How It All Started With Vandana Bhabhi

Hy guys my name is harry, fake name of course but the story is real.Let me start by introducing myself I am a south Indian by birth, tan complexion, with a height of 5’11 age 20. Now I am staying in surat India anyone interested can contact me onInstagram id “Harrystylshorny”My email id [email protected]

Now let me start my experience,let’s start this with a flashback it all started when I was in 11th stand I used to be a really horny guy and I used to have a lot of friends so once I went to a society to play cricket and saw a hot bhabhi and her husband they were coming back from vegetable market I was staring at her shape .It was actually my vacations.After seeing her I stated continuously going to their society for playing cricket and whenever I used to see her I used to stare at her this continued for a month.

After that 12 started and my visits to that society gradually decrease but whenever I used to go if I saw her I used to stare at her then after 3 years when I was in 2 year engineering it all started one of my friends messaged me on messenger and asked me to do u like any girl or women in my society then I said no then he said forget about girls what about any bhabhi’s I asked him y are u asking this did any bhabhi asked about me in fun and he said yes then I asked who is it he told that he promised her that he will not reveal her name I said ok then he asked me to come to his society on Sunday but I told I have to go to temple so I can only come after 2 o’clock he said it’s ok and he ask for my number so I shared it with him .

As Sunday came I was really excited but had to go to temple with mom and I became late it was 3 o’clock then suddenly my phone started ringing it was my friend Abhishek he was asking me what the hell are you I told that I will be a little late so do one thing give my number to her and ask her to call me he said ok then at 3 :10 I got a call I said hello and it was a female voice on the other side then the conversation started and I asked her name it was Vandana then I asked how did you come to know that I like you then she told how can I not know u used to stare at me a lot forgot ? Then I suddenly remembered that bhabhi with an awesome figure then I asked her I used to look at you before 3 years then why didn’t you contacted me then.

Then she started by saying you used to look like a kid back then now u are grown up I was in heaven hearing all this but I controlled my excitement and maintained my cool then I asked how did Abhishek come into the picture then she said he is my neighbour he used to come to my home daily and one day he proposed and I said no he kept on asking so I set him up with a girl was really sex driven in our building then I asked about you to him then I came to know your name and I told him that I like him and I want to talk to him it has been almost a month but he told he could not contact you then I became angry and said are u gonna do it or not and now he made us talk then I came to know the whole story .

After hearing all this I remember my mom and sis is going to a relative’s home so I told mum I am feeling sick and left for home on my bike then I called Vandana bhabhi and asked does she know the so called place she said yes I asked her to reach then in 10 min when I reached there I saw a woman in churidar I recognised it to be her the cloth was not revealing her figure but her face was looking pretty she had light makeup on I parked my bike in parking and called her and said wait there only I will call u guys

I forgot to mention that I live in a flat on the third floor and when I went up there my neighbours door was open and I knew is restore a woman coming into my house it will be trouble so I went to the terrace and checked if anybody was there and nobody was so I called her to get in the lift and come to the terrace at this moment I was scared what if some one so but I was too horny to think then she reached the terrace then I took her to a side where no one can see then I went close to her we started talking in between her sentence I said u are so beautiful and went for her lips and started kissing her it was an amazing feeling while kissing I slowly started feeling her ass then the slowly started hugging me then I started running my hands behind her when my hand reach her neck I held her from back and started inserting my tongue into her mouth it seemed new for her it took her some time for her to adjust then I slowly started running my other hand around her curves and reached her soft medium tits I was rubbing my hands on it I slo3 started pressing it then her nipples got …..

Before sharing the rest of experience I want to know how did u feel about my experience do shareAnd all bhabhi and girls in surat do contact me I will satisfy youInsta id harrystylshornyGmail id [email protected]

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