I Seduced Aunt Or Aunt Seduced Me?

Hi friends..this is kittusharma..I’m a vizagate..I’m sharing my experience here..so if you find it interesting please mail me at [email protected].

I’m from a very decent family. My neighbor aunty is a very good friend of my mom.Both of them share a very good friendship. I used to go to my aunt’s house till my 10th. But after schooling everything got to change.

My aunt is a sex bomb. She is the sexiest lady in saree. I wonder how she maintains her stats. Till date her stats are awesome. Her hip is the most sexiest part.she looks voluptuous. She is the sexiest lady in our area.

I hope I’m a very lucky person cos I happen to see my aunt daily. Our window is right in front of their main door. In my 10th holidays I used to stare at her daily through my window. One day I happened to see her cleavage through my window when she was wiping the floor. I stared at those beautiful melons. I was shell-shocked. But the fact is she caught me staring which I came to know later. Every Friday she used to wipe her floor. I never missed these golden days. In my intermediate I started smiling at her through my window. She also gave a positive response. Later one day my mom asked to give some curry to my aunt. I went to her home.

I went into the kitchen and I found her. I thought to place that curry on the table beside my aunt. I suddenly happened to touch my aunt’s curvaceous hip. She suddenly felt a shock which traveled into my body. I immediately went to my home and felt tensed. I then with hesitation Sat in front of window. She behaved normally. I gave a smile. She too smiled. I used to talk through my window when my mom went out. Her husband is a bus driver he will always be on duty. Whichever dress she puts on that was a feast for me. I used to see her cleavage n hip.

Later in my engineering I used to work out on my terrace she used to come every morning for a walk. We used to chat regularly. We became close and once I asked her how she manages to maintain her shape. She smiled and diverted. one day I bunked my college and went to her home, she was cooking then I was staring her hip. I then out of curiosity asked about how she maintains her shape. She told she don’t know.

Then I touched her hip and told this is fat. she then argued. But I hold her hip from both sides from back and told it was fat. but she was arguing and doing her job. Every day that became a routine for me to touch her hip. one day when she was cooking I went and hugged from back. she was stunned by my act. One day I touched her boobs suddenly she felt shy. Daily I used to hug n touch her boobs. one day when everyone was out I hugged and kissed her. I held her hips she got tempted. I just pressed her navel button she liked it very much. She used to dress daily to show her navel button. One day while caressing her navel I pressed her boobs they were very soft. She suddenly hugged me.

That day in that kitchen I made her sit on the dining table and I just kissed and did everything. I hugged from back and started rubbing her pussy. then I took to her bed room and sucked her boobs like a beast. I started sucking her pussy. she then forced my dick into her pussy we both climaxed and fell on each other. She was like aaaahhh aaaahhh mm aahhhhh… She climaxed and we woke up after some time. then she gave be a juice and some biscuits and i moved. daily I used to. Meet her in the terrace first day I just stumbled talking. She became bold in talking. next day she asked to me to bring a silk chocolate

I brought and the she asked me to open the she touched my dick it became rock hard. I gave a bite to her then her lips became chocolaty. I sucked her lips like hell. Then she got a idea and she asked to keep the chocolate on the pussy. Then she asked me to suck it was thrilling she was like mad for that. she was moaning all the time. Ahhh uhhh she was pushing my head inside….I was sucking till I finished my half chocolate. after that she cummed. She was very satisfied she hugged me. and then I asked her about the remaining chocolate. she kept the chocolate in my dick and started to suck my dick I was like ahhhhh mm.. yaaaa ….. uuu ……. ahhhh …..

I then cummed on her mouth. then we cleaned ourselves and left. One day we ate strawberry ice cream then milkshake and many more..we enjoyed like hell everyday..after some days I asked her to come to vizianagaram to my apartment as I was a engineering student. I brought her to my apartment.

Soon after entering I just pulled her and started pressing her boobs and brought a chocolate.. I just sucked her on her boobs ahhh uhhh ahhhh ahhh uhhh raaa ahhh inka then I kept the chocolate on her pussy and started licking uhhh ahhhh yeahhh sssssa she then sucked my dickk like hell….. I was like ahhh uhhh I pushed inside her throat then she pinched me….

Then I put my dick into her loose pussy and then pushed hard. then we both cummed on each other we both lay beside each other and were discussing about the past. then she told everything that she. Liked my presence and she seduced me. she started exposing her hips n cleavage. I was shell-shocked by her answer.

I again started another round. This time directly I her ass. Doggy style was really amazing. I just hold her hair and pushed into her ass. Next I took her to my kitchen for drinking water. Then also I fucked her in her ass. Holding her boobs.. That day was amazing she cooked in my room for me naked I used to keep my dick always in her ass. We are chicken and ordered biriyani and some ice cream. Later she told me that her husband got doubt and she maintained some distance…

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