Incest Saga – Part 3 – The Beautiful Life Ahead

Hi friends, Bittu here, after long time. We were resettling so could not keep you all updated. Now me and priya are free to take you through all the events that happened in our journey up to here in Pune. Now we both live together but is there anyone else with us? You have to find it in next stories.

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Your suggestions, problems all are welcomed. Please do reply. Any girls aur bhabhijiis want any physical help in pune. Do remember me.

So coming to the story. You have read my view, hope you all liked it. Please read last two parts.

How about knowing priyas view? Actually I told her about all this. Okay I will hand the lappy to her, please cope up with her.

Hello fellas. I am priya. I felt exited that bittu told you about us and I am okay as long as I am not getting publicized.

Please do reply how you found my writing.

I think taking you through in hindi will be more erotic. I may use some abusive words :p 😉

So here we go.

Agli subha jab mai uthi to hum dono bed par nange pade huye they. Bittu avi b so raha tha. Mann me ajeeb se kashmaksh thi ki kya maine sahi kaam kiya? But baar baar chehre pe muskaan ajati aur sharma jaa rahi thi.

Pehli baar mujhe kisi ne itna pyaar diya tha. Meri dehkati jawani lar kisi mard ne lagaam lagaya tha. Maine dekha bittu gehri neend me tha.So mai uth kar bathroom gayi.Fresh hokar bath liya aur ek silky nighty mai with undergarments kithen me gayi. Tea banayi aur leker room.Mai ayi.

Maine bittu ko uthaya aur wo uthte hi mujhe khich kar apne agosh me bhar liya aur hum dono ek dusre ko dekhne lage.

Usne kaaha priya tum aaj aur bhi khoobsoorat lag rahi ho.

Me: tumhare pyaar ka asar hai bittu..Warna mai to jeena bhi bhul gayi thi.

Bitu: tum jesi angel ko khush rakhne k liye hi bhagwan ne mujhe bheja hai babu.

Aur usne kaskar mujhe pakad liya aur roll karke mere upar agaya. Mera pura badan me sihran hone lagi.Bittu ne kuch nai pehen rakha tha. Meri bhi nighty thi bas.To uska land tight hokar meri pussy pe hit kar raha tha.

Fir hum dono ek dusre ko french kiss karne lage.Kutto ki tarah ek dusre k face ko lick kar rahe they. Fir bittu ne mujhe chora aur mai bhagne lagi,usey tease karne k liye.Wo mere piche nanga bhag raha tha pure ghar me.Bada maza aa raha tha.

Achanak mai fisal gayi aur usne mujhe pakad kar meri nighty faad di.

Aur mujhe nangi kar diya.Fir meri ass par kiss karne laga. Achanak usne meri ass cheeks faila kar tongue ass hole me daaldi.

Aisa maza aaj se pehle kabhi naiy aya tha mujhe.Mene turant tange faila dii aur ass ko spread kar diya. Achanak mera ek hath meri pussy me chala gay aur I started fingering. Bittu was giving me rim job. Mai gand uchal uchal k uske face pe press kar rahi thii for deeper penetration.

About afetr 20 min.Wo agey aya aur mujhe kiss karne laga fir usne mujhe apni lap pe bithaya aur phir me uske khade landd pe dheere dheere baith gayi.Meri chut me uska saanp fan fanata hua ghus gaya aur us position me humlog baith kar ek dusre ko kiss karne lagey. Fir mai slowly up down karne lagi.It was most erotic fuck any one can imagine.Then we changed positions and after 30 mins we came.

After lying there for few mins we went to bathroom bath cleaned each other had another steamy session in there.

After that bittu left for home.

Now bittu:

After coming back home I told mom that mami is not alright she need care.She said that she will go tonight. I told mom that I cannot take care of dad she should stay and take care of home and dad. And I will go tonight again as I can go to medical shop as well in midnight.

I told this all to mami on whatsapp. She was overjoyed on hearing this and we made a fantastic plan for tonight’s fuck session.

An hour later I went to priya’s home I already told her to ready as we dont have much time.

She was in a red saree standing tall and elegant. With minimum makeup. Looking hot.

We took off to a mall nearby. I told her now that we love each other she should feel young and look young. We need to groom her appearance. She should look like my gf.We went in the mall did extensive shopping.

We bought her latest undergarments, hot pants, yoga pants, track pants, and jeans. Various tops.Tank tops. And we bought some sexy night dress for her.

Then we took her to parlor for complete makeover. From haircut to waxing they did all this. Meanwhile I went out to buy some items for tonight’s party. I bought all the items required tonight as we discussed earlier.

Mami told me to buy something which completely surprised me.Uou will know it later.

I came back was taken aback. Priya was looking like the most beautiful girl in my knowledge.

Too much younger like a college student. We walked into kfc we were looking like couples. Actually we were. We sat side by side.

Priya: babu tumne naya life diya hai.

Me: baby this is the life u deserve. From today onwards no more choori and no more sindoor.

Pri: jaisa tum kaho janu.

I started caressing her back and gave a small. Kiss on her cheek.She shied.

She kept her hand on my thigh and pinched on my dick. As a revenge. But it was sweet one though.

We ate and went her home.Took all the bags.

I emptied the food parcel and she was happy to see what I bought for her it was beer and vodka.She wanted to have.

Mami was turning out to be a real badass.

She was a veggie but she ordered chicken items,

Priya: aaj mera naya janam hoga bittu.

Then I lit a cigarette and had few puffs and offered her she took and started smoking.Had coughing. I pulled her on my lap and said come let me give you blow and gave her blow then I gave her blow and we started smooching. I pressed her boobs.

Priya: babu you did too much for me today you deserve something from me. She came down on her knees and opened my pant and slipped down my jockie. She kissed my dick and then she took it in her mouth it felt the warmth of her mouth. My dick was so hard that it was hitting her neck. She started giving me best and 1st blowjob of my life. After 10 min I was about to cum. She took out my dick I came on her face and mouth.

Then I went home after a while because I have to get ready for the best night of my life till date.

I came home and did some preparations, cleaned my pubic hairs. Bath and shaved.

I came back and saw something which surprised me like hell.

I was shocked and excited too..

What was it, was there a real reason to get over excited. For this you have to read next part.

For now it is me bittu and my darling my life priya signing off.

Please do reply as it was priya’s first writing. Encourage her.

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