I Became A Slave To My Master

Hello ISS readers. I have always enjoyed going through the stories, published here and I wish to present my experience too, that happened during my school days. Hope you will like it and give your comments.

I was studying in 12th std., in a govt. Boys’ school, and a topper in the class. I was popular among my classmates and my class teacher used to like me a lot. I was 5 ft. 3 inches tall, very fair in complexion, with round face, rosy lips and twinkling eyes. I was m edium-built in stature, slightly on the stouter side, feminine gaits, silky chest, fleshy boobs and pink nipples, projecting through the fabric.

My friends would tease me by pinching my nipples and saying if I were to be a girl(the role I used tp don in dramas during the school day celebrations), they would have literally man-handled me! I would blush and run away from them. My class teacher used to like me a lot due to my academics,helping and volunteering. nature with ever-smiling face. The lessons went on well and the school was closed for summer vacation after the examns. Like the previous years, I topped the list that year also, that overwhelmed all including my teacher.

Being a P.T. master also in addition to the Class teacher’s duties, he encouraged us in participation of sport activities during the school days. My teacher, Mr.Raj, aged 26,a bachelor,was 5 ft. 7″ tall, well-built, with strong broad shoulders and muscular arms, sparsely haired chest and legs. Though not very fair, he had a charming face and pleasing manners. With his encouragements, we participated in all the field & track games, bringing laurels to the school. He was well-trained in other games like chess, carroms and swimming in which I was also interested. It was during that summer vacation, he arranged for a two weeks’ coaching classes in swimming with the permission of the Board and the school authorities. I was the first to register among the 25 participants.

After the preliminiary introductory theory classes, for two days, we were taken to the swimming pool of the local club for practice. All of us were asked to be in briefs only, and him in half pants revealing the contours of his hips, thighs and crotch., everyone was ready while I felt shy to bare my chest, reminded of my friends’ earlier comments. Mr.Raj started the lessons calling us in alphabetical order and when my turn came, he frowned at me for not obeying his instructions.

Reluctantly, I removed my shirt and lowered my eyes in shy. he asked me to get into the pool with inflated tube under the arms and start balancing & flipping my hands sideways, to feel the water. I shivered and my boobs moved up and down with nipples getting harder, making me feel very shy. He did not show any reaction, but continued to instruct us to move in water in various directions. Next lesson was to make us lie flat on his hands and flip legs and hands like fish.

Again, my turn came and he asked me to move near him so that he can lift me in his hands as he did to my friends. He placed his right hand and palm under my armpits and the left hand below my hips to make me lie flat on the water surface. Once I flipped my hands and legs as directed by him, but I felt his right palm was tickling me, thus losing my balance. He sort of shouted at me saying that I better be a good student in this also, but apologised when I told him the reason.

He shifted his arms’ position to my chest, running his arms over my boobs and nipples, holding me very near to his thighs for better grip. I kept quiet for the fear of being daunted, though it tickled me more and making me slightly horny(My earlier encounter with my classmate had roused me at the slightest touch of my nipples). At the same time, I felt something hard was brushing against me. Somehow, I finished the day’s lesson to his satisfaction and was thinking about him.

After a couple of days, I overcame the inhibition and my progress impressed him a lot. He told others how I am setting example for others though very shaky in the beginning. The turn of events came in the second week, when I had learnt whatever lessons he had taught earlier and wished for more practice if he allowed me after the regular one. He was too happy at my desire and told in general that anyone who wanted extra time could stay back.

Next day only me and my friend stayed for it and had the extra time. My friend excused himself and left me and my master to wrap up for the day. I. helped him replace all the materials back in the store before leaving. He asked me to clean myself off the pool water(being chlorinated), while he would have shower. I did so with a wet towel and was getting ready to leave.

Suddenly I heard him asking me for a towel, that he forgot to take. I took the towel and handed it to him with only my pants on, but topless. He half-opened the door and catch the towel. But slipped and fell on the wet floor before he could take it and saying sorry, I bent down to pick up the towel. The door opened further and I was taken aback to find him wet and stark naked. My eyes ran over his bare chest with firm boobs and dark nipples, flat abdomen and fairly long and thick tool(7″) with rose mushroom shaped bulb. amidst the bush of pubic hair. It was the first time that I saw a man’s cock & that made me gasp. I did not know for how long I watching him, but his shouts brought me to senses. He realised my feelngs and asked me not to feel guilty.

I blushed and mumbled sorry and started moving away. Little I knew that it was his plan to entice me. He caught me by my hand and asked me if I wanted to see him fully. This shocked me, but encouraged by him, I said, “Yes,sir”. He asked me to bolt the front door and enter the cubicle. I did so and was amazed to see his strong body, with his dick slowly getting harder. He told me further that he always had a crush for me ad wanted to feel me more ever since he felt my soft fleshy boobs in his arms during the lesson. This flabbergasted me and I softly told him that how his semihard tool would brush against my abs and hip, making me horny at the same time.

This frankness appealed to him and he pulled me closer, started kissing me on my rosy lips, while his palms ran through my body. I gasped and held him tight. He made me nude and our bodies rubbed against each other. “What lovely features you have like a beautiful girl”, he exclaimed and ran his fingers over the spone-like boobs, cupping them and pinching the nipples. This roused me and my boner started responding to his touch. He lowered his face to my chest, caught the riipple between his lips and began suckiing slowly increasing the speed. I felt a deep sense of pleasure running through my body resulting in uncontrollable shivering. He alternated between the nipples for more than 15 mins. making me feel high.

He pulled my palm to his stiff cock and when I held to tease the bulb, he left out a cry of of pleasure. Our dicks had sword-fighting for few minutes, before, he gulped mine and sucked it passionately. He remarked that my tool was quite big for my age and I told him that it was my proud possession. I wiped him dry and pulled him out of the cubicle, asking him to lie on the floor. He spread a mat and lay on the floor and asked what I was going to do. I told him to watch for himself and lay on him with my tool near his mouth. “Let’s do parellellogram, sir”, I said ( none of us knew of 69 position then!) and gave him a nice blow-job.

He also enjoyed treating me with his nice sucking exercise, kneading my ass-cheeks intermittently. After about 20 mins., I told him that I had reached the cresendo and would cum soon. He sad, “Ok, dear, let me taste it” and took the full load in spurts and drank commenting that it was nice and sweet!. He took longer time to reach the peak and when he wanted to take his his tool out, I said that I would return the favour.

This pleased him a lot and off loaded his man-juice, copious and thicker in nature. Both of us were on cloud nine and thanked each other. After clean-up, he kissed me and sucked my boobs again in abandoned gay. I thanked him for the favour but his reply was, ” It was pleasure, dear.. You’ve fulfilled my desire and you’re welcome anytime, ok?”, winking and twinkle his eyes. Needless to say that we had more such exciting sessions, before the summer vacation ended..

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