I Fucked My Class Teacher

This incident happened when I was in 12th ( i was 18 at the time )You can tell what you think about the story in the comment section.

Talking about my class teacher Reshmi miss who is also our computer teacher is 48 years old. She has not so bad looks and normal body with some seriously big boobs, I used to fantasize about her every day, she was my sex goddess. It all started 5 months ago when I first saw her boobs when I sneaked into the computer lab when she was alone as I had to finish a project. I saw the beauty hidden under all that clothes as she was putting on her saree properly when I just walked in and I stared at her boobs, she didn’t say anything and told me to get out and don’t tell this to anyone. but that view was so irresistible and I couldn’t get it off my head. Then after some time failing on some exams and stuff like those she started hating me because I failed in her subjects and was irregular in my studies, she called me to the lab to advise me, we sat and started talking then after some time I started to stare at her boobs and she told me to get out. I was so angry and horny at that time so I went to the toilet and jerked myself off.

The hatred continued for some time when till the ultimate day when everything changed in our lives.

It was on 24th August, after school, I went to the computer lab (where 12th teachers sit) to get a mistake corrected in my answer paper, my friends left because they had tuition…

I walked into the lab.. she was alone all other teachers gone.. when I came in she didn’t notice me because she is sitting at the other end,… as I walked near I saw… she was moaning silently… and was touching her boobs I became hard on just by the voice…

as I came near, I saw she had her eyes closed and was pleasuring herself with a big marker pen!!!!

As it had rough top she was running it around her pussy and turning it inside her pussy…I called. Miss!!

she had a great shock and was shivering and sweating and the biggest mistake!!! the marker was STILL INSIDE HER PUSSY!!…I acted as I didn’t see anything… she was constantly looking at me and I was extremely horny and I couldn’t control myself over what happened just now so I pulled out my dick and started rubbing myself at the other end to her (she can’t see anything as the table height and the tablecloth on it)

I then started to stare at those loose hanging boobs whom I always dreamt of.. she saw me staring and didn’t say anything as she was already in shock.. she continued with the paper not knowing what to do.

at this point, I was out of control and started jerking off myself very fast and hard. she saw me going out of control on her she shouted at me to stand up. I was shocked and as I stood up.. she saw my 5-inch dick hanging out completely I was completely mad and out of control started jerking myself in front of her pointing my dick at her and staring at her body.

she stood up and shouted at me…all of a sudden!! the marker which was inside her pussy fell down and I she just stood silently without telling a word…

I knelt and took the marker which of course was covered in her juices!! I rubbed the marker on my dick and the juices on it in front of her.. I understood now she was also really horny.

I just Broke down in front of her and told her all my feelings and everything I had for her and said a good amount of dialogues.. (not to forget she is a mother of two kids.. one studying engineering and the other in 7th)

After all the talking she surrendered in the end.. and we kissed each other very passionately… I was beyond mad!! I took all my clothes away and started with kissing her neck and slowly reaching her boobs, I removed her blouse and everything and the bra and I sucked and kissed and bit and pressed her huge hanging boobs and it was still leaking milk which I rubbed on my dick.

Then I reached for her pussy which was very wet AND LEAKING THE JUICES ALREADY!!! Coz of the marker and sucked and kissed it and she sucked my dick and balls. I came to know she was a very nasty bitch when she was telling me while I was kissing her pussy that what she likes to do with (Sh*t).. very nasty!!

she sucked me dry and as I was hard again I fucked her pussy very hard and deep.. she was so wet and stiff!!..

Then I wanted to fuck her ass but she rejected and told me to fuck her mouth. I obeyed. We had a wonderful Wonderful session at our computer lab (there was nobody to disturb as the children and teachers left.)

After having sex with my hot class teacher for about 2 hours. we finished everything cleaned it up and I left and so did she.. From the next week onwards I have never looked at her face… not because of guilt but because I had exams coming and I wanted good marks so we could have it again somewhere else. She was also very happy with that so was I.. and still we are very happy and had 2 more meetings after that…..

sorry if there are any mistakes in the story as It is my first time writing one.. so. thank you for reading and see you later with another story soon.

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