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Hello everyone, I am Abhi from Bhopal. I to have a story to share with you guys and everybody out here on ISS is a sex addict, even I am.

About my configuration I am 6 feet tall whitish colour and normal built my dick is 6 I actually measured. Interested ladies can contact by mail. Let’s come to the story. It happened a few months back I guess December when this incident happened. What happened was I went to my grandmother’s (maternal) place as it was my college break and I was free. it was the winter season. I reached raipur by an overnight journey by train. My nani’s family is a joint family. the house consist of three floors one in which my elder mama mami and nana nani lives and the the other in which my chote mama mami lives with their family. One floor is given on rent.

Actually the story is all about fucking my Mami I had no intention of fucking my badi mami. Let me explain you guys about my mami. She would be around 42 and a well maintained house wife her actual stats would be 34 30 36 in my opinion. She is a fair lady and looks a bit like tiska I just happened. My badi mami has 2 sons one is doing bba and the other is just studying in high school. I went in the evening to a pub with my elder cousin. we had beer and came back. After dinner it was the time to sleep. As it was winter every one needed a blanket and mami used to sleep with them on the ground and the cousins on bed. My mama is a the scene starts here and the conversation was like

Mami-Abhi aap uper bed pr soo jao.

I-nahi mami I’ll manage neeche. let’s not disturb my cousins.

Then we slept on ground and my cousins on bed. Imagine the situation was was sleeping beside a lady and she was close to me. I was lying like a dead body and wanted to do something. I thought of seducing her. I made a plan to touch her boobs and feel her body. So I acted to be sleeping and waited for her to sleep.

After an hour I gathered some courage and slowly slid my right hand towards her tummy. I was touching her side tummy region. There was no reaction from her so I planned immediately to act as I was sleeping and turned and placed my left hand onto her tummy. then I felt her moving I did not move and acted to be sleeping I was lying on my right side. then suddenly she moved towards me in a position where her ass was facing my dick and she was so close , my dick was rubbing her ass.

Then I gathered courage and started pressing her boobs hard. Within a few minutes she started moaning ahh ahh chhhh chh … slow moans which were audible by me only she was wearing a saree and then I removed her blouse buttons and she was in her bra which was black in colour I started pressing her boobs hard. then my dick was rock hard I always love the foreplay. her bra was so damn soft. Simultaneously my other hand was rubbing her pussy over her saree.

Then she did not responded to my act as she was scared of the family. I asked her to shift to another room. we slowly moved then I started smooching her we were playing with the tongues. I was hard and in no time I tore her bra off her sexy boobs were hanging and started squeezing and kissed her shoulder part I slid her bra straps her boobs were so white if you press them they would turn red and was moving my hands over her back then and simultaneously removed her petticoat and slid her panty and started fingering her juices were on as everyone know. She was a very clean lady no hairs and her perfume was amazing. I was rubbing her body althrough.

With the heat and sweat the smell of her body was like damn arousing.Then I pushed her to a wall and kissed her entire body and pressed her ass cheeks then we went to the bed she said let’s start the game I licked her pussy with my tongue’s pressure she pushed my head towards her pussy. then my 6 inches dick rock hard could not resist so I immediately removed the condom out of my wallet as I carry it every time.

I wore the condom and started pushing my dick in her pussy in starting the insertion process was slow then with time I was banging her her and she was in pleasure the sound of thap i.e our body struck each other’s body was in the entire room. She was moaning aaah aaaah chhhh schhhh yes.aaaah ooooh … but the voice was slow and she held my hands hard. I knew she was about to have an orgasm and I felt her to be loose then I pumped her harder for around 10 mins and I came. we slept for a bit in the same position I cleaned myself and slept naked on the bed hugging her boobs were in my hand although. we kissed and she thanked me … after sometime we went to our original room and there was no guilt.

Thank you for reading

I hope you will write as it is a must for me to know about the reader’s view as this is my first real incident. Ladies rather an aunty or a girl can mail me if they need me in bhopal any time at [email protected] it’s my fake account and I use it for other purpose feel free to talk.

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