How I Seduced My Shilpa Aunty

Myself Vishal, I am 24 basically from Mysore. This is my first story if any mistakes please forgive me and also give feedback. Coming to the story.

Since from 18 year old. I am very much interested about matured women. I use to search lot of chatting site to have connection with them all of sudden with one website I got connected with guy he suggested me why cannot you seduced your known aunty. Then the lust begging with my aunty Shilpa, she is of 40age married but look alike film actress and her figure is of 35-30-32. She was married and not have children.

During my engineering semester break up holiday. I use to go to her house. First I made a plan of getting close to her so I took the opportunity of uncle and aunty clashes. During the clashes I took the side of aunty Shilpa and made to think her that I am her side. Then I started saying normal jokes she use to laugh at me. Meanwhile I try to see her sexy cleavage boobs which is of around 36d.When ever uncle is not in house I use to tell non veg jokes related to sex. This happened for long times.

Then to see my progress work first I slapped her ass lightly by saying when we are young children our teachers use to beat us by back like this and we use to run around them. She laughed and become silent, but I hear some sound after slapping her ass like pissing sound all of sudden by laughing she suddenly went to bath room and came after some time.

Then after I started touching her ass intensely and also by mistakenly. I use to sleep in hall when I use to go to their house but once I intensely said I hall there is lot of mosquito shall I sleep inside her bed room she and uncle said ok when uncle woke up early in the morning and goes to office since it is too far from home after uncle left to office aunty use to sleep again and get up at 7am. I took this time advantage I was not in sleep but acted like I am in sleep.

I put my leg on her navel first she try to remove but later she started coming close towards me I was able smell her sent which passed current over my body.

Then I hugged her and slept and woke up has I not have done anything even she was like that. She said her mobile has problem to look at me I said ok aunty I said my laptop has low battery so I will put charging inside room but I planned to put on webcam recorder and also put her sd card to scan.

After few minutes aunty got call from her friend shoba so she said I am going out you have food. By saying that she went inside room for dress changing. And after changing her dress from nighty to saree went outside.

All of suddenly I went to room to see how video has been recorded then. I started watching the I was surprised to see. As she removes her nighty she was in black bra and panties. She came near the cam and started position sexy way and even shaken the boobs in very closely teasing me in video.

By seeing this my tool of 6 inch got erected like anything .Since there was no one in home I started shaking my cock all of sudden I saw some shadow besides window of room. I suddenly put my cock inside and started sweating with fear who it may be I rushes towards main door to open and see who it was ?

When I opened the door I was shocked to see my aunty in front of door. She saw me from top to bottom and noticed my erected cock. By smiling went side her room to see what I was doing in laptop.

By seeing video she got angry and asked how dare to think like this. My body started to swearing like anything due to fear. I was crying all of a sudden she came near me and asked to remove my cloths and with angry she said you want to see naked me why I cannot see you .She order me like land lord to remove my cloths with same I said sorry aunty but she refuse and again repeated by saying I will inform to your parents if not. By shame on face I removed the clothes.

By seeing my cock she said because of this cock you started to masturbate on your cock let’s give punishments to this and also asked are u virgin I nodded my head then she started to remove her saree I was waiting for that moment I suddenly and forcefully hugged her tightly she pushed me back and said hey you virgin unexercised idiot stop until I remove my clothes

Somehow I got courage and held her hair tightly you bitch aunty I saw you in video how you have reacted I know your eager of sex by saying that all of suddenly I inserted the finger inside her pussy even I not waited to remove her petticoat she replied in angrily you mother fucker how you known to insert finger to pussy you looks like innocent you are tiger with cow face by hear that I started to finger her pussy like anything she stared to enjoy with very loud morns.

Mean time I was pressing her boobs hardly by one hand when she opened it was like red hot due to my pressing then I passed on bed she said what happened why you stopped punishment to your aunty even I liked it she said by hearing that I said if I want to fuck I want to know how much you love me so she asked what shall I want to do to show how much I love for sex .

I was waiting for that moment I brought paint brush with paint and put oil to the holder and told her to put inside but she felt coward so I forcefully inserted in to her pussy she masturbate crying in pain plsss vishalllll llll then told her to write to fucker me on paper she stared writing in pain of ahhh ahhh plsss stop due to her pain and begging sound is so sexy that even cuckold couple will get excited I think .

Something more has happened and also with shoba part 2. I am new here. If any mistakes in my story please forgive me. And also don’t forget to give feed back to me on [email protected]

Your feedback helps me to write next part of the story

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