How I Set Up A Drip Irrigation System For Nalini

I glanced at Nalini’s phone and saw a page loading but on the top of that page, it read ‘Discounted eBikinis’. I guess she was planning on buying one but it never occurred to me that she would be the person to buy one let alone wear one. I let it pass since I had a meeting and had to get to a meeting room.

A few weeks later, as I was talking to her, Nalini showed me some snaps of her kitchen garden. There were some tomatoes, cucumbers and green chillies. We got talking about work and how she has to rush home to water the plants.

As we spoke, I noticed her pulling the back of her churidhar top. and thats when I figured out that her was wearing a low cut top and that it kept revealing her breasts ever so slightly. I moved forward and pretended to look at her phone closely while still trying to get a look at her cleavage. Nalini had amply large breasts that stuck out from any top she wore and she had a nice curvy bottom.After looking at her phone, I asked her if it would help if she could set up a drip irrigation system at home so she didnt have to beat the evening traffic to get home and water her plants.

‘Can that be done?’


‘But you would need a lot of things and it is complicated right?’

‘You need pipes and a few few other stuff but I can do it’

‘Oh you can? Could you help me set one up? It would help me a lot?’

‘Sure, I’ll give you a list of things to buy from a hardware store. When do you want it done?’

‘How about this Saturday?’

So, on the weekend I landed up at Nalini’s place. Her husband opened the door, and introduced himself briefly. His name was Ashok and said he had to get to work and was almost about to leave and that we would get better acquainted later on. Nalini came to the front door and smiled. She waved as Ashok left and invited me in.

‘Did you have breakfast?’

‘I did’

‘Are you sure? It’s ok to have breakfast here too’

‘Nalini, I did have breakfast although a light one’

‘How long do you think it’s going to take to set up this irrigation thing?’

‘Nalini, it’s called a drip irrigation system and it may take upto half a day. Whats up?’

‘In that case, please stay and have lunch’

‘I sure will’

Nalini then showed me the pipes and clamps that she had brought for the drip irrigation system. I looked at them and told her that I’ll get to work. She then led me to her kitchen garden, and it was heavenly. It had a small lawn that was open to the sky and around the lawn were flowers and vegetables. It was amazing. I noticed that the lawn had trees that were quite high so it provided some privacy.

I got the pipes, set them in the lawn and started taking measurements. Some of the pipes were big and it needed to be cut and so I got to work after setting the pipes. As I was counting the clamps and screws, I noticed that there weren’t enough screws. After a while, Nalini told me breakfast was ready and I went into the dining room.

In the comfort of everyone’s house they tend to wear clothes that they are comfortable with. Nalini was no different. As she led me to the dining room, I could see an orange bra and very faint panty lines. Things like these arouse me quickly enough and I could feel my cock grow slightly.

Over breakfast I told Nalini about the missing screws and she said I could check in Ashok’s tool box and if I couldn’t find enough she would go out and get some more. Breakfast was a light affair but we talked a lot. We never did that in the office but at Nalini’s house it was like two old friends who met after decades.

After breakfast, as Nalini cleared the plates, I asked where Ashok’s tool box was and she said it was in one of the cupboards in the bedroom.

She pointed to the bedroom and after washing up I went through the cupboards one by one. Some had Ashok’s clothes, some had Nalini’s clothes, and some had Nalini’s and Ashok’s photos. I went through the other cupboards to find the tool box and as I went searching, I accidentally opened a drawer that shocked me.

In this drawer were dildos, condoms, neatly stacked piles of thongs, some hot pants, white vests and skimpy panty and bra sets, bikinis, some contraceptive pills, some see through dresses and so on. I closed it and moved on to other cupboards and found a small toolbox with some nails in it.

I took it to the lawn and told Nalini that there arent any screws in it and that she may have to go get some.

Nalini quickly dressed up and was out of the house to get the screws. This was an opportunity and I went back to the bedroom and tried opening the earlier drawer but this time it was locked. I looked around for a key but couldn’t find anything. Because it was open earlier and now it was locked, I think Nalini locked it before going out.

Soon, Nalini returned with the screws and I got to work in the lawn. After some time Nalini came over with some lemon juice. I stopped work, sat down and drank it slowly while chatting with Nalini.

‘Hows the lemon juice?’

‘It’s very good, but very lemony for my taste’

Nalini pointed to a place in the lawn and said that the lemons were from that tree. And we continued chatting. I sensed the conversation moving from casual at a slightly more serious tone.

‘Want to play truth or dare?’. I said ok and Nalini asked the first question.

‘Truth, did you go through my cupboard earlier?’

‘Which cupboard, Nalini?’

‘Dont you know which cupboard I’m talking about?’

‘Nalini, it was a mistake. I was looking for Ashok’s toolbox and I accidentally opened it. I shouldnt have done it and I shouldnt have looked in it, but I did and I am sorry’

‘Thats ok. Now it’s your turn’

‘Truth’, I said quickly. ‘Do you drink?’

‘Yes, I do. My favorites are whisky and beer. What about you?’

‘I drink too. I’m more of a beer person’

‘Ok, now my turn. Truth, Are you a virgin?’

‘No, I’m not. I’ve had sex before’

‘Truth, Are you a virgin?’

Nalini was taken aback slightly but she answered: ‘No, I’m not’ That was a teasing question. With all the things I saw in the cupboard, how would she be a virgin?

‘Truth: Whats the size of your cock?’

‘Do you want me to show you?’

‘Dare: Show me your cock’

I didnt think Nalini would have dared me but she did. ‘Are you sure?’, I asked.

‘Yes, show me your cock or are you backing out of the dare?’

I got up, put the juice glass on the table, slowly pulled down my tracks and then my trunks. My cock popped out because it was horny from all the conversation and it pointed straight at Nalini. Nalini smiled. I could see her eyes fixed on it.

She scanned the full length of my cock and my balls too. I have a habit of shaving my pubic hair and I think that made it a bit more attractive. I snapped my fingers to get Nalini’s attention: ‘Truth, hows my cock?’

‘What? I’m not going to describe it.’

‘Why not? Are you backing out of the question?’ Nalini sighed, looked at my cock once again and said its thick and big. ‘And thats all I’m going to say about it’

‘Dare, take off all your clothes’

I was shocked. ‘Are you asking me to get naked? I cant do that here, its near the lawn and the neighbours will see me’

‘Yes, thats what you will be when you take off all your clothes, right? And dont worry about the neighbours, this lawn cannot be seen from anywhere’

I slowly took off my tshirt, and took off my tracks and underwear and there I stood, naked before Nalini. I couldnt imagine in my wildest dreams that we would be having this conversation and that this is how my day would go.

‘Dare, touch and rub my cock’

‘No way. I cant do that. I’m a married woman and I will only be with my husband’

‘And yet, here I am naked before you with you not turning your gaze away from me. So I’m not sure if this whole thing about being with only your husband is right.’ I repeated again, ‘Dare, touch and rub my cock’

Nalini was reluctant. So I moved close to her with my cock pointing straight at her face. She looked at me, and I pointed at my cock. Nalini put the juice glass on the table, touched my cock at first and then slowly started rubbing it, moving her hand back and forth. Her hands were amazing, the slow back and forth rhythm was making me feel good. Nalini did this for a good 5 minutes or so and then stopped.

She kept looking at me and then said, ‘Dare, kiss me’. I did not hesitate, I pulled her up from her seat and pressed my open lips against hers. She responded by pushing her tongue out and we kissed.

As I kissed her, I ran my hands all around her. Nalini’s hands were catching up with mine as if to stop me. This was an opportunity that I wouldnt let go. I brushed my hands against her ass, her thighs, her stomach and her back. We pulled apart for a minute to catch our breath and as I moved forward to kiss her, Nalini jumped on me.


‘Kiss me’. And I went in harder and rambled my tongue in her mouth. My cock was rubbing against her clothes and it felt really good. We stopped kissing and Nalini got off of me. She slowly sat down, picked up her juice glass and continued sipping it.

‘Dare’, I said. ‘Take off your clothes so I can see you naked’

Nalini nodded her head. ‘No, I back out from that dare. No way are you going to see me naked’.

I smiled, put my clothes back on and told Nalini I would continue setting up the drip irrigation system. Nalini went to finish working on lunch but I had a feeling she would be back. After some time, I saw Nalini loitering around the yard. I looked up and asked her what the matter was.

‘Why do you want to see me naked?’

‘For the same reason you wanted to see me naked. By the way, why did you want to see me naked?’

‘Look, I just wanted to see how you look.’

‘I get that, but my question is why?’

‘I just wanted…’, Nalini repeated and then slowly sighed. ‘It’s been some time since I’ve been, you know, intimate, no I mean, close to someone’

‘Nalini, Basically you’re saying that you haven’t had sex in a while and that you wanted to see how far we would go’

‘Yes, I just thought like that…’

‘And then why did you stop when I asked you to take off your clothes?’

‘It didnt feel right. I felt strange and somehow it doesn’t seem so wrong and bad now’.

That was my cue; I walked over to her from the lawn and slowly curled her hair behind her ears. I looked into her eyes and pushed her back to seat her on the sofa. I once again took off all my clothes, rubbed my cock, leaned over to whisper in Nalini’s ears, ‘I think we can work something out. Suck my cock’.

I heard her swallow and then I slowly pushed her head closer to my cock. As her face approached my cock, her mouth naturally opened and Nalini licked the tip of my cock. I pushed her head even harder and soon Nalini was taking a good length of my cock in her mouth. It was going smoothly with Nalini’s saliva making the job easier and after some time, I didnt have to do any work.

This went on for some time and I enjoyed every bit of it to the core. Soon I could feel Nalini’s hands feeling me around. I stopped her, pushed her back into the sofa and looked down at her waist and her pussy and then I looked back up at her.

Nalini knew what I wanted and lifted her top and untied her churidhar bottom. I pulled it off to see a clean shaven pussy. She wasnt wearing any panties which made me realise that perhaps Nalini had sex on her mind from the time she invited me home. I knelt down and eased my face close to her pussy.

I stretched out my tongue and started licking the outside of Nalini’s pussy and then moved closer and closer till I was finally kissing and sucking her pussy full on. Nalini’s breath was getting heavier and heavier which indicated that she liked what she was experiencing.

Nalini adjusted herself on the sofa to take her top off and as she was about to unhook her bra, I stopped her. ‘Thats something I want to do’, I said.

I stood up, reached out to her back, unhooked her bra and took it off. I saw Nalini’s breasts for the first time and they were big.

I bent over, put my mouth over one of her breasts and sucked and licked it. Nalini was pressing against my head this time and I moved between both her breasts. In between, I took my index finger and middle finger and pushed into her pussy and kept working it till we were getting dangerously close to a climax. And then I stopped.

Nalini looked up at me. ‘Why did you stop? I was just getting there’

‘Getting where?’

‘You know where. Go back to doing what you were doing’

‘I have a better idea’. And I pulled her close, spread her legs and push my cock hard against her pussy. Nalini was right. It was quite some time since she last had sex. Her pussy was tight.

Nalini bent forward, spat into her hands and rubbed her pussy. I could slowly ease my way in and in a few minutes, I was fucking Nalini.

Nalini’s legs dangled in the air as my cock went in and out and my balls slapped her ass. I looked into Nalini’s eyes and asked, ‘Are you ok?’.

In between moans, Nalini said yes.

After a few minutes, Nalini pushed me and my cock completely came out of her pussy. Nalini got up, held my hands and we went into her bedroom, There she pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me.

Nalini smiled, reached for my cock and slowly pushed it into her pussy. Nalini licked her lips as my cock went in and out of her pussy. ‘Faster, go faster’, Nalini said in a hoarse voice. I didnt hesitate as I pushed in and out faster and faster. Nalini bent over and pushed her breasts close to my mouth. It was an invitation I did not pass away. I reached out with my tongue and licked her breasts.

After a while of Nalini being on top of me, I slowly pushed her to the side and got on top of her.

‘No, not here. Not on the bed’, Nalini said.

‘Then where do you want it?’ Tell me’.

Nalini got off the bed, and once again led me out the bedroom and into the dining room. There she bent over the dining table and said, ‘Here. I want it here’, pointing to her back.

She wanted it doggy style. I went close to Nalini, pushed her legs apart and pushed my cock in. This time Nalini reacted.’ Oh… oh … oh… Its big, go slowly, please’. I went slow at first and once Nalini was comfortable, I increased my speed and went in and out of her pussy like I did on the sofa and the bed.

‘Where do you want me to cum?’, I asked in between thrusts.

‘Oh my god, you’re not wearing a condom. Please stop.’ And saying this Nalini pushed me back and went into her bedroom. Soon she returned with a condom.

‘Put this on and cum in my pussy’. Just as Nalini was about to tear the condom pack, I stopped her. ‘I want to cum in your mouth so you can taste it. I’ll pull out my cock when its time and you can then suck me.’

‘In my mouth?’

‘Yes, in your mouth. I want it that way. I hope you dont mind. Besides why let the presence of rubber spoil the fun we’re having now.’

Nalini was reluctant at first, but she agreed later on. I pushed my cock in deeper and deeper with each thrust and Nalini moaned harder and harder with thrust. It seemed like we would climax together but that was not to be. Nalini’s body began to shiver and slowly she was enjoying me and my cock.

At one point Nalini stopped being responsive and I knew she had climaxed fully. But I kept going, and shortly after I pulled out my cock. Almost instantly Nalini knelt down and started sucking my cock. It felt good and I came soon enough. Nalini kept licking and sucking and I didnt realise how good she was at it till she stopped: there wasnt a hint of cum on my cock. It was clean and Nalini laughed at me when she saw my expression.

I picked Nalini up. ‘What do you want to do next?’. Nalini looked down at my limp cock and said that we should have lunch and before that she needed a bath. I needed one too and soon we were giving each other a warm bath.

Lunch followed and we talked about sex, how often and how she uses her sex toys and what we should do in the coming weeks and months. By the end of the day, Nalini had a drip irrigation system ready. I had some satisfying sex and was looking forward to more.

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