Incest story of a step dad & his step daughter

In the last part, we saw Rajesh propose to his stepdaughter, and they spend the whole night together. From that moment on, Rajesh and Dipali’s love knew no boundaries, and they were determined to make every moment count.

In this part, I will tell how they get caught while having each other’s DNA. As the months went by, Dipali and Rajesh’s bond grew stronger. They found solace in each other’s company. They began to develop feelings that went beyond a father-daughter bond.

They tried to brush off these feelings, knowing that society would never accept their love. But one evening, as they were in the hall and watching TV, Dipali could no longer contain her feelings. She leaned in and kissed Rajesh on the cheek.

As their lips touched, they both knew that they were falling in love. In a tender moment, she gazed deeply into her father’s eyes. He could sense the unspoken emotions within her. Their lips met in a passionate embrace, and their tongues intertwined. They were two souls seeking to become one.

He gently nibbled on her tongue, savouring the sweetness of her lips. She reached into his shorts. Her delicate fingers traced the outline of his rigid manhood, already as hard as a diamond. With a tender heart and a passionate gaze, she knelt before him, untying the knot that held his shorts in place.

As she leaned in, her lips met his hot rod, and a wave of excitement surged through him. He tangled his fingers in her hair, guiding her movements, his breath catching in his throat. For a moment, Dipali was lost in the intensity of the moment, her breath stolen away.

But she revelled in the raw passion he unleashed upon her. Perhaps, in this moment of unbridled desire, he had finally embraced her as his beloved wife. In a tender embrace, he gently kissed her lips.

Dipali whispered, “My love, you’re my sweetest temptation.’ As their passion ignited, he playfully teased, ‘My darling, you’re becoming more enchanting and alluring each day.” Dipali’s heart swelled with joy, as she replied, “Indeed, my dear, we’re growing wilder and more adventurous together.”

In a passionate embrace, Rajesh swept Dipali off her feet and onto the bed. He gently removed her undergarments, revealing her delicate treasure. He began to explore her with his lips, his breath warm against her skin. He nibbled and suckled at her most intimate place,

Dipali found herself transported to a realm of pure ecstasy. Dipali gently cradled his head, guiding him deeper into her intimate embrace. He grew restless. His passionate bite on her delicate bud sent waves of pleasure coursing through her. Her soft moans filled the air, a melody that only fueled his desire.

He responded with enthusiasm. His tongue danced in rhythm with her heartbeat. The intensity of his bite sent her soaring to new heights. Her screams of ecstasy echoed as she surrendered to the sweet release of her climax. He eagerly savoured her essence, a testament to their shared passion.

Exhausted, she collapsed onto the bed. Her body spent from the intensity of their shared bliss. Rajesh approached her, gently removing her delicate camisole and bra. His passion was unyielding, and he couldn’t resist the allure of her soft, inviting bosom. He savoured the sweet taste of her nipples.

His desire began to stir, his manhood awakening with renewed vigour. The harder it grew, the more it yearned to explore the depths of her feminine core. She was lost in the bliss of his affection. She surrendered to the pleasure of his devoted attention.

In a moment of passion, her beloved tenderly united with her. With one swift motion, he became one with her, delivering powerful, deep thrusts. Typically, his intensity would build towards the end. But this time, something ignited within him, and he began with unbridled fervour.

She cried out in a mix of pain and ecstasy, her eyes revealing her inner turmoil. Rajesh, sensing her distress, silenced her cries with a tender kiss. Dipali’s father lost in the moment, devoured her lips and caressed her breasts. He made love to her with an untamed ferocity.

He carried her to the heights of bliss and the brink of paradise. His wild, animalistic passion consumes them both. But as things were heating up between them, her younger brother Rohan walked into the room. He stood there, frozen, looking at the sight in front of him.

Dipali and Rajesh quickly broke apart. Their faces flushed with embarrassment and guilt, and they covered themselves. Rohan was her half-brother, and he had no idea about their relationship. He could not believe what he had just witnessed and immediately confronted them.

“What is going on here?” Rohan exclaimed, his voice filled with shock and disgust. Dipali and Rajesh had no words to explain their forbidden love. They could not even look at each other, knowing that their secret was now out in the open.

Rohan was their only confidant, and they knew that he would not keep this a secret. He threatened to tell the rest of the family. But Dipali and Rajesh begged him not to. They promised to end their relationship, knowing that their family would never accept them.

But he was so furious that he was not at all listening to their words. He constantly threatened to reveal their secret to the world. However, for the next two weeks, there was complete silence in the house. Everyone would come to eat only.

One day in the evening, Rajesh was on his way to his home. Dipali had gone to Maya’s home, and she was also on her way home. Now, she called her dad to pick her up from Maya’s house, and they both were on their way home. There was total silence. Rajesh was driving, and Dipali was on her mobile.

Rajesh broke the silence and said, “Dipali, I know the last two weeks have not only shattered our mental health but also ruined our relations. The nuisance I created, and the intimate relations we had are having a bad impact on Rohan’s mind.”

Dipali spoke up, “Dad, I know our doings will not only ruin our relations. But If we do not resolve the matter with Rohan now, only then will he be a threat to our lives.”

Rajesh said, “There is only one way that he can accept us. We convince him of our love and that we both love each other. One thing is that now it’s making it hard to stay without your touch, without your happy face.” Dipali added, “Don’t worry, darling. As soon as possible, we will figure it out.”

Rajesh and Dipali found themselves in a precarious situation. The atmosphere in the house had become tense and strained, with everyone tiptoeing around the elephant in the room.

However, Rajesh and Dipali were determined to find a way to convince Rohan that their love was genuine. They wanted to continue their relationship. Rajesh and Dipali decided to approach Rohan with a calm and rational mindset.

They needed to address the situation head-on and explain their feelings to Rohan in a way that he could understand. They planned to have a heart-to-heart conversation with him. They would share their emotions and the reasons behind their actions.

They sat down with Rohan. Rajesh and Dipali began by apologizing for the pain and confusion they had caused him. They acknowledged that their actions had been wrong and that they should have been more mindful of the consequences.

However, they also emphasized that their love for each other was real. They could not simply ignore their feelings. Rajesh and Dipali explained to Rohan that they had been struggling with their emotions for a long time. Their relationship had developed gradually over the months.

They shared their fears and insecurities, as well as the moments of joy and happiness they had experienced together. They wanted Rohan to understand that their love was not infatuation but a meaningful connection that they could not deny.

Rajesh and Dipali also made it clear they were committed to making their relationship work despite the challenges they faced. They promised to be more discreet and cautious in the future. To ensure that their actions did not negatively impact Rohan or the rest of the family.

They asked for Rohan’s understanding and support and assured him that they would do everything in their power to maintain a healthy and loving relationship. As the conversation progressed, Rohan began to see the sincerity and vulnerability in Rajesh and Dipali’s words.

He could sense the genuine love and affection they had for each other, and he started to understand the complex emotions that had led to their secret affair. Although he was still shocked and hurt by their actions, Rohan could not deny the depth of their feelings.

In the end, Rohan agreed to support Rajesh and Dipali’s relationship as long as they were committed to being responsible and considerate. He acknowledged that love could be complicated and messy. But that it was ultimately a powerful force that could bring people together.

With Rohan’s blessing, Rajesh and Dipali continued their love affair.  Secretly, in a month, both of them got married in the outskirts of the temple, only Rajesh & Dipali, Rohan & Maya.

In the next month, both of them left the country and settled in New Zealand. It’s been a year since they both left the country. One evening, Rohan was with his GF. His dad called him to announce the Prega news of Dipali.

He exclaimed, “Hey, my son, how are you? I hope you are fine,” Rohan added. “Hey, Dad! I’m fine, how about you? How are you both doing?” Rajesh said, “We are doing well, son. I have called you to announce some good news: your stepsister Dipali is pregnant with my child.”

Rohan said, “It’s awesome news, Dad. Congratulations, you are now the father of three children. I am a big brother and also uncle to your child.”

I am eager for you all to enjoy my story. If you do, please respond and don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected].

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