that I came in her pussy. Then I kissed her on her lips . We slept for a wile and I kept my hands on her huge ass squeeze it hard. Then I put my finger in her ass hole, she was screaming slowly, then I woke up , now her sweet ass is in front of me, and I was slapping her ass cheeks a little too hard & made them red , then I kissed her ass , aftrt some time I started to suck her ass cheeks & ass hole , she started moaning again . I told her I’ll finger fuck your ass , she told do whatever you want I’m your bitch I want to enjoy my life today , I inserted 1 finger she was like haa haa, next 2she was ohhh….. Yaaaaa , I tried 3 but she told don’t , I told k & stopped .

Me : – I’ll fuck your ass

Bindu: – no let’s try next timeMe : – do you want to enjoy or not, ass fucking gives, even more, pleasure than pussy

Bindu : – k let’s try it

I applied some saliva on her ass hole & told her to suck my dick nicely, after sucking , I placed my dick near the entry hole of her ass & teasing her, in angry tone she told fuck me plz fuck me , I in one stroke entre fully , she screamed loudly take it out take it out its paining , I told just for few strokes after that you’ll enjoy , after some strokes she also started enjoying, I fucked for 25 min & I came in her ass . After that v lay down for some time & went to take bath & had sex over there too, next day also full fucking licking with fruits, sulk chocolate etc… . I’ll tell all that in next story.

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[email protected] and if any unsatisfied girls, ladies, aunty, bhabhi, wanna enjoy sex with me you can contact me on gmail messenger. If any body want to publish his or her story there can mail his/her story on my email id I will definitely post that story on my website ok.

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