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Hi, guys, this is raj again with my another experience. After my threesome experience, I posted a story and I got so many emails from ladies and gents. Mostly from ladies and specially 2ladies from Chennai a lady named Laxmi name changed. And Geetha name changed they both emailed me for my service. In this story, I’m going to narrate the story between me and Laxmi how I fucked and satisfied to the core.

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Now coming to the story Laxmi is a south Indian lady age 34 with milky skin with huge boobs and ass. She has a silky long hair brown eyes juicy lips a bit plumpy waist. Her body structure is 40-36-40 huge body. We talked about 1day of what all service I will do what she need and blah blah blah blah. Then she called me to her home which is in omr she said her husband is not good in sex and she was craving for sex for a long time. She needs someone to fuck and satisfy. I consoled her and asked about her address details.

Next day morning 10 am I went to her house in omr it was a big apartment. She was so beautiful in blue saree she was showing her deep navel part. Then she took me to her bedroom and sat on the bed facing each other. I took her hand kissed it she smiled at me I can see her nervousness in her eyes. I hugged her and gave some kisses on her neck to turn her on. It worked I kissed her cheeks she has plumpy cheeks and kissed her lips so bad. Then she too started kissing me wildly.

I grabbed her waist and rubbed her there for a minute her skin was so soft. We were kissing she removed my t-shirt and kissed my body everywhere I removed her saree and made her stand while I’m sitting. I’m kissing her navel button and rubbing my face on her chubby navel she was moaning it so good ahhhhhhh hmmmmmmm ohhhhhh hmmmmmm. I was kissing her navel and squeezing her boobs over her blouse. I stood and kissed her cleavage for which she gave a huge moan I licked her huge cleavage inserted my tongue in her cleavage and licked there for a while.

Then I removed her blouse she was wearing a black bra I removed it too and saw her huge boobs hanging I can’t believe my eyes it was so huge. I didn’t even saw this much huge boobs in my fucking life. I cant wait I grabbed one boob started sucking with the full pressure she was moaning so loud hmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk suck it slowly ohhhh I was sucking and seeing her face she was moaning and giving sexy expressions like biting her lips, eyes went up, licking her lips and was rubbing my head.

I switched to another boob and started sucking it went red I pinched her nipples nibbled her nipples hard for which she moaned so loud. Then I went behind her and squeezed her boobs kissed her neck. She went mad and was moaning so wild. I grabbed her left boob from behind and gave it to suck she licked her own nipples. She sucked them too she liked it. She pulled me and kissed me on my lips.I removed her petticoat and saw her huge white ass. I pushed her to bed and removed her panty she was totally nude. She asked me to lick her pussy I started teasing her I licked her from toe to thighs she cant control I kissed her navel. Licked her navel from boobs neck and finally kissed her chin, lips. She pushed my head to her pussy and made me lick. I licked her pussy and was rubbing her inner thighs kissing it. She was moaning so loud hmmmmmm aaaahhhhahahahahavmm ohhhhh. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and was licking her clit. I licked her pussy for 2mins she cant hold anymore she cummed with a huge moan and splashed a lot of cum on my mouth. Her pussy filled with her cum I was licking her cum and tasting it her pussy was so tight that I cant even insert my single finger.

Then she felt a lot relaxed now I turned her over and she was facing the ceiling I began to slap her huge ass. Within seconds it began red she was moaning with my each slap. I parted her ass cheeks and kissed, licked her ass. Reached her pussy my nose were poking her asshole my tongue was licking her dripping pussy.

My face were buried inside her ass cheeks she pushed my head deep inside in her ass. Then I stood and removed my pant, panty. I shaved my cock clean it was about 6inches long. She was sitting on the bed and stroking it first she licked it ,kissed my belly. She took my half of the cock inside she sucked me so hard she made me moan she sucked me for 5mins. I took control and deepthroated her mouth. She lied on the bed asking me to fuck her I rubbed her pussy with my cock she took her hand inserted my cock in her pussy. It was so tight she was crying in pain after few strokes pain reduced pleasure increased. She was enjoying and moaning. I bent and kissed her lips. Sucked her boobs too. Fucked her for 5mins in the position and changed the position.

I parted her asscheeks and fucked her from behind in doggy position. Her huge ass jiggled her huge plumpy body jiggled with my each stroke.

After 5mins she cummed and I lied on the bed I asked her suck my cock. She sucked it for 2mins she placed my cock in between her boobs and fucked my cock. I loved it she was moaning and fucking with her boobs. I said I’m going to cum I cummed on her boobs sprayed jets and jets of cum. She came to me kissed my lips.

She went to clean my cum on her boobs she came back after 5mins. My cock became limb she saw it and wanted to suck, I was lying on my back she was on lying on the bed facing her ass towards ceiling. She took my cock it got some cum on it she licked it. Sucked it like a baby, I cant get hard for 5mins of hard sucking and rubbing on her boobs it became hard. Then she came to me she was so weight she placed my cock on her pussy and started riding me her boobs bounced all the way. Started riding me wildly and she lied on me licked my chest scratching my chest. Then she kissed me and was riding my cock. She gave her boobs in my mouth I was sucking it one by one.

Then we switched to 69 positions she was sucking my cock and I was licking her pussy. She cummed on my mouth I licked it. I positioned her and started fucking again and cummed on her navel.

We went to the bathroom to clean ourselves and was kissing under the shower. I fingered her pussy and asshole. She sucked my cock under the shower. She turned her back towards me I entered her pussy from behind fucked her for nearly 20 mins in different positions and cummed on her boobs. Then we went to bed and kissed each other I sucked her boobs because I loved her boobs. Finally, she said she was fully satisfied and thanked me. She also said she going to call me again for another session.

Any unsatisfied women, divorced women, girls, and lonely needed sex please feel free to contact me on [email protected] your secrecy will be maintained.

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