In Poverty Lies Happiness – Part I

My name is kiran. I belong to the interior part of tamil nadu. My dad died at when i was 3 years and my sis was 1 year. We had sugarcane farms and we became poor because of drought and my mom was looking after them. I was sent to Coimbatore for my education to my uncle’s house. After completing my Xth class i decided to look after the fields and give rest to my mom.

I came back to my village and there my house is on the outskirts of the village and our farms are covered by fence on all sides, so entry by others is not possible. As i saw my mom and sis coming towards me i was just looking at them like a log. My mom sumathi 38 years of age.

She has a good size boobs of 38d and a big ass and my sis who was only 14 years was having a boob size of 34 and she good hip my mom was wearing a lungi and a blouse and my sis a long blouse and pavadai (skirt) and as we were poor they could not afford bras and the material of their clothes was also bad so i could see their nipples clearly.

My mouth was watering and my cock became rock hard seeing them come. They came and hugged me and i was enjoying their boobs touching me.

During the school days i became interested in incest through magazine from friends. When they were hugging me i felt my dreams coming true. In the night after dinner in our small hut i my mom and my sis were sleeping on the floor. I was sleeping in between my mom and sis. I was wearing only a lungi as we had only two pairs i had washed the other pair.

After few hours of sleep i woke up due to some sound outside. But when i woke up i saw my mom’s boobs moving up and down due to the breathing. The animal in me was rising. I slowly placed my hand on her belly and i checked whether she was awake but i saw she was sleeping heavily. With that courage i slowly moved my hands onto her boobs and slowly pressed them. I felt awesome and then slowly moved her lungi and touched her thighs. I was going mad and my cock felt like bursting. I slowly rubbed her thighs and boobs. I dont remember when i slept but when i woke up i saw my lungi moved away and my cock was standing up. I looked around and saw no one was ther. I got up and bathed in the pond and came back and had my breakfast with mom and sis.

By now i decided that i have to bed them both so i planned everything up. I started slipping my lungi and pretended in such a manner that i’m nt good at wearing lungi. At the first sight itself mom and sis were looking at my erect cock without even flickering their eyes. Mom smiled and sis just opened her mouth involuntarily. I understood my plans were working,

In the fields also i was slipping the lungi due to which mom said to remove it as it was causing hindrance in work. So like that i started moving around naked in the farms and house.

In the night i went in for the second phase of attack. After mom and sis slept i slowly moved towards mom and pressed her boobs. She was not responding and sleeping heavily. Then is continued to remove her blouse and her naked boobs became fully visible. I slowly sucked them and saw my mom was moaning but not opening her eyes. I then slowly removed her lungi and felt a chill when i saw the unshaven pussy of my mom. I slowly touched her pussy and slowly inserted a finger.

She was wet and i slowly moved downwards and started sucking her pussy. During this process my cock was touching her feet as a namaskaram and started oozing precum. After sometime i cummed on her feet and she too shuddered and cummed into my mouth. I drank the juices and licked her pussy clean.

After this due to tiredness i slept. But when i woke up i saw no one was in the house. I went and bathed and came and saw mom standing in a towel which covered her massive boobs half and it was just below her ass. I asked “where is sis and y r u dressed like that”She told me that sis had gone to her friend’s wedding and will be coming tomorrow and that the dresses which she had washed had become wet as it drizzled in the morning and the towel was only dry cloth in the house.

My cock became hard and i was feeling the heat. We both then started having our breakfast with mom sitting opposite to me. She was sitting with her legs crisis crossed. I was able to see her hairy hot pussy. My cock already had precum on it. After having the breakfast she took the plates to wash and then she came in once again as she had forgotten to take her glass for washing. She bent down to take glass but in a different manner. She was facing the opposite side to me with her ass towards me. When she bent down the towel lifted up and showed me her ass clearly and her wet pussy.

She bent for a little long time and i was able to smell the pussy’s heat. After this she went to wash the utensils and came back. I was standing near the place where we keep our washed utensils(on the ground). She bent down again in front of me in such a manner that my hard cock rubbed her through entire ass crack and the pussy. I felt precum from the pussy touching my cock. Then she slowly got up and said that we need to go the field. As usual i started working on the fields but my mind and body wer burning but i was not able to dare it like the nights.

After sometime she came to me and said that due to her little dress and no proper covering some insect had entered her lower region. I started inspecting her thighs and then a little higher. She then told that it might be a little more higher and lifted her towel upto the boobs level. My eyes were feasting on her naked ass. She then told me to search for the insect.

I slowly touched her ass and then ran a finger through the ass crack down to her pussy. Then i told her that the insect was not visible and i needed to inspect better. Slowly i pushed a finger into her ass hole, and she almost shivered then i told i need to look more down. At her cunt i told i was checking and played with the clit. After sometime of playing she was leaking nectar, so i inserted the finger into the pussy. She shivered and her voice was trembling.

She started breathing heavily. After sometime of finger fucking i said its delicate inside so i need to check properly and used my tongue to search the whole area. I licked her ass and the cunt and my mom standing bent in front of me all this time.

I couldn’t control anymore, then i said i need to inspect deeper for the insect and inserted my dick into my birthplace. I just felt the thrill of my life. My mom just looked back and smiled and said “u took so long inspecting with other things, u should have inspected with the right tool before”I just smiled back and said “there is always a methodology for inspection”

I humped into my mom and threw the towel as a symbol of happiness into the air when i was cumming into her womb

To be continued……..

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