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Hi, friends, this is Shyam. I married a girl named Swathe and this is my sex story. She was working in an MNC company and as an HR. She used to earn money five times of what I earn. And I have a crossdressing hobby during my childhood. I would like my wife to be dominant and feel like her wife. But, I feared a lot to say about my crossdressing hobby. I used to speak to her over phone regularly and understood that she was always dominant and fun loving girl. I thought of saying my crossdressing hobby to her. But I was little hesitant.

I had dreamed of being a bride in my marriage but it was the groom and I was dressed as a groom. I was waiting for the first night in her bedroom. That time I saw her inner wears and tried it by removing my male dresses. She came suddenly and said that I look sexy in her dress. I was shocked and ask sorry to her. She replied there is nothing wrong in male wearing female clothes. I was very happy on seeing her broadminded nature. I said about my crossdressing hobbies and asked her to help me. She wiped off my tears and promised me in helping my crossdressing hobbies.I thought of living away from my parents as I am able to get privacy with Swathe and then crossdress whenever I wish.She was very friendly and helping me in many aspects.

She had a friend named Chitra who owned a beauty parlor. Swathe took me to Chitra’s beauty parlor and made me remove my body hairs and manicure, pedicure and attached a long wig and my physical appearance becomes as women. Then she gave me some female dress to wear. She took me to shopping mall and purchased some bras, panties, sarees, petticoats and nighties. She told me to wear only sarees, as I looked very homely and western outfits won’t be suitable for me. She herself ordered a breast form online and paid money for it. She asked me to wear breast form and measured my body-size and stitched blouses for me. She told me to wear dresses whenever possible. I used to wear female dresses as soon as I come from office but there may be some visitors to our house. So, as soon as I hear the ring I go to the bathroom and change into my male dress. It was very difficult for me to change my costumes again and again. I asked help to Swathe. She said she will soon find a solution for my problem.

Swathe came back from office with a sweet. She came with a good news that she got promoted to a higher post in her company. But my position was a mere opposite to her. I lost my job completely and I was crying badly.She wiped off my tears and said that she loved me very much and she will take care of my expenses and asked me to remain at home and do the household works. If I wish I could keep servant as an assistant for completing the household works. But it will be difficult for keeping a servant and it will be humiliating for a male to learn from a female servant. So, she used to teach me the household works and I learned it from her quickly. Suddenly she came with a surprise and said that we both are going for an official tour and told me to get ready in the female avatar as both the tickets for named as Swathe and Seema. I asked who is Seema, she said it is you in a female avatar. I blushed and said thanks for calling me as Seema. It is a very nice name.

I went to the bathroom and removed all my body hairs and applied makeup, foundation and wear wig and breast forms and then put bra, panties, petticoat, blouse, and saree. The bra was white color, panty was violet, the blouse was yellow with a white border with yellow petticoat. The saree was a yellow colored semi-transparent with some flower like designs at its end. She said I was looking amazing and she asked me something was missing. Then she tied mangalsutra around my neck and put a bindi on my forehead and added some nose ring, earring, bangles, and ring in hand with some toe-ring also. I was looking like a complete homely housewife. She dressed in red tops and blue jeans without any jewels. We were about to leave to Coimbatore on the train from Chennai central…

Then we entered railway station and got on the train. The men in our compartment stared at me and I was blushing. I thought that am I looking so much beautiful ah?. We entered a room in Coimbatore and book in the name of two women Swathe and Seema. Suddenly my wife closed the room door and took an artificial dildo from her bag and attached near her vagina. Then he asked me for fucking. I was not interested but she pushed me on the bed and jumped over me like a lion falling on deer. I was very happy on seeing her dominating nature. So, I let her fuck me in the ass with her dildo. I felt very tired and slept. When I got up I was a housewife who had sex with her husband on the first night.Both of us enjoyed.

I was completely dominated and teased at every chance by Swathe. After a couple of days, swathe told me that, I was looking like a village girl in terms of dressing and makeup. She took me to the parlour and my eyebrows were arched sharper. I got my eyelashes lengthened. Lips were painted more nicely. After the application of few creams I looked like city women. She was impressed with my look and gifted me some jewels. Then she helped in growing my hair long and I threw wig. I stayed in saree always dressed up like a housewife. I was introduced as a girlfriend to Swathe and our husbands were working abroad.

I did all the household works and learned knitting, stitching, and painting.I soon become popular among people in our area. I became queen of hearts for many boys. Swathe used to fuck me using dildo and she taught me to suck and lick it. I never got a chance to fuck her female parts but I was always fucked like a girl.One day Swathe came home very late and told that she is going to marry a male who dominated her in sex and going to divorce me. I got shocked and asked what mistake I did. She said that you are well behaved as a housewife and every man would love to have a wife like you. She said she will marry a nice guy to me and then only she will get married. She told that by now you are trained to satisfy a man completely. She also promised that she deposited money into bank account in my name.

She arranged the marriage of me with Mr.Shanthanoo and we got married but she did not attend the marriage. I was dressed up as a bride in orange silk saree and makeup and Shanthanoo tied mangalsutra on my neck and then kept bindi on my forehead and everything a groom does for a bride. When we reached home I realized it was Swathe who dressed up as a Shanthanoo and married me. Then only she said me that once I said I want to be a bride. To satisfy my dream she did this trick. She asked me whether can I remain as a housewife. I agreed and become her housewife and she was my husband. Moreover, we adopted a child from an orphanage and she was the father and I was the mother. It is a lovely feeling to be called as a mother and wife. This is my sex story.The end…………………..

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