In Cellar With Girlfriend And Her Mom

Hello, Indian sex story readers, after a long time of being a reader, I have decided to share my experience with you guys.

I’m TJ, I m around 5’7″. I have a fairly built body. 6.5″ long and 3 inches wide. I’m a guy who every other Girl had a crush on (in my college days).

Coming to the sex story. This was a girl I met in my school. We were good friends. Then one day while chatting, I sent her an explicit post. Regretting it immediately, I said sorry and all. She was like it’s okay and took it lightly. But this opened up a relationship which we never had before. Time went by and she started acting really close. we were in different colleges now. And then this day came when I asked her about who I am to her then she said that she is my lover I know she didn’t answer my question but I got what I wanted.

It had been a long time since I saw her and she saw me so we decided to exchange pictures. I want a when I was working out she ask me to send my picture and then I sent a picture of my abs. Teasingly I also asked her the same. And to my surprise, she actually sent a picture of her. Naked and completely natural. Her boobs were right there flashing on my screen. I almost forgot to describe her. She was around 5’3″ really thin but had firm tits of the size of oversized oranges. She had a cute small butt. Her face was glory people. Like AWESOME. THE BEST face a person can ever have. Her straight long hair can make any guy go nuts about her. She was a pleasant girl. Open minded and really free once you get to know her. I was the first person she ever loved. And she loved me a lot.

So, after that day we started exchanging nudes and everything possible. One day her mom got to know. She called me up and asked me what’s going on and this is really wrong and disgusting and she doesn’t want me to contact her daughter anymore.

Days went by and suddenly one day I see her name pop up on my phone. I traded her saying I’ll tell her mom and we laughed. She said she was too desperate and she couldn’t have waited longer. We were thinking of how to meet. And it so happened that one of our friends birthdays was coming up and he took us all for a movie.

In the theater, we sat next to each other and I showed her a picture of herself naked. She was like TJ!!! DELETE IT!!!! I was like babe ahh and pulled her face close to mine. We kissed and made out. She clearly didn’t know how to, it was her first time. I sneaked my hand into her Tee and then under her bra and started fondling her boobs and pinched her nipples. She wanted to moan but she couldn’t. He grabbed my other hand and held it hard. I moved my hand from inside her bra. I wanted to explore her more. I went down into her skirt. I felt her underwear. It was soaking wet. I smelt my hand and it was heavenly. I made her taste herself. She licked my fingers as if it was a dick and gave me a look which gave me an instant hard on. I started fingering her and she lost it like she was moaning loudly and I had to stop. Then after she calmed down, I started again. This time, slowly and gently. I could feel the warm walls of her vagina press tightly against my fingers, refusing to open. It was the first time something entered her pussy.

She knew nothing about sex and kissing and anything related to all this. It was her first time and she couldn’t control her emotions and the eruption of her hormones. After some fingering, she started wiggling in her seat. She was breathing hard and was sweating. She held my arm hard and grunted. Aaarrggggghhhhhhhhhh mmm ahh Aah and shot out her fluids in my hand. The seat was completely wet. Thankfully I had raised her skirt and pulled her underwear down. I started fingering again and this time with three fingers. She didn’t know what to do. I took her hand and guided it to my cock full of blood and jumping. She was like IT IS SO BIGG!! And gave me a face full of shock as if she saw the sun explode. She grabbed it hard and I was startled and pinched her inside her pussy and told her to be gentle. She started playing with my balls which felt really ticklish and I was wriggling in my seat.

After a while, she had another huge orgasm and this time the seat started dripping and her underwear got wet. She didn’t know what it was. During the orgasm, which lasted around 10 seconds, she grabbed my balls really hard so I was in real pain. I got off my seat and squatted for a minute and got up again. I tasted her fluids and she was sweet had an indescribable taste.

The movie finished and we had no idea what happened. All of us (our group of friends) took pictures and selfies and left. I and my girl stayed close by so I decided to drop her and go back to my place. There were so cabs so we took an auto from Tivoli and went towards our home. During the journey, my hand was continuously exploring her; inside her underwear, feeling her butt and squeezing it for a while and then inside her bra from behind, squishing her boobs.

We reached her place and we got off the auto. I said bye as I knew I couldn’t go any further as her mom would get mad if she was seen with me. Then, to my surprise, she held my hand and took me towards her apartment and then we got down the stairs and went into the cellar and went to the corner. We sat behind a car when there was a little light, but just enough so that we could see each other. I sat down and she on me facing me. We kissed and I taught her how to. She learned really quick and responded well. I was impressed with the way she used her tongue. Meanwhile, our hands were all over each other feeling each other in places one normally wouldn’t. Both my hands were inside her bra pinching and squeezing her little boobs and nipples. Her hands were feeling my abs and back.

After 10 minutes I broke the kiss and asked her if she wasn’t getting late. She saw the time, it was just 5 pm. She told her mom she’ll be back by 7 pm. She had a lot of time. And time was never an issue to my parents as they know I’ll be back home and I’ll be back home alive.

I removed her tee and bit her boobs over her small black sports bra. She screamed in delight. I removed her bra too. And there. In front of me, were the best pair of oranges I’d ever seen. Dark brown nipples which looked like baby toes.. haha. I always used to tease her about everything. So I immediately came back to my senses and told I don’t see anything! Where are those boobs? Meaning that they’re soo small. She slapped me playfully and kissed me again. She bit my lower lip so hard!! It made me angry and in turn, I bit her nipples. She screamed and scratched my back.. so hard it was bleeding and burning.

I pulled my pant down and then my underpants and she saw a cock for the first time. I keep myself clean. She was really impressed and praised me to which I blushed. She then touched it and played with it. Then I asked her to suck it.. she asked me, isn’t that where you pee from? I said yes.. you want me to suck it? I said yes don’t waste time. you’ll enjoy it. She reluctantly took my tool in her mouth and sucked on it as if it was a lollipop. I started thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth.

I was getting a blowjob and I was also mouth fucking her. I stopped her then and started kissing her while fingering her. She was stroking my dick. While kissing she kept moaning into my mouth which I loved a lot. I put three fingers inside her and she was literally screaming at me. I increased my speed and kissed her harder. She came again and squirts a lot. Her sticky heavenly fluid was all over my groin and my underwear. After she recovered from her orgasm she hugged me tightly. I always wanted to hug someone really tight. As if I and the person were one and had no distance between us. I squeezed her harder. We let go after a while because we had to breathe.

I started licking her pussy and she pulled my hair as she pushed my head into her groin. I licked harder and harder and was teasing her clitoris. She moaned louder and louder. Her hairy pussy and her fat pussy lips were being abused by my tongue. she was clearly in heaven. She came again. This time I freaked out. Her orgasm was HUGE. I didn’t know women could cum so many times and that too in such large amounts. After this, I stuffed her mouth with my dick and pushed it deep into her. I could feel her throat with my dick. She gagged on it. I pulled her hair as I fucked her mouth. We continued for 25 minutes and I was gonna cum real hard. I told her. She continued. I understood she wanted it in her mouth.

I came real hard and I pushed my little monster deep into her throat and came. She gagged and I could see my cum squirt out of her mouth. I never came that much. She couldn’t breathe so I took my dick out and shot the remaining cum on her face and boobs. But she didn’t give up. That little body of hers had quite some strength and stamina. She swallowed all of my sperms. And her mouth smelled full of my semen. I licked off the sperms off her body boobs and face and we made out again and she took all my sperms into her as if it was her meal and she hadn’t eaten for years.

While we were making out her phone rang. It was her mom. We saw the time it was 8:15 pm. Oh, fuck! She picked up the call to face her inevitable doom. Her mom told her that they ( mom and dad) were going to drop her dad to the station and she kept the keys with the security. She cut the call and held my dick and jumped with joy.

We went to her home and went to her parent’s room. Turned on the AC. She slept on her parent’s bed. I lied on top of her. Ripped her clothes apart. We went into 69 position and she sucked my cock and I was shoving her vagina with my tongue. She came and drank it all. I fucked her pussy for 15 minutes and I came again and shot all my loads into her mouth which she tried to drink but again it spewed out from the sides. She licked it off with her hands. She wanted me to fuck her.

I asked if she was sure about it. She screamed YESS!! I said ok. She was already wetter than ever. She sucked my dick back to erection. I made her lie down and put a pillow on her back and one under her head. I placed my dick on her pussy and traded it for a while. She started begging me to fuck her. I slowly put my dick head inside her. She screamed loudly. Then at once, I shoved my dick in her love hole in one go. She screamed a lot and started crying. I lied down over her and calmed her down with my dick still fully inside her. Then I slowly moved out and then in and out. I could see the blood crawl out of her and I continued with her blood over my dick. Her cries turned into moans and she was enjoying it.

I fucked her harder and harder. Her pussy walls were squeezing my dick hard and it hurt a lot. I increased my pace and she started screaming again. She told me she was coming and she begged me to slow down. I was squeezing her boobs and I continued fucking her faster and faster. She came real hard and let out a loud moan. Her love juices squirt out of her vagina all over me and her mom’s bed. It didn’t stop me from fucking her. I kept up my pace. She begged me to stop as she was exhausted. I was tearing her pussy apart. After 10 minutes of abusing her body and pussy with my dick. I felt my sperm load approaching. I told her. She told me to shoot it inside her. Deep inside her. After a minute I let out my largest load of semen ever. I felt the warm liquid fill up her pussy and squirt out of it. I came for like 10 seconds and then I fell over her. My dick was half erect and was still inside her.

After a few minutes, I was back again. Ready to fuck her. But she wanted to give me a blowjob as her pussy was hurting a lot. I agreed. She was sucking my cock and I was totally enjoying it. I opened my eyes and found her mother staring at us. I freaked out. And my girl wouldn’t stop sucking me. I was going to cum. That same moment her mom came and pulled her with her hair and slapped her. That very moment I came all over her mom’s face.

Her mom’s face was full of my semen. Over her eyes nose and on her mouth. It was dripping and was crawling down her neck into her cleavage. I and my girl were shocked and we got off the bed and stood in the corner of the room all naked. Her mom stood there with my semen all over her face. She saw her bed. With a huge wet patch of love juices and stains of blood. My dick was throbbing again. Her mom licked her lips and tasted my semen. I was shocked and looked at my girl. She was staring at her mom with a wide open mouth. Her mom had huge boobs and was really hot. She came near me and told in a stern voice, I told you not to associate with my daughter anymore, didn’t I?

I stood there silent. My dick was throbbing, ready for a fuck again. She looked at it. And got on her knees. And started sucking it. I froze. Chills went down my spine. I was getting goosebumps. I didn’t know how to react to that. My girl was shocked, so much that she fell down. I placed my hands on her mom’s head. And pulled her closer to my groin. She was sucking my brains out. I was thoroughly enjoying it. I slowly started mouth fucking her.

That’s it for now guys. Give me your valuable feedback and I’ll continue the sex story of how I got to fuck her mother and her sister too on multiple occasions. Any girls from Hyderabad who are interested to have casual sex or have fun or need to be satisfied, please contact me at [email protected].Thank you, guys. I’m sorry for the mistakes (if any).

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