I Finally Seduced My Beautiful Chachi

Hello lovely people I am an ardent fan of ISS. I have been reading the stories from class 10. I have finished my graduation and currently running a startup.

I always wanted to have the thrill of experiencing vivid sexual pleasures like the writers of ISS but never had a chance. Although I fucked a lot of girls in my college and tuitions, it wasn’t that interesting to write a story about it. I always wanted to have a wild, weird sexual experience. I tried to seduce my teacher, didn’t work. My maid, didn’t work. I was a little scared. The thing was I didn’t really liked them so didn’t give my full effort.

I am proud that I could do something finally worth writing for. It’s about me and my gorgeously hot chachi.

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So the story begins like.

One fine day I hear my uncle is getting married. I saw the photo of the girl and remained jaw dropped. She was only 20 years old while my uncle was 34. He was also well built and owned his own consultancy as he was an advocate. I got a chance to see my chachi in the reception and was dumbstruck again. She was wearing a red saree tied below her navel. My dirty mind started deceiving me. I controlled myself but had to give off. I decided not to give a fuck and started exploring. Till now I was only attracted to her face. I slowly started scanning her from head to toe. She had a figure like sonam kapoor, lean structure, tight as, fair skin, juicy defined lips.

At one point she noticed me starting at her lovely belly, navel. She gave a strange look and I walked out. I had to cover my pants as my hard on was totally visible. I walked in to the washroom, removed my pants, pulled out my dick and started masturbating. I picked a handwash soap was lubrication. After around 5 minutes I sprayed my sperm all over the sink and the mirror.

Later I decided if there was someone I wanted to fuck it was my chachi and also decided not to fuck any girl unless I tasted my chachi’s sweet pussy.

I changed my route to office and stated traveling via my uncle’s place. I used to stop by only to have a glimpse of her. I would sometimes spend a lot of time with her chatting about movies, serials, tourist places. I slowly started impressing her for my personality and started giving hints that I like her. I used to tell her that I would marry a girl who looked like her, thought like her. She was happy with my presence. I would deliberately spill tea on the floor. She would bend over to clean it and I used to enjoy the clear sight of her boobs.

One Sunday while watching tv came a kissing scene. The remote was in my hand. I gathered some courage and didn’t change the channel. It was a English movie and the kissing scene lasted for 3 minutes. I noticed she wasn’t shy and was easily watching the scene with me. This incident was the first step of my journey towards the center of her legs. After the scene we kept quiet and didn’t utter a word for another 5 minutes. She also had this habit of peeking into my phones gallery, watch WhatsApp images and funny videos. One day I had deliberately saved a porn video and let her access my phone and pretended being busy with TV.

She opened the video and soon closed it. She walked off. Later she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said no. She didn’t believe it and giggled. I kept thinking of more ideas to go closer to her, physically. One day I carried my iPad which had new movies in it. It was on this day that we sat close to each other sharing a earphones. My mind played a trick and I switched to conjuring movie. She was a sensitive girl. For every horror scene she got terrified and would lean tight on me. I occasionally brushed my hands on her boobs. God! I felt a current of 440volts down my spine. My dick got hard and was tearing my pants. I didn’t hide my crotch though.

All these while I had already thought of my master plan and was only waiting for right time. Then came a day when my uncle had to go to mumbai for a case for 4 days.Now was time to execute my plan. It was rainy season as well. While heading to office I decided to stop by my uncle’s home. I was already drenched in rain. I saw my chachi wearing a nighty. I noticed no bra straps. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

She fetched a towel and started scolding me and drying my head. She was angry as i didn’t stop somewhere while it rained. She rubbed my head with towel and I kept staring at her bouncing boobs. I badly wanted to tear her dress, kiss her deep, suck her boobs like a baby, remove my pants and fuck her like a mad dog. But I controlled myself thinking of the consequences if I forced on her. The chances were 50-50. But I wanted to take no risk. So the time came to execute my plan. I told her to get me a coffee and went to use the toilet. I couldn’t control myself and masturbated once.

Now took a blade from my pocket, and carefully made a small cut, delicately(please don’t try this). There was no blood so I kept stroking and rubbing my dick until there was enough blood. Now I shouted very loudly. I screamed like hell. She came running to the toilet I opened the door and ran towards the bed, lied down, removed my pants and started screaming(requires lot of guts). I yelled I had accidentally struck my dick in the zip and it was paining. She was terrified. I told her to relax and get some cotton and dettol. She brought them. All this while she wasn’t looking at me at all. I started shouting again. I successfully manipulated her and she touched my dick.That moment was a priceless one. I can still remember her trembled face and shivering hands.

I got goosebumps on my body. She too could feel the same. She gently started wiping the blood from cotton. And my dick started growing in size. I pretended like I was embarrassed about the incident and told her the same. She was relaxed by now and told me there was nothing to worry. Shit happens!

When she fetched the dettol bottle I screamed it would burn and told her to apply oil instead. She was like “what the fuck man”. I told her oil would heal it faster and would irritate the skin. She agreed. My dick had grown to fullest of its size, about 6 inch. I said sorry that my dick was erecting and that I couldn’t control. She gently applied few drops of oil on the cut. Next I don’t know what happened to her, she took handful of oil in her palm dropped it on the tip of my dick until it started dripping and started jerking my dick. What the fuck! I thought to myself. I couldn’t believe it. I rubbed my eyes, pinched my hand. And she really was jerking my dick.

It was my turn to get terrified. I hands trembled. I started sweating. She asked me if it was burning now. I said a little. Ok the pain will vanish she said and stated rubbing my dick again. This time it was very sensual and slow. She kept staring into my eyes. I had lost all my guts and couldn’t look back. I decided to let her do what she wanted. Then she told me to remove my shirt as it was also wet. I didn’t take me a second, removed it in rocket speed and threw it off. My confidence and courage was back. I smiled at her and got one wink in return. I could feel 2 hands on my dick now.

I pulled her closer to me and kissed her. I counted all her teeth with my tongue. It was very passionate, one of the best kiss I had. I could taste the strong coffee and sacked her tongue. We were kissing for a long time. We both had out eyes closed and were completely lost.

Then I removed her night and pinched her nipples. I sucked them like baby. She didn’t moan but was enjoying every bit of it. I licked her whole upper body. I told her to suck my dick. But she was reluctant. She had never done that. I didn’t wanted to force and break the rhythm. I was okay with it. I removed her panty with my teeth.

She had a tight pussy, pink in color, a little hair, and wet. I had a nice look for a couple of minutes and smelled it. I was high from the kick of the smell. I slowly licked it. She shivered and pushed me back. It was more of a tickling sensation for her. I laughed and continued. This time even more gentle. I didn’t quite like the taste of her pussy(may be because of the type of food she would have had earlier). I licked it like a dog. Ran back to kitchen(nude), brought a bottle of honey and started dripping it on her pussy. I started liking it. She wasn’t moaning even now. I licked her pussy, fingers, tongue fucked her until she moaned.

This would have pleased her or she too wanted to experience something new so she agreed to give a blowjob. She was an amateur at this but I did enjoy it. Although occasionally she bit me hard. I liked it though. I sprayed my cup in her mouth and she looked up to me in disgust. I told her it was ok to swallow. But she refused and spit it. I had already cummed twice so it took me a while to get my dick erected again. I started liking her pussy and sulking her boobs until I was hard again.

“Every time a person cums, it takes longer time for next session”. This was an advantage for me.

I pulled her towards the end of the bed, split her legs while I knelt on the floor. I inserted my dick in the pussy and started stroking.

She yelled ” aur andar daalo na”.

I said ” arae Lund hai, paani ka pipe ni hai, jitna hai utna hi milega”.

We laughed.

After few minutes I say on a chair and she sat on me. She started jumping on me. We both enjoyed this position. But I love missionary. So gave it a try. I started fucking her in missionary style. I asked her if she knew the name of the position I was fucking her.

She said no.

I said it was Dharam pracharak sthan.

She didn’t get the joke and said “kuch bhi mat bolo”.

I again started fucking her.

I would push my dick deep inside her pussy as to reach to her eggs.

She moaned, cried, laughed, smiled, giggled on every stroke I was giving. It was a sort of her own kick. She was damn high.

Lastly I fucked her in doggy style. She said she would like to swallow my cum. I was very much happy with it. I let her suck my dick and came into her mouth. She swallowed it and starting sucking my dick again.

I told her I love lying naked and playing with boobs. She was also happy to do it. We slept naked in each other’s arms for some time. Later I again started licking her pussy while she was asleep. I just love pussies.

Later she woke up kissed me and dressed up. I too wore my clothes. She made me a coffee. She sat on my laps for a while I drank the coffee and smooched me.

When I was about to leave she appeared to be distressed. I asked her what her problem was. She said she liked her husband and she cheated. I used the same old techniques of mine and manipulated her. I liked her a lot though. She seemed okay. We kissed again and I left.

It’s been more than a year for that incident and we still have an active sex life, more spicy and thrilling each time and I still like her. She has a son now. I call him my own son. But he isn’t.

She has grown a little fat/healthy now. But her pussy tastes like chocolate these days . She is more happy than ever that I had kept all these things as a secret. Never let anything happen to her. This trust of hers is what I needed and admire the most.

So long for now people. Thanks for reading it. I hope you people enjoyed it. Looking forward for your replies.

Will come back after another vivid/worthy experience.

Have a healthy sex life

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