In Love With My Cousin Sister

Hello everyone, i wouldn’t like to disclose my name so i’d like you all to call me raj. This is my first sex story ever so i would love to receive your responses and feedbacks about my story. You can all contact me at [email protected]. Now this is a real incident that happened to me just a few days back so its fresh out of my memory.

This story is about how i and my cousin sister fell in love and had sex with each other. First let me introduce my love to you all, as i dun want to disclose her name i’d call her nisha. She is 19 years old, 3 years younger to me and currently lives in ahmadabad. She has a beautiful face and an even sexier figure. She is short, like 5’4” and kinda skinny, but has huge boobs. Her boobs are 34b which look really big on her because of her small body frame and she has an ass to kill for.

As for me im 5’9, good looking, more on the skinny side with a 7 inch tool (if i were lying i’d have written 9 inches so dun start telling me it cant be 7). I live in another town not far from here, currently doing post graduation and im 22 years old. If you feel the story is rather long please be patient as this is my first attempt and i do not want to miss out on details.

So jumping on to the story, this all started a few years ago when my masi’s family (mom’s sister’s family) moved to ahmadabad as my masa had left india for a job. My masi has 2 kids, my sister nisha who was 17 back then and a boy who was 7. As masa had already left india they were alone and my sis was kinda upset emotionally so she turned to me for emotional support. Even though we grew up together, we weren’t really up close, but after she came to ahmadabad we started talking.

Being teenagers we talked a lot and slowly we were starting to get close. Now we were like best friends and shared everything. Soon we also started talking about sex. It surprised me how much she knew about sex! This is when i actually started noticing her curvy body. It happened when one day we were both watching movie on my laptop in my room at my place and she was sitting right next to me. She was still naive and young back then so she came closer to me and suddenly i noticed that her left boob was touching my right shoulder. That was the first time i noticed how big her boobs actually were!!

After that incident, i would try to touch her body for one excuse or another. I would also chat with her for long hours and would discuss about sex. I told her how boys masturbate and she told me that even though many girls deny it, masturbation in girls is very common. A few months later, after i had broken up with my girlfriend, i started getting feelings for nisha. So one night while chatting with her i told her that i had a crush on her. She said she never felt about me like that but she understood.

Soon enough we started to talk endlessly. Slowly she also started having feelings for me, but never confessed. This incident happened a few days ago. It was my birthday party and as we are close, i had invited her to dinner with my friends. While returning, she was sitting behind me on my bike and slowly hugged me from the back. Her awesome boobs were rubbing on my back and i got a hard on right then and there. I had a really strong urge to stop the bike and fuck her right there, however i controlled. After we reached her home, i asked her for my birthday gift and she hugged me really tight, kissed me on my cheek and went away.

We met a few days later and i was at her place. As luck would have it, my aunt had to go somewhere and she took their son with them. So it was me and nisha all alone in her house. She went to kitchen to fix some tea for us and i was sitting there watching her beautiful body. Suddenly, i dont know what came over me but i went there and hugged her from behind. She just smiled to this. I hugged her really tight and start kissing her all over her neck area. She wanted to stop me but couldnt. I started kissing her from her shoulders and slowly moved up till her ears and started sucking her earlobes. She lost all control and turned around and started kissing me all over my face.

I said “i love you nisha, i really do baby!” and to my surprise she said “i love you too raj! Im tired of holding my feelings back…”

Hearing this, i knew she was mine and i slowly kissed her lips. I took her lower lip in my mouth and started sucking it. She put her hands around my neck and started kissing me back. I made her sit on the kitchen platform and we started smooching like crazy people. All the feelings that we had kept pressed inside were coming out and we were going crazy in each other’s arms. I slowly put my hand inside her top and started stroking her back from inside, and unhooked her bra. She got really surprised by this move and removed her bra from inside her top.

I could see her hard nipples from her top so i went crazy and start smooching her really wild. I was sucking licking her lips, tongue, neck, shoulder and she was going crazy. Slowly i moved my hands to her boobs from inside her top. I started pressing her boobs really hard and she was going mad! I started pinching her nipples and rotating them between my fingers. She was going crazy and removed her top and made me topless to. She hugged me really tight and i could feel her boobs against my bare chest.

I took her to the bed room and made her lie down on the bed and i lay next to her. I started kissing her forehead, eyes lips and moved on to kissing her neck and shoulders and her chest. Slowly i started kissing her nipples softly. She couldnt take it anymore and pressed my head against her boobs and made me suck her boobs like a small baby. I was having the time of my life there and slowly i moved my hand over her crotch area.

She tried to stop me then but with my mouth sucking her boobs, teeth softly biting her nipples, she couldnt stop me for long. I unbuttoned her jeans and start playing with her pussy over her underwear while sucking her boobs. Her underwear was completely wet and she was making loud noises. She put her hand on my dick and started feeling it over my jeans. I removed her jeans and underwear and she did the same to me.

She started playing with my dick and i was playing with her pussy. We soon got into 69 position and she started giving me the best blowjob of my life!!! She was sucking the top of my cock while pumping it with her hand and was licking it frm top to bottom. I took her sweet tasting pussy in my mouth and oh it was so warm and wet and tasty!! I started sucking it and licking it. I was rubbing it with my finger and suddenly put my finger inside. She screamed a little in pain but was ok with it in some time. I started masturbating her with two fingers while licking her pussy and she was blowing me, taking my balls in her mouth, sucking my dickhead really hard and at times even biting it.

We both were going crazy and i didnt want to cup yet so i asked her to stop and came on top of her and started smooching her. We were kissing like crazy people again and she suddenly held my cock and directed it towards her pussy. I slowly pushed but it was too small. I had to give it a hard push and it went finally in. She was in pain and was trying to push me out but i held her hands and kissed her and sucked her boobs. Pleasure finally took over pain and i started pumping inside her slowly. It was my first time and without a condom and pussy was soo warm and soft against my hardness inside her.

We were fucking in missionary style and were holding each other as if we were never let go. I knew she was reaching her climax and i couldnt hold it in any longer so we finally climaxed together. I cum inside her pussy and kept pumping until the last drop of cum was out. I lay there in her embrace for some time and kissed her and told her i love her. We didnt have much time together so we quickly cleaned ourselves and dressed up.

This was the first time i made love to my sister and im sure there’s more coming. Please feel free to contact me and give me your honest feedback. I would love to interact with other people who are in a relationship with their relatives.


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