Incident With My Beautiful Gf

Hi guys, I’m Srikanth here from Hyderabad, this incident happened 1.5 years before with my girlfriend Pooja. I am a regular guy with the regular physique and 23 years old. I am a great follower of Indian sex stories since 2014.

The Story revolves around me and my girlfriend. I’m interested in girls and aunties for sex, sex chat or any kind fun that you want. Privacy will be maintained strictly. Please contact me on Looking for more fun with corporate beauties, beautiful girls, and sexy aunts.

Coming to the sex story.

I had completed my graduation from Warangal. After last year of engineering, I went to Hyderabad. Before coming to Hyd, she proposed me and I had accepted the proposal. My girlfriend Pooja. my god, she is the world to me. No great stats but her charms, talks, and eyes ahh Aaah hh… She is very cute, we are friends from engineering.

After engineering, I registered for a professional course in Hyd. I was placed in an MNC (Hyderabad). Our chats and talks were increasing day by day. But due to distance, I could rarely meet her. Then we went to that one topic that everyone is interested – sex.

We initially talked about hugs and kisses only. We imagined ourselves like that. It was purely a fantasy then.

In the year 2015 on a friendship day, I got the chance to meet her in person. I was staying at my school friend’s room.She came to the room at 11 am and we greeted each other. We got ourselves in a separate room.

Initially talked about missing each other, blah blah etc. After sometime, we talked about hugs and kisses. We didn’t have any sexual experience. How to get the start was fun. We talked about it, but no one was taking the initiative.

Finally, I took the initiative and asked her to stand up and come close to me. We were so close that we were now feeling the breath of each another. It was the most exciting moment that I had till then. Later, I put my hand on her shoulder. To that, she reacted with shyness in her eyes and face. Anyone would want to die to see that smile.

After that, I pulled her closer to me and finally we were in a hugging position. At that moment, I felt like I skipped a heartbeat. Wow, the feeling guys! The hug triggered something in our minds. The hug was getting tighter and tighter.

We were still standing in the same position. I decided to make some advances. I pushed her to the wall and started kissing on her neck. To that, she made some seductive moan.Every time I kissed or bite the neck, she was enjoying it and releasing moans. I was literally on cloud nine and exploring her body. I put a hand inside the t-shirt. I started rubbing her back. The heat was generating in each other second by second.

Later we lied on the bed and started cuddling once again.Later, I took her to my chest. Her boobs were pressing against my chest. I didn’t want that moment to end. My manhood was rock hard with these actions.

Afterward, she started kissing all over my face, eyes, nose, cheeks, forehead, and neck. The ‘hunger’ was growing by time. Finally, we kissed on each other’s lips. Omg, it was a very special feeling. Now things were getting out of control as our sex hormones were dancing with one another. I removed her T-shirt and saw the boobs over her bra for the first time in my life. I think the bra was not making any difference because I could see those melons. They were big melons and her nipples were dark brown. I wanted to taste each of them. I opened her bra hook and started licking her nipples. She started moaning and pressing my head onto her boobs. I was like sucking those boobs forever – sucking one and pressing the other.

After that, we were hugging with our bare chest. It was awesome and we were feeling each other’s heat and lips kissing continuously. Now it was her turn to enjoy me. She started licking, kissing, biting on my neck, chest, stomach, and belly. I was going mad with these actions, as I never expected it from her. We were in no mood for stopping. We covered ourselves with the blanket, smooching each other like there is no tomorrow. Then I tried to remove her jeans but she was protesting. But kissing and pressing boobs elevated her desires and she removed her jeans and panty at once and helped me with my clothes as well.

The pussy area was neatly cleaned and already wet there. I started massaging the thigh and near the pussy. She started shivering and moaning at the same time. I started licking her pussy area, she was enjoying to the fullest and she was getting out of breath. I was licking deeper and deeper as it was very enjoyable. She was pushing my head on pussy and requesting me to lick deeply. I started licking her pussy faster and she was moaning like hell. After some time, the love juices started coming out.

Now, she was feeling exhausted. We took a break. During the break, she slept on me in hug position.

In no time, she started kissing me again. I moved further and parted her legs and put my boner near her pussy area. I started inserting my boner. The pussy was too tight as we both were virgins. She started crying and pleading me to draw out the manhood. I stayed in the same position till she relaxed. Then again I pushed further and she started screaming and crying.

I went further and started to and fro in slow motion. She was crying and enjoying the moment at the same time. I increased the speed and she was moaning loudly. The session lasted for 10 mins. I cummed into her pussy.

We were feeling exhausted and lying naked on the bed for 10-15 mins. Then I heard the door knock. We were afraid that someone else sees and they will catch us red handed.We quickly dressed and align all the things in a matter of a time. We were ready to open the door. Sorry guys, if the sex story is bit lengthy.

Wait for my next sex story of more fun. Please provide your likes and comments. I’m interested in girls and aunties for sex, sex chat or any kind fun that you want.Privacy will be maintained strictly. Please contact me on [email protected]. Looking for more fun with corporate beauties, beautiful girls and sexy aunts from Warangal, Hyderabad area. Waiting for your comments and feedback.

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