How I Seduced My Married Maid To Have Sex – Part I

Dear Friends, hope u like my session with my PG owners wife. This is another experience of mine which I had with my Maid when I was studying in my 1st year of College.

My father was in the Air force and was posted in Pune. During that time I was studying in the Boys school there. My only fantasy and time pass was masturbating in the toilet. It was even hard to watch porn as my parents would always be there at home.

Then a family moved into our servant quarters. There was a Husband , Wife, Husbands Mother and 2 kids. The husband was working as a part time worker with request of my father as a Gardner in the Cantonment area. His wife used to work as a Maid for us.

Wife was around 31 years compared to her husband who might have been above 40. Initially I didnt notice anything and every day after work I would just come and get busy with my work while the maid would clean and then bring me milk during my study period and all..

Then one day I was gifted a new Digital Camera.. It was 2002 year i suppose or 2003,, and Digital cameras were kind of a new concept for everyone. SO I was quiet excited and was taking snaps and all. Then one day when I was taking the snap my maid saw and casually asked what is this kind of camera.. I took one picture and showed the LCD camera to her,, she was surprised ..

For her it was something totally new.. She asked me more questions,, then she asked if her photo will also come, I said sure and took one and showed, she could not believe it that i a matter of second her snap was there.. The got over.. Evening when I was in my room I was going through the snaps I had taken and saw her snap.. It was the first time I thought of her in a manner of Seductive … She was actually hot,, I zoomed in and could see she had really well developed Breast, would be around 38 and had a slim waist and had a very innocent face.. I had a real Erection at that moment and I decided that moment That I needed to fuck her ASAP…

Then slowly I started mingling with her more, started to talk more with her and would take snaps of her more often when my parents would not be around, she would be happy. The one evening my parents had gone for a walk, as usual she came with milk, I said today I dont want it, she said have it.. I said do one thing Already you are doing so much work you drink it, I wont tell anyone and anyways I never like drinking,, she said no no no,, its ok I will keep in fridge. I again said it will go waste plz,, she said pls dont tell mam,, I said no,, I just looked at the way she was drinking from my glass,, my cock was itching hard :-)..

Then it became a ritual that every day I would ask her to drink , if not immediately then she would keep the glass there and later when she came for cleaning i would keep a look outside my room and she would go to my table and drink of the milk and pretend she was cleaning and walk off, and every time she would give me a smile of Thank u :-)..

Then my naughty plan started taking intensity :-), one day when she kept milk and went, I closed my room and shagged like anything,, I shooted my entire sperm in the glass of milk and then mixed it,, ohhh,, never in my life had I masturbated like this.. As usual she came back little later to clean room and drank the Milk,, WHAT A SIGHT IT WAS,, to see her throat gulping down my hot sperm. The glass was empty but I could see a small trail of my sperm at the bottom,, but she would never know.. It became a routine for me, for nearly a month I did the same thing and I could see she was putting on weight ;-)…

By this time we had become close and I would say I will good snaps of her, but she really needs to look good when I take photo and she should try some jeans and all,, she would just laugh and say no Bhaiya.. its ok, I have only saree and all.. I knew I could get things out of her easily now..

It so Happened that my Parents were to go for a Conference for 3 days,, and suggested the maid or her husband to stay at my place at night time.. I was excited like anything and knew this was it…. My golden chance..

I spoke to My maid,, Her name was Shobha,, I told her she has to come in the evening and I will take the best of the snaps of hers.. She said OK.. I was excited the other way around, I told her to wear her best dress.. Then she asked me what I wanted to here, But didnt expect it so soon,,She said her Husband will ask why dress like this and going? I said you pack your full dress and bring and keep here at the time of evening cleaning itself under my bed and night time just casually come here and change in my bathroom,, she said OK..

I just wanted to go to the bathroom and shag,, but I wanted to save it for the Night ;-) told she kept the bag in the evening,, when she went I opened and saw, I was a Maroon Saree and Blouse,, guess she would wear the undergarments and come directly,, I stared getting all naughty Ideas,, wow,, parents left at 6.30. I knew she would come by 8 pm.. I had time till then to plan things 😉 I went to the bathroom and removed my used underwear and hanged it on the hook along with one shirt. Then I got all the Shampoo and creams from my parents room and kept it in my bathroom and with a lot of courage I had a penthouse magazine.. I just kept it behind the Hanging Mirror Box,, which was openable,, Inside which the creams were kept..

And then I took my drilling machine and made a small hole at the window of the bathroom which had a wooden finish.. ( Let me tell you, our house was the Old Britishers one where the rooms and big and old doors and all,, there was a Mirror with chairs and drawers also inside it. I know u guys may not believe, but it’s true, and I put in 2 more magazine in those drawers..

Time was not going and finally the bell rang.. My heart was beating as I had never thought of something like this.. As she entered I acted in a hurry and said i need to go out and will be back in 1 hours, you take your time and use my bathroom and get ready.. I just casually looked at her hair and said, U actually should shampoo your hair and scrub your face. She said she already took bath, I said you do it and see the difference and said this may be the only time to use good shampoo and scrub,, and actually it worked,, he he, I gave her a towel and said I will lock the house from outside and she can take her time.. She was hesitant and said ok,, I locked the house and ran behind bathroom window, I waited patiently for 10 min and no sign,, My heart was beating fast..

Then I saw the Light switching on in my Room and I could see her walking in,, she was looking at her face and kind admiring herself, she walked back and locked the door.. My cock had started leaking by then. Then still looking in the mirror she started to remove her saree,, God what a Scene,, WOW…. she was in her blouse.. She Breast looked so perfect,, then she went to hang her saree and saw my underwear, she looked at it and smiled and went back to the mirror, It was kind of Disappointing. She removed everything,, he breast were dangling and her manglasutra was also seen,, she was just admiring her Tits,, she opened the Box,, and to my expectation she took out the penthouse… She just took and went to the chair and sat..

Her eyes were so widened looking at the Photos… I could see her wet lips biting.. Then She did what I didnt expect, She came walking to the hook and took my undies and just started smelling it and placed it on her nose,, That was It,, I shagged looking at it,, and It didnt take a minute for me to cum all over, She took it and sat on the chair and started fingering her clit,, WOW,, it was amazing,,, It was so good,, and the expressions were so awesome, Her body suddenly shivered and I knew she had cum…. she sat in that position for 5 min,, and then got up and finished with her bathing..

What happened later to be continued in next part.. mail me at [email protected]Hope you guys enjoyed…

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