How I Seduced My Cousin Sister To Have Sex

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About Me: To introduce me; this is Raj (30 years) currently living in Dombivli, Mumbai. Working as a Senior IT profession in Mumbai. I am from Chennai due to my profession I live in Mumbai. I am 6 feet and average built guy. Please use this email id to submit your comments [email protected] and also if anybody interested for a secret relationship and I welcome but with a high degree of secrecy to be maintained.

This is my first story and real incident about my sexual relationship with my cousin sister. I am an active participant to this site for nearly a year. I am not interested in revealing her name in the story instead I use the name as “Mitra”.. During this incident, she was 32 years old with not really big boobs (30 size) a man die for but she is very cute and I was 26 years old. This story happened to me when I was working during my early IT profession in Chennai. My office (Thoraipakkam) is nearly 60 miles away from my home and everyday traveling to office was a kind of tough job which in turn I had to sacrifice my sleep.

After continuing the job for almost a year like traveling; my parents came up with a suggestion and ask me is it okay for me to stay in aunt home (Fathers elder sister) which will save an hour traveling time. I readily accepted that and my parents talked to my aunt and she accepted me to stay in her home. My aunt has two daughters who are elder to me. This incident happened with an elder one. I never had any intention to seduce and have a relationship with anyone (two daughters) because I call them as “Akka” and they are a very good friend to me. Mitra and I share the same bed each other as my aunt home was small. My aunt and uncle sleep in the hall and the younger one sleeps in the bedroom with us but on the floor. As like all other guys at 26 years age; I am addicted to watching porn and having sex in different styles and postures but never had any bad intentions towards both.

That incident happened one day which turned me to have a bad intention about her and thinking about having sex with her. We both were traveling in her Scooty to Parrys Corner in Chennai to get household stuff, I was riding and she was sitting beside me. Her boobs touched me and made my little brother erect. Till before that relationship; I was virgin and usually I don’t masturbate thinking virtually about girls and controlled all my sexual intimacy. My little brother was fully erect and I was in Tracksuit and she noticed and smiled. But we both never given major attention to that incident or neither talked about that for almost two months as we are good friends. She had a relationship with the guy from the same area who is three years younger to her where he usually visits her home when everybody was there and I know her relationship.

She usually shares her personals with me and not even with others thinking her secrets are safe with me. They had sex also in her home when no one was there. I was helping them my best to get married and continue their relationship. One day morning; I hurried and getting ready to the office to catch the office bus and she just completed morning shower and reached bedroom through other door connected to the bathroom. To get my office bag I entered the bedroom through the living room door and was stunned seeing her without the dress. I asked sorry and immediately left the bedroom and having my breakfast in the living room.

She came to the living room and I said again ” Sorry Akka” I was not aware that you are in the bedroom. She said; it’s okay Raj it’s my mistake and I forgot to lock this door don’t let anyone know about this. Then all the day; I was thinking about her only and that day was my first day to masturbate thinking about her. We continued this for some days; she was upset and I did notice that for a week. On the same week; I asked “Mitra” looks like you are upset for last four to five days; can you share it with me what happened if I can do any help?. That my first day I called her “Mitra” instead of Akka. She said nothing “Raj” then I felt she was not interested in sharing anything then I left that conversation by not forcing her.

As like every day we completed our dinner and reached to bed; remember we usually sleep on the same bed sharing each other. Again I started the conversation and this time she was started sharing that her boyfriend in a relationship with other girl and she had seen that in the office kissing each other on the corridor steps and she started crying. I consoled her saying; please be quiet as everybody is sleeping and if you cry like this everybody will come to know. I was wiping her tears while consoling her; unknowingly my hand touched her boobs. Suddenly my mood raised and my little brother erected. I could see her cute face through the moonlight and previous incidents came to our mind. This time I purposely touched her boobs and she thought that I didn’t do intentionally. Without any further tries and we slept and next day we continued our regular day life but she was thinking about that only. In the next day night; she again started that conversation after everybody slept. This time she didn’t cry but we were talking sleeping close each other.

Again that moonlight disturbed me and made me felt hard and erect for her. This time; I slowly raised my hand and went near to her shirt button and remove the first button. She asked “Raj” what are you doing? I said nothing Mitra as the climate is very hot I helped you. She smiled and continue talking; again I switched towards her and asked Mitra close your eyes; she said why and what happened? I said nothing just do that. She closes her eyes and straight away kissed her on her eyes. She pushed me; Hey “Raj” don’t do this. But I noticed her eyes was in the mood too and asked me to continue. Instead of next steps; we are talking for some time and continue building my courage and increase her mood.

This time; I kept my right leg on her and removed the other shirt buttons only by one and pulled her boobs out. By continuing this; I was smooching her but she didn’t respond initially saying no Raj this is wrong and I am not interested. Saying she is not interested but holding my hairs tight and responding. I continued smooching her and playing with her boobs; slowly she responded well by opening her mouth. This time she removed by t-shirt and requested me to play hard with her boobs and smooch her. We were smooching for almost 30 minutes and enjoying foreplay playing with her boobs. She said; this is enough let me see your tool now. I denied and asked her to wait for one more day and let continue the foreplay alone today. Then I made her half nude and played all night with her boobs by kissing and love bites.

Please remember to post your comments; based on the feedback I will write my next story what happened in the next day night? The more interesting happened between us.

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