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Hi, everyone, I am Samarth (name changed) from Delhi and I am an engineering student here. I live in Jaipur and I want to express my sex story about how I fucked my elder sister who did not know much about sex. If you love my story kindly provide your feedback on [email protected]. anyone interested in real or phone and cam sex kindly contact me at the same.

Let me describe myself and my elder sister. I am 5’9″ and have an average body with a 7′ dick. My sister is a bit on shorter side being 5′ and her figure is okay being 34-26-34. Due to her less height, her assets look great.Now back to the sex story.It was when I was in 12th class and she was doing her engineering and had come home in the vacations. I used to watch porn from class 7th and used to masturbate regularly. I had never seen my sister from such an angle but one day while she was sleeping, her top was open at the top so with a little effort I was able to see her cleavage and that made me change my thoughts about her instantly.

Then I used to think about her many a times and masturbate. I did not have much luck as she used to wear all her clothes in the bathroom after bathing. So I used to smell her panties and bras and used to masturbate in them.

I used to leave a little bit of cum in her bra where her nipples will be so that she could at least feel a bit of it.

But she was not a girl who was involved or interested in all this stuff. She never had a boyfriend in her life so she did not know much about anything. I don’t know how luck favored me and I got to know about a little hole in the door of the bathroom. I just waited for her to go to the bathroom but I couldn’t do anything for 2 days as my parents were at home.

On the third day, they went to work and as my sister went into the bathroom I became super excited and slowly sat beside the door and peeped into it. To my fortunes, I could clearly see my sister opening all her clothes but I cud only see her ass and back as she was facing the other side. So I waited until she finished and then to get the towel she turned and it was the first and the most beautiful time of my life as I saw her boobs and her pussy for the first time. As she didn’t know about sex that much she was hairy and had a great bush on her pussy. I just came outside the bathroom door and it was one of the best orgasms I have ever had.

Then this kept going on for days and I had thought and I wanted to feel and fuck her and put my dick in her mouth and her pussy.

So it was like a mission was started of fucking after that, I tried to show her my erection over my shorts many times and sometimes she stared at it for some seconds which gave me strength to go forward. So one day I opened a porn site on the computer and sat in such a way that if my sister passes by she sees what am I watching on the computer. So as I was going according to the plan she saw it and stopped in a state of shock. I turned and saw her and switched off the screen. But she had seen it and my plan had worked. She asked me what I was up to and I told her I was watching porn and them said the name of 2 or 3 categories so that she does not understand and asks me. She asked me and I asked that does she know anything about porn. She replied that she had never watched porn and did not even know anything about it.

So I switched on the screen and showed her some porn videos which included foreplay and ended with cream pies and cum all over the girl’s face.. she asked me what it was and I told her it was cum which comes out from the dick of a man and helps in producing babies. After seeing 2-3 videos she was aroused a little bit and I knew it coz she was enjoying those videos a little bit. And seeing my erection over my shorts she asked me what it was. I told her to check herself. I took her hand and kept it on my dick over the shorts.

She felt it and told me it was big. I did not miss this chance as I wanted to fuck her and told her why don’t I explain everything to you practically using those videos. She was hesitant but without wasting any more time I slowly leaned towards her and lip locked her for at least 5 mins coz I wanted her aroused. She also replied after a few minutes and then I got up and came close to her and kissed her once again with my tongue feeling the inside of her mouth and my dick feeling her pussy over our clothes. She was a bit aroused and I saw my chance and took it. I pulled her up and while lip locking took her to my room and threw her on the bed. And then I went over her and kissed her again this time feeling her boobs with my hand over the top.

I took her hand and kept it on my dick and told her to start moving it up and down. She did as I said and then I opened her top and my shirt too. I saw her white bra holding her cute boobs and unhooked it and within seconds I could see those awesome and cutest boobs of my elder sister. I started sucking one and pressed the other using my hand. She became aroused and started moaning. Then I went down slowly and pulled her shorts down. Her pink panty was trying to hide her pussy but did not hide all the hairs she had over there.. so I slowly pulled her panty down and saw her pussy and told her it was very beautiful. I started kissing her pussy and inserted my tongue into it for a few times. She started moaning loudly now. Then I almost ate her pussy for around 10-15 mins. Then I got up and told her to stand as well. I told her to bend on her knees and put my dick in her mouth.

At first, she hesitated but I couldn’t resist it so I took her mouth and slowly inserted my dick into her mouth. Then I fucked her in the mouth and she also started enjoying it and sucked it beautifully. I was about to cum but I did not take my dick out and hold her head onto my dick and came in her mouth so she had no other option than to swallow it. Then I picked her up and played with her ass and as my dick was fully erect again I went for the 69 position. I put my dick in her mouth so that she doesn’t moan too loudly. She again started sucking it and I started fingering her pussy. Then I increased my speed and made her have the first orgasm of her life.

I drank her cum and it was tasty. Then I took my dick out applied some oil and kept it at the entrance of her pussy. I slowly inserted it in and started to fuck her and she seemed to enjoy it too after a little bit of pain. So I fucked her in the missionary position for 10-15 mins and as I was about to cum I took out my dick and put in her mouth. She was not expecting it but she had to again swallow all my cum. Then we both slept naked with our bodies entangled into each other. After some time we woke up and she told me that she had to go to the shower so she went but then I too went and entered her bathroom behind her.

As we were both nude, I pushed her to the wall and put in the shower. We both became wet and started kissing. Then I pressed her boobs and she started shaking my dick and as I was about to cum she went down on her knees and took it all on her face. I was aroused seeing that and told her to get down on her fours like a dog. She obeyed and I bent down and finger fucked her from behind. Then I put my dick on her pussy lips and teased her and she shouted to put it in and with one vigorous force I put it all in. Then I fucked her in doggy style in the shower for at least 15 minutes. Then we both went out and wiped each other and went to have lunch.

As we were in the kitchen and she was preparing food, I made her sit on the kitchen slab and sucked her breasts and brought her closer and again inserted my dick in her pussy and fucked her there. Then she made me food and we ate. She was sitting in my lap as we ate our food and my dick was brushing against her pussy and her pussy hair. Then I told her I used to watch her in the bathroom and badly wanted to fuck her. She also told me that it was a great day of her life and she wanted more and more of it. After talking for some time we went to the bed to sleep. After sleeping for some time I woke up finding my sister sucking my dick with full intent and told me she wanted all my cum in her pussy. I told her I will put it there later. I came on the floor and she licked it all from the floor. And while doing so she was not facing me so I could see her ass and the asshole and it aroused me to a new extent.

I got down and pushed her head to the ground and inserted my dick into her pussy and again fucked her and then made her orgasm. It was the best day of our lives and we fucked every day after that but then she went away. I told her that I wanted to fuck some of her friends and she told me she will try to arrange it. We fuck every day till now whenever she comes home or we meet anywhere. It is one hell of a ride with my sister and we both enjoy it to the best.I hope you liked my real life experience. If u liked my sex story please give feedback on [email protected]. Any girl who wants real sex or phone and cam sex kindly contact me at the same. Thank You.

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