How I Satisfied Rajita Aunty !

It’s Vex here. I stay in Thane and frequently read stories and now posting my stuff. So let’s start our sex story.

The story’s the main protagonist is Rajita who is my friend’s mom. Let’s call my friend A.

A and I were best friends since childhood and it continues till date. Her mom Rajita did not appear sexually appealing to me at the beginning but as my sex drive started to increase, she became my sex fantasy. Her figures were brilliant 36-28-36.

I used to a night stay at A’s house frequently. It was very common that I stay at his house for a night or when my parents were out of town.

Rajita was around 40 when this incident happened. But her beauty was her age and she looked flawlessly young even comparable to teens. Even though her husband was average looking they had a love marriage, but A used to tell there were frequent fights between his parents.When I used to go to A’s house I used to watch her braless and her nipples pinching out of her salwar and sometimes kurta made my penis erect 90 degrees. She was very friendly with me. She would call “Beta”. It was a day in the middle of vacations that my parents had to go to Delhi for a relative’s wedding. I was not interested and backed out saying my exams were near. So the question was where should Vex stay?

Answer – Rajita Aunty! I immediately went to her house and she welcomed me. On the first, I did not have chances to stalk her but on numerous occasions she caught me glancing at her pointed boobs.She gave me a very naughty smile, something which was enough to give me a sexual shock.

Next day the stars were in the hindsight and my friend A’s got a call from class to attend a lecture and her husband rushed to his work.I was very excited but cautious too about how to approach her.

It was 10 am when she brought me some dry snacks and she sat beside me.

Rajita- You look grown up. Look at those tiny hairs on your legs.Me- (Shyly)Yes Aunty!Rajita- I have blocked A’s computers video player.Always watching indecent stuff.Me-(I realized the signals and took the conversation forward) What videos Aunty?Rajita-( Very Blushingly) The stuff that you too see on your phone.Me- I don’t see anything!Rajita-Okay beta you are very sabhya(innocent).

And then she began placing her hand in my legs which went towards my zip.

I took the next step and banged my lips on her and began the playing with her hot body.I kept kissing her for 10mins giving her french kisses and taking on each others tongue.She slowly began undoing my clothes and took off her salwar.She was in extremely hot blue bra and panty. I began playing with her hot balls and soon her erect nipples were in my mouth. She was moaning “aahaaahaa” and her body temperature increased. She then took my huge cock inside her mouth. She first kissed the bare skin and begun inserting it in and out. She continued until 10 mins and I told her I was about to cum and emptied all in her mouth and the I came on her body and began teasing her by transporting my cock all over her body.

She was not able to control and said”Vex please enter me beta Fuck me hard. Your uncle never cares about me, but you do”I removed her panty and saw her nude with small grown pubic hairs.I took her cunt in my mouth and it was already wet with all the juices and drank all her orgasm. Now she demanded me to enter her. I was bit hesitant but she ensured me that she was safe and I started to enter her slowly. I fondly remember her voices” haaa..haa…haa harder ” I went on with the whole swing and was fucking her like animals. All the football which I played came to my rescue.(I have huge stamina… So always ready to hook Up)

I was cumming humongous and emptied all my cum inside her and yeah guys it was painful for me as well. We continued until 15 mins when she was exhausted and we stopped by kissing each other. She said she had the best sex of her life and we went on to enjoy every day of my stay. She went to the kitchen for her chores when I came from behind and hugged her tightly and one of my hands on her boobs and one on her cunt.We kissed I’m passionately and I lifted her on the kitchen table and begun undressing her sexy black nighty. She was not wearing a bra and me pushed into her juicy boobs and sucked her nipples and she gave me a hardcore blowjob and then I laid her on the floor and entered her cunt sucking all the juices and then fucking her on the floor and all this time she was extremely supportive.

Then we had a bath in the tub and we fucked while having shower exchanging water through the mouth and then we had rest for some while.In the afternoon we were on again with her body on my arms and her back stuck to a wall and me kissing her Impassionately and entering her ass hole up and down.She even requested to close her eyes, tie her hands and beat her on the ass while I was fucking her. We did it but for some time and this time we were having pleasures.We tried every fucking position and she was really satisfied so was I. We meet regularly and P.S. Her family is coming to my house for dinner tonight… Bad luck No sex But will surely have oral.

This is it, guys. I appreciate you read my whole sex story and would be obliged if you send me an email about your feelings and some requests for hookups too ( I am really interested in an intercourse) at [email protected]. Will come back soon on How I fucked Rajita’s Mom too! Stay Tuned….•

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