How I Satisfied Three Girl’s Hidden Desires At Their Flat

Hi everyone, this is Dinesh(name changed) from Andhra Pradesh, this is real story my life two years back.

When I was working at Hyderabad, I found a xxx site to share sexual fantasies, in that I shared my fantasies.

The next day I got a message from a girl.named Swathi(not real).She said she has some fantasies like femdom and be a submissive, actually they are three gals studying BTech in a reputed college in Hyderabad., she messaged me with her details and asked me if I was interested then we have meet., I replied positively and we met at the coffee shop.

At that moment we shared all our details and our fantasies., I told them everything must be secret and private, even she too told the same thing as they r college going girls, they have some.hidden desire and they want to fulfill their desires, they promised that they never share each other details.we had promised that there should not be cam, pics, videos, permanent scars, scat.

She gave her address to me and asked me to come to her room on Saturday.

I went to her room as she guided after I went to her room I seen the other two.girls, three look likes goddess to earth. We four have discussed what they want to do to me in these two days, they told they will order me and I have obeyed all.the orders, and next day they want submissive, they will obey my orders. they provide decent money to me.

They asked me to undress everything., I immediately undressed, and asked me to lick their shoes.I immediately licked and cleaned all their shoes with my tongue, then they ordered me to remove shoes with my teeth, I did as they ordered., next they ordered me to.undress the girls, I did as they ordered.

One girl ordered me to lick her feet, pussy, and ass, other girl playing with my balls.and dick, The girl is spanking me.Three girls shifted those positions one after other.Like that, all the day passed,

At lunch we all had lunch naked, they feed me with their feet.Later on taken me to their bathroom, passed on my face one by one but not pressured me to drink their piss.After that, we all relaxed for one hour, next they dressed me with their dresses one by one., dresses and bikinis.

At night they ordered me to lick their pussies till they cum.

Next day they seriously became submissive and gave their authorities to me.

I ordered them to lick all my body from head to toe, one girl is licking my balls and dick, one is licking my ass, armpits, one is licking another body.

Next, I tied them with ropes which girls provided,I started whipping one by one.They happily agreed on o whipping.

hey told that I can whip them till they asked to stop.I too feel happy as they agreed.

And then I started whipping,(girls provided canes).At first, I started whipping all three girls at a time., I started on bums., what a back those have, their backs are very well shaped.After some whips, I changed to whip.on navel and next on boobs.

Finally, they asked me to.stop.whipping, I too stopped whipping.

I started pinching nipples of.One by one, and slapped on their faces., I pissed in their mouths.

After that we had lunch, in lunch, I feed three girls with my feet and slapping them.

Later they asked me to piss in their mouths, as they asked me I pissed in their mouths one by one.

I collared three girls with chains they provided and walked in complete flat those three girls in kneel and in walked like a dog.

I pinched their nipples, slapped them, spanked their bums.

At night we four enjoyed, we fucked like no tomorrow, I fucked one by one in their pussy and ass.

They asked me to cum in their mouths. I did they happily drank my cum.

In morning again they asked for one session of fucking.I fucked one girl pussy, the second girl is licking my ass, another girl is licking girls ass.

Next, we changed one by one position and they asked me to stay today also, if so then they to bunk their college.I happily agreed to stay with the angels.

We all got to freshen up and went to a movie, after the show started we started our show. One girl is giving blowjob to me, I am pressing boobs of other girls, I am fingering their pussies.What a moment….

We enjoyed, I ejaculated in her mouth, then a second girl and a third girl like that we enjoyed the movie time in the theater.After the movie over. We went to the restaurant to have lunch.At restaurant also we enjoyed, we had handjob, boob pressing, fingering. The waiter got our activity. Girls have kisses to.the waiter and left the restaurant.

Next we back to their flat and relaxed till evening .,In evening we again fucked in all possible positions in.bedroom, toilet,kitchen, hall.

After that those girls asked me that they have one more desire, I promised them that I will.definitely fulfill.Ur desire you can happily share with me. Then they shared that they want to fuck me. I happily agreed and then they tucked me one by one with their strapons. They fucked me near about one hour and they finally satisfied completely.

We all felt exhausted and slept.

On Tuesday morning I left their room, they paid me some amount.

After that incident they again messaged me that they want me for the next week I too happily went to their flat.

They asked they want to be with them for one week period, I too happily agreed to be in her flat for one week. I applied leave at work, and I inform the dates to.them.

Finally that date came and they call me and said they booked tickets for me also, we all r going for.vacation to.goa., we will enjoy a lot.

We enjoyed at goa, that experience I will share in next story.Hope you all like my story.

Please share your feedback, and any girls interested pls mail me [email protected]

Girls don’t feel.bad to share your desires, everyone have desires, but everyone hesitate to share with others., because they feel that it will feel bad, to.share their desires to their beloved ones.


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