How my muscular brother took my virginity

The next morning, I woke up feeling rejuvenated and content. I lay in bed for a few minutes, reflecting on the previous night. My mind drifted back to the events of the previous night with my muscular brother, filling me with pleasure.

I got up and took a shower, still feeling tingling throughout my body. Afterwards, I walked to his room and found my brother peacefully sleeping. Quietly, I climbed into the bed and snuggled up close.

I felt comfort and warmth. We stayed like that for a few minutes, cherishing the intimacy and tenderness of the moment. It felt like a connection between us that moment as I traced my fingers along his unaroused manhood.

As I caressed his manhood skin with my hand, I gradually sensed his dick respond, and he was waking up. As he slowly opened his eyes to look at me, I smiled back. “What? You thought I was asleep?” he joked.

He then wrapped his arms around me, greeting me with a warm “Good morning, little sister.” As we embraced, I felt his breath on my neck and cheeks and his body pressed against my soft curves.

His hands explored my waist and then cupped my soft boobs, igniting a growing desire within me. I could sense his arousal as his body responded to mine. At that moment, my arousal intensified, and I yearned for more of him.

Suddenly, my mom’s voice interrupted us from across the room, racing my heart. My face flushed with embarrassment as I quickly moved away and adjusted my clothes. We got up quickly, and I returned to my bedroom.

Trying to act nonchalant, I pretended I had just come out of the bathroom when I saw my mom. I smiled nervously, hoping she hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.

After that incident, we both agreed to be more cautious in the future. We reserved our moments of romance for nighttime when everyone else was asleep.

I knew my brother would come at night to finish what we had started in the morning. Unable to contain my excitement, I indulged in some self-indulgence in the bathroom and experienced a quick climax while thinking about my brother.

Later, I groomed myself by waxing my legs and pussy, ensuring my intimate area was smooth. After getting ready, I wore a seductive nightdress without undergarments. I applied cherry-flavored lip gloss to enhance my appearance.

Excitement filled me as I lay on my bed, eagerly awaiting my brother’s arrival. Soon, I heard his footsteps approaching from the bathroom corridor. I stood up and patiently waited for him to enter my room.

To maintain secrecy, I turned off the lights, ensuring that nobody in the house would suspect his presence in my room. He walked into my bedroom, and in the dim light, our eyes locked. I felt nervous about initiating anything.

He leaned closer and gently planted a kiss on my lips. I closed my eyes and responded with a kiss of my own. Finally, I gathered the courage to break the silence and asked him, “Why did it take you so long?”

He grinned and replied, “I wanted to be certain that I was worth the anticipation.” As he spoke, his hands shifted from my waist to my ample bosom, caring gently. A tingling sensation ran through my nipples as his fingers explored my curves.

He complimented, “Your breasts are absolutely stunning. They’re incredibly soft and flawless.” With a swift motion, I took off my top and guided his face towards my chest, feeling his warm breath against my skin. I removed his shirt and sat on his lap. I felt his manhood harden beneath me.

My hands moved up to his hair, gently holding it as I guided him down to my breasts. I closed my eyes and moaned as his lips found my nipples. His strong, muscular arms wrapped around me as he pulled me closer to him.

His tongue moved languidly around my sensitive nipples, sending a wave of pleasure through my body. I felt his manhood grow even harder as his hands explored my body. I knew I had made the right decision in choosing my brother as my lover.

I was lying on the bed, my legs spread open, and he stared at me with hunger in his eyes. His hands slowly moved up my thighs, and he pulled down my pyjamas, exposing my naked body to him. His lips travelled lower, planting kisses on my stomach before settling between my legs.

He noticed how smooth I was and asked if I had waxed for him. I blushed and admitted that I had prepared myself for this special night.

He opened my clitoris with his fingers and tongue. His tongue lightly caressed the pink flesh. “You’re amazing at this,” I whispered to him. “Go deeper, please,” I begged, my excitement building with each stroke of his tongue.

He removed his shorts, and his dick was already rock hard with visible veins throbbing. His cock was 7″ long and 4″ thick, and even though I felt scared, I craved him inside me. He got closer and lined up his cock at my entrance.

He crawled on top of me, pressing his body against mine and kissed me passionately. I said, “It’s too big for me. It won’t fit.” He chuckled and whispered, “Trust me, I’ll make it fit.”

He slowly inserted his thick head, rubbing my virgin clit while pushing me in. I let out a loud moan and said, “It’s too big for me!” He chuckled and said, “Oh, don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll get used to it!”

I shot him a look and said, “Yeah, I’m sure. Just don’t give me too much too soon, OK?” He kept his head on the entrance and kissed me gently on the lips while he kept pushing. He then paused and asked, “Is this OK?” I nodded and said, “Yes, just go slow.”

I felt a sharp pain, and my pussy tore apart. I couldn’t help but cry as tears streamed down my face. He quickly stopped and asked if I was alright, but I couldn’t answer him. All I could feel was immense pain radiating through my body.

I felt my brother pushing further and further inside me until he was fully inside the deepest part of my pussy. It was too much for me to handle, and I cried in pain. “I’m your little sister, not some slut, so fucking slow down!” I screamed in pain, tears still streaming down my face.

But then I enjoyed it. I felt my brother’s thrusts becoming more powerful as I became aroused. I started to moan and sigh with pleasure, and before I knew it, I was screaming in ecstasy as I reached my climax.

He continued to thrust into me, harder and harder, until I could feel him erupt inside me. His cum was hot, and I could feel every drop as it filled me up. It was an incredible feeling. I couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction as I lay there afterwards.

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