I Woke Up The Beast In My Wife – Part 1

Hello friends, this is your Harish with another story again. This is normal cuckold story where husband introduce a guy in his sex life for one night fun which turned their life upside down.

This story is based on common plot which is used in so many stories posted before but I try to give it in interesting way also its little long story so I give in different parts. It’s totally a fiction story and I didn’t copy from any other post its my own writing, if anyone feels that this story is repeat work of other story I am sorry. All your comments are welcome. Please send your comments to [email protected]. Any girls or housewifes from chennai want to contact me can contact through that mail id. I am happy to chat.

Now let get into story….

My name is vishnu. I am 26 years old and working as engineer in manufacturing company.

After completed my studies, I struggled a little to get a steady job and 2 years back I joined in this work. I am average looking guy, I dint have any girl friend in college. I am staying in chennai separately for work and my parents were living in my native.

One day while talking in the phone my mom told me they have seen a girl in my relative marriage both my parents liked her so much, they even talked to her parents. That weekend I went to my native and that saturday we went to girls house to see her formally.

When I reached girl’s house I felt little nervous because its my future life decision, how the girl will be, my mom told she is beautiful but I dint see her yet so everything was running inside my head.

After a while janani came out from kitchen with tea cups in hand. Wow she was stunning beauty, fair in colour and in that saree she looks like goddess.

While giving tea to me she looked into my eyes with a slight smile in her face and I felt love in my life. Love at first sight happened to me (later she told it also happen to her). I delayed a while to take a tea so that she will stand near to me. After hearing some teasing sound from a old lady in that room, I broke my eye contact with janani, took a tea cup and she moved away with shy face.

Then me and janani talked about 10 min about each other. From our talking I came to know that she completed teacher training and working as teacher in nearby school. She got some love proposals while studying but she avoided everything. She also asked about me and my work.

Finally I asked her that she like me or not and she replied yes. I was happy and I took her mobile number to talk. We came down and told my parents my acceptance to the marriage and everyone is happy. After we left her house and next day I left to chennai. After that when ever we both are free we talked in phone for hours, like lovers and both started to understand each other very well.

About janani, she is 24 years old, 2 years younger than me. She hand round face, which have very childish look, cute smile, juicy red lips, slim body, not small not to big but perfect size boobs, well shaped hips and fair and smooth skin. While talking she will give some childish expression in her face which made super cute. From structure wise she makes all man to look after her for second time and every man wish to be her husband or atleast one time with her. She likes to wear saree and chudidar and instantly says no to modern dress.

Our marriage was fixed after 3 months. In that 3 month I visited her around 5 to 6 times. She always avoided me touching her in public place and even I tried to kiss her but she avoided that by telling “everything after marriage”. I was little upset but I liked that. When she was angry she used to scold me like a little girl which is also so cute of her. In total whatever she do she is cute, I am crazy about her and we loved each other a lot.

3 months passed like 3 weeks and my marriage finished in grand manner in my home town. Some of my colleague attended my marriage, I can see lusty eyes, some jealousy eyes, even I felt some stomach burning smell while they come to give the gift, which made me proud. Everyone said I was so lucky to get janani as wife, I felt the same. That night was my first night.

Like in movie, I was sitting in my decorated bedroom, janani came in with milk glass in hand, she was fully decorated. She came in and gave me glass milk. I got the milk from her hand and kept on the table, I stood and looked her from head to toe, she was looking gorgeous in silk saree and gold jewels. Her head was bowing in shy, her perfume smell was killing me completely. I made her sit in bed and I sat near her, still she is looking down in shyness. I lifted her face by holding her chin, her eyes were trembling like fish without water, her face is little pink in colour due to shyness.

After seeing my face she started to smile very difficultly. I was enjoying her shyness. I told her to change something comfortable and she said “ no its ok I like this saree. I remove the jewels alone its too heavy”. For that I replied “hmmm you like this saree, will see how long its stay on your body (with naughty smile.)

She dint say anything but smiled and started to take her jewel. I also helped her, after kept in drawer she came again and sat near me. I took her face in my hands and started to kiss her forehead, then both her eyes, slowly moved to nose, from there to her chin and slowly landed my lips on her lips.

Her eyes were closed, I can sense excitement in her body, her lips also closed, I tried to open it by my tongue but she was resisting. I slowly licked her lips with my tongue till she opens up her lips, after few seconds she finally gave up and opened her lips. I immediately inserted my tongue and was searching her’s in her mouth. Our kiss was going on for a long time and both of us dont want to end. I started to bite her lower lips slightly and she left out a moan …. Ahhhh … That sound was so sexy.

After breaking the kiss, I grabbed her saree at one end and tried to remove it but it was pinned with her blouse. Without any patients I tried to remove it. She gave a light slap on my hand by saying

Janani: dai I am all yours da remove it slowly …. I dont go anywhere

In my mind I was telling to me “ I have already waited for 26 years for this moment. By considering that I am turtle slow”.

Then I slowly removed the pin and removed her saree in one go like villain actor in movies. Wow without saree to cover, her golden globes were pointing me like gun in soldiers hand. I got an immediate hard on by seeing it. Now her navel region also clearly visible to me.

I made her stand before me, placed my face on her navel and started to play with it by kissing, biting, blowing area in her navel hole and for all that she was trembling and holding my head tightly with her navel. After some time I stood up and removed her blouse and petticoat. Now she is only in black bra and panty. She closed her boob area with her both hands in shyness. She was looking smoking hot in that pose. I thought to myself “ I am the luckiest man”.

I removed my shirt and vetti, now I am in my boxer only. Then I removed her hands which is covering her boobs and placed around my neck and hugged her, started to kiss her and at the same time I removed the hooks of her bra and freed her golden mango out. It was stiff and hard and I started to eat it, bit it, pinch it, press it.

All she doing is closed her eyes and letting out strange moans ahhhh …. Shhhh …. Hummaa … She had perfect round boobs with black nipple on the top. Even her boobs itself enough for me to cum, by dick was killing to come out from the boxer so I removed my boxer and took her hand and made it to hold my dick. She didnt remove her hands from my cock and she started to move her hand up and down on my cock. Her soft hands doing its magic on my cock and I was in stage to brust. That’s it I can’t wait anymore, I made her lie on the bed and removed her panty which is already wet, I placed myself in the missionary position.

My cock is average in size 5.5, not much thick also. I dont have any more patience for the further foreplays I need to enter her. Her pussy area is cleanly shaved, I widened her legs apart now I can clearly see her pink color inner sides of her pussy. I have seen it before in porn movies now only seeing in real life that to too close and also its only belongs to me. I placed my cock on the pussy lips which made her shiver and left out some moans shhhh …. Ahhh …

I slowly entered my cock in her pussy, without much difficulty it is entering but she was shouting a little in pain “please da slowly its paining”. I can see little tears on the eyes, so I stopped my further penetrating and went to face and started to kiss her eyes and then her lips.

She opened her mouth and our kiss is now so intense, after sometime I felt that her pain is coming down, so I broke the kiss and started to insert my cock further. I entered my full cock in her pussy, she closed her eyes and shivering. It was a great feeling, my cock felt like dipped in hot volcano, both our breathing were heavy.

I slowly started to move my cock in and out and I could see some blood on her pussy and my cock. In my mind I told myself “truly your wife is virgin and you are lucky idiot”. My blood is rushing through my veins, I increased my pace, she is also started to moan ahhhhh …. Huuumm …. Aaaaaa …. Shhhhh ….. Slow da …… Niceee ….. Continue … Dont stopp ….. Ahhh …. Her voice is so sexier which made me go crazier and I started to hump her so fast. Within a few minutes we both reached our first organism of our marital life. I lied down upon her body and trying to catch our breath.

We both sweated, the running fan is not helping, her hair is messed and she looks like sexy bitch in that pose. I started to kiss her and from her kiss she told me that I am good. Our total fucking game time is 20mins and I am proud of it.

After sometime she got up from the bed, I held her hand for that she told “leave da need to pee”. All her shyness went off, before marriage she never said those words all she say is “wait a min I need to use restroom (while talking to her in phone)” but now she is using “pee” word. I smiled and left her hand go, she started walking nude to attached rest room, not even bother to cover her nude body. While she walking her ass cheeks were swinging left and right which made her more sexier and I can see she is walking slowly and I think it due to pain.

After peeing she returned to bed where I lie and lied down by hugging me. I removed the hairs on face and asked her whether its pain. “yes da little but it’s ok I am happy about it” she replied. We both are happy and its show in each other’s face.

After that I fucked her one more time that night, which lasted little longer than previous one and we both slept after that by hugging each other. Morning she woke me up by holding coffee in her hand, she already took bath, her hair is wet and in simple saree she is looking so beautiful.

I took the coffee from her hand, kept near the table and pulled her by hand towards me and tried to kiss her, but she told me to let her go. I am not in mood to hear what she saying. I was hugging her and started to kiss her neck, her fresh wet hair was smelling great.

Janani: dai … Stopp daaa …. Gooo and take ……

Her words slowed down a to moans, I was kissing her, hugging her, holding her ass cheeks over saree and massaging her everything, she also started to enjoy. After sometime she came back to sense and went away from me.

She ordered me to talk bath and started to move out of room, her ass is dancing, before leaving the door, she stopped and turned towards me, kissed me by standing there and with cute expression told me to go and take bath, then left the room. Without dress at night she looking so sexy, with dress and childish expressions she looks damn cute “oh my god what a lucky man I am”.

After 2 days I left to Chennai with her, we settled down in our new rented house, she took care of arranging everything, I helped only a little, but she converted the house into beautiful palace. Our life turned to happy with so much love, every night we fuck, I took her out a lot, be both like lover than husband-wife. So my life is going so colorful.

So everything is fine, my life wheel is spinning happily.

After 6 months one evening when I came home, she told me take sweets and asked her for the reason. She told me more happier news of my life that she is pregnant. I was so happy, she dint even tell her parents about it she waited for me to tell first.

After that we told our parents, everyone is happy. I took her to doctor next day for check-up everything is alright. I took care of her very well and after 6th month of her pregnancy her stomach regions bulged into large pot, so I unable to fuck her and after 8th month I totally stopped fucking her.

She gave birth to beautiful baby girl and my daughter looking exactly like her. She and baby are healthy.

Now her body got so many changes, boobs became large, ass area also gained some weight, her face became little bubbly, totally she turned even more sexier. Our sex life again started but this time baby interrupts us by crying and when it happens she used to stop me in middle to go and take care of baby. After months I got promoted to senior engineer in my department because of my senior resigned job for another company. Anyhow I got promotion and salary hikes.

It’s been 3 years now from marriage I am 29 senior engineer of the department, my wife is 27 taking care of our daughter (dint start to go to work) and our little angel is 1 and half years now, brought new double bedroom apartments and a car.

So everything is ok in life except one thing sex life. I don’t know what is the reason, baby or our age or our routine sex styles but something is wrong and now our sex life is little boring and don’t have our old energy in it. Our fucking also reduced to 3 to 4 times a week. Our fucking is also not interesting anymore and we were doing it like some duty which has to be done. Most of the times I cum so soon before she arouse itself, other times she won’t respond well like she did it before. But apart from our bedroom everything is ok

Now my only worry is sex life, I was afraid and embarrassed to talk about it to anyone so my only option is internet. So I started to search the answer for our problem, every site posted different answers and ways to improve our sex life but in everything one common answer is experimenting my sex life with different ways. In that particularly introducing someone into our sex life attracted my attention more.

So I started to reach about it more and every time when I read about sharing my wife with someone made me so horny. I started to read threesome couples stories in which most of them have same problem like us and after introducing third person their sex life became spicy again.

So it gave some confident. So I started to read more about it and I more came through the words called “wife sharing”, “big cock for wife pleasure” and “cuckold with humiliation”. Everything turned me on very well but at the same time scared me of losing my wife to someone else.

In the course of research, I came across a really hot long story regarding wife is fucked by another person and then husband becomes cuckold. I read that full story in one go, when I was in office and I masturbated multiple times by going to restroom.

When I went to house I started to look janani differently, I was imaging her like wife from the story. I went straight away to kitchen where she is doing something and hugged her from behind and started to squeeze her breast. She immediately left out some moans due to pain and told me to stop pressing her boobs. I left her boobs but dint leave her from hug. She realized that I am in mood but she dont the reason. I started to press her boobs again

Janani: ahhhh … Dai do it slow da paining na …. Your daughter is also started to bite me

I felt sorry for her so started to massage it slowly. Now she again started to do her work without minding my boob play.

But I switched off the stove and took her directly to the bedroom, where my daughter is sleeping in our bed. Janani shifted her slowly to her cart. Within a fraction of seconds we both become nude and I started my play with her.

I started to imagine myself the bull guy from the story who is enjoying another man’s wife and I started my foreplay. Janani also started to respond for my touch very well and we fucked like new couple after a long time. The story and character made me so horny and I fucked her like machine and she also started to shout loudly like “yess daaa … Fuck meee …. Harder …. Fast da …. Humaa. Ahhh ….

We both reached a fantastic climax that day and breathing heavily. Our sound waked our baby I think so she started to cry, so janani went and took her to feed milk from the breast. She have done it some many times before but today she was looking so different to me, while my daughter was sucking one breast I took another in my mouth and started to suck it.

Janani: dai what is it new thing its for baby da

Me: today you look so sexy janu …. I need it

Janani: ok mister at least drink slow you hurting more than your daughter.

So I started to suck little more of her breast milk and I left her and watching her feeding baby with a smile. She also looked me with a smile and. She asked why I am so horny I can’t tell her truth so I lied to her. After that pep talk she started to wear her dress again but I told her not to wear inners and only nighty.

She looked me cutely and said “you are so naughty today…. Something is going on with you… But you are not telling me”. I just laughed, she left to kitchen only wearing nighty. I lied in bed there and started to think what happen little before, just story itself turned me on so much and gave my sex life back. So took my laptop and started to search for more. That night I fucked her 2 more time and every time I was thinking that someone is fucking my wife and I made me so horny.

After fucking that night, janu was sleeping nearby me nude, I started to think that I got my sex life back, now I know what’s wrong before and I got idea to repair my sex life completely. I couldn’t sleep that night and all I was thinking how much I turned on by imagining someone else fucking my wife.

Next day I started to read more stories and when I read cuckold story I turned on more but at the same time I got some fear of what happen to husband’s when both wife and lover tease him, humiliates him etc. That thought freaked me out and I decided to myself that I cant do that. I was in double minded in to what to do and at last I decided to talk to my wife about it. I decided tonight after fucking I should start that talking.

That day also when I went home she was watching tv in nighty she was damn sexy in that, I couldn’t control myself I went straight on and started to kiss her. She responded well and also she started to think what happen to me suddenly. At that night also we had amazing sex and after that she was lying beside me by closing my eyes.

Me: janu I need to say to you something

Janani: what

Me: regarding what you asked before, what happen to me suddenly I am in full mood

Janani: ya

Me: dont get mad at me what I am going to tell

Janani: ok what

Me: have you figured out that last couple of months our sex life is not so good.

Janani: what? What are you talking about? I thought everything is fine

Me: please di dont lie you have noticed the difference right

Janani: ya little bit but I am totally ok with that

Me: ya me to thought like that only at first but …..

Janani: but what?

Me: but later I started to think why it happened and I searched in internet about it

Janani: internet? Why?

Me: because I dont know with whom I can talk about it so I searched in internet, and ….

Jannai: and what you got

Me: in most of the site they have said that it happens to everyone after some years in marriage

Janani: ok

Me: we can actually do something to rectify it

Janani: thats good, so tell me, what should we do? Lets do

Me: dont mad at me by hearing what I am going to tell

Janani: what

Me: most of them suggesting that …..

Janani: tell me

Me: most of them suggest that to spice up our sex life we should introduce some one in our sex life

Janani: I dont understand what you are telling

Me: you have heard 3some right. Sharing our bed with one more person

Janani: what? Are you mad? Are you gone crazy

Me: no no I am serious that what they suggest it will spice up our sex life for sure

Janani: yes u gone mad. How you know that it will work

Me: I tell you something but dont get angry

Janani: hmm

Me: I have read those threesome stories, thats turned me on and while we are having for past 2 days I was thinking that you are with someone else

Janani: what? I am your wife for god sake how can you think like that

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