Indian Wife Cuckolds Drunk Hubby, Fucks Colleague

I am Maheshwari, working as a teacher in a private school. I am married to a man named Ashok since 2016. I was 25 years of age during our marriage and Ashok was 28 years old. It was an arranged marriage. I had many relationships in my college, but none of them lasted for more than 6 months.

Life with Ashok went quite well. He was a responsible man, who respects other’s feelings. He takes care of me like a gentleman. But something was missing in my married life, the routine was killing me and I was bored to death. So I decided to spice up my life.

I started an affair with my colleague George. He was 2 years younger than me. We used to sit nearby in the staff room, have lunch and share our feelings. Our friendship had grown from eating lunch to fucking each other – more or less like friends with benefits.

I used to lie to Ashok that I needed to conduct special classes for my students on Sundays and went to my colleague George’s place to get fucked.

Both my husband and George were similar in physique, but the only place where George outshined my husband was in the length of the tool. My husband’s was only 5 inches long whereas George’s was 8-inches long.

I am good looking with brown colored skin. I am chubby and reasonably tall. My vital stats are 34-33-34. Yes, I have a layer of fat in my belly which will hang outwards when I wear a saree. My tits and my ass are huge in size. I usually wear sarees to school and nighty when I am in my home.

There was a staff in our school who was getting married. So he invited us all with our families to his reception.

I went to reception with my husband Ashok and my colleague George came to it alone (he was a bachelor).

I was wearing an orange saree with a contrast black blouse and a white petticoat. My bra was white in color and I didn’t wear any panty.

The reception started at 8 pm. All our staff families met each other and started chit-chatting. I introduced George to my husband for the first time. They became good buddies with a few minutes of talking.

There was liquor available in the reception hall so men were enjoying the booze while women were gossiping.

Ashok and George started to drink and they were talking about cricket, politics and stuff.

The reception was over about 10 pm and everyone started to leave. But Ashok was not in his senses to walk because of the whiskey. He was too drunk. So George helped me to lift Ashok. Ashok’s left hand was over George’s shoulder and his right hand was over mine.

We both walked him out and after a huge effort, we made him get into a cab’s backseat and I followed him.

I asked George to join us as I could not lift him alone to our apartment. I needed help.

Upon reaching our apartment, my colleague George helped me to drag Ashok to the bedroom and made him lie there. Ashok was not totally out but was in a semi-conscious state. He was blabbering about how sexy my boobs were. George and I left him in the bed and moved to the hall.

George suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him! I tried to push him away but was not successful in the attempt. I was trapped between his both hands.

“George, leave me! We could get caught”, I said. I tried to free myself up from him. But he started to kiss me all over the face.

I was afraid that my husband would wake up. So I tried to pull my face away from my horny colleague’s lips.

He said, “Don’t worry, Maha. Ashok won’t wake up until morning”.

George’s hands started to press my ass and a slow moan (“Ahhhh Georgeeee”) came out of my mouth.

I said, “Alright but let’s make this quick”.

He said, “I wanted to fuck you at the reception itself and luckily, I can now”.

I pulled his head towards my head and he placed his lips over mine. We started to kiss passionately. His hands began to cup my butt. My colleague was inserting his fingers into my ass crack over my saree. I took my hand and unzipped his pants and started to search for his cock in his underwear.

Meanwhile, we broke our kiss and he moved his hands from my back to my pallu and removed it. I began to remove my saree while he was unhooking my blouse.

And soon I was in my white bra and white petticoat.

My colleague removed his dresses and became nude. He made me sit on the sofa and spread my legs and put his tongue inside over my clit and started licking. I tried to control the moans, but finally, let it out of my mouth, “Georgeeeeeee… ahhhhhhh…deeperrrrr ahhhh”.

My pussy was on fire. I held his head with my hands and pushed it towards my pussy. I could feel his beard brushing up against my pussy lips.

I entirely forget that my husband was in the bedroom while I was fucked by my colleague in the hall.

I removed my bra and threw it away while George was licking my pussy. Juices oozed out of my hole, dripping on the sofa.

I said, “Enough, George. I want you inside me now”. I tried to lift his head up from my pussy. He came up and said, “I want your ass, Maha darling”. (I was a virgin in the ass).

“Take whatever you want, George”, I replied.

He asked me to turn towards the sofa and hold the backrest of the sofa and spread my legs. I did so without saying anything.

He took his 8-inch tool and started to rub my ass crack. I felt the warmness in my ass.

I said, “Slowly George, don’t make me shout.”

He pushed his cock’s head inside slowly and I shouted in pain, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh awwwwwwwwww ahhhhhhhhhhh…”

Upon hearing me scream, my colleague took his cock out. It was dry as I had no time to suck it and it was the first time in my ass.

I asked him to apply some oil on it. He went to the kitchen and applied some butter in his cock. He came back with butter in his hand and applied it into my ass too with his fingers. It was a heavenly feeling.

After that, my colleague positioned himself behind me and started to push his cock inside slowly. I was moaning like a bitch.

George put his entire 8-inch tool into my ass and started to move back and fro slowly.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh awwwwww ahhhhhahhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhh..” came out of my mouth.

On hearing this, he made his thrusts faster and faster. Then he shouted, “Maha, I cuminnnng… Ahhhhh..”

At that time I was already having my third orgasm. My colleague shot his huge load into my ass. My juices were dripping all over the floor.

Soon we both collapsed on the sofa, breathing heavily. After a few minutes, I regained my senses and asked George to leave the house as my husband would wake up anytime soon.

He got dressed and left my house. As soon as I closed the door and turned, I saw my husband Ashok standing behind me! I was standing naked and my asshole was dripping.My heart skipped a beat.

I blabbered to him that, “Ashok ahh, when did you woke up? George left the house early ahh, are you alright?”

He put a finger over my mouth and said, “I enjoyed it, darling”. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. I was shocked.

“You, what?!”

He said, “I want to eat your ass”. Upon hearing it, I was relieved. We both went to our bedroom. I made Ashok lie on the bed and I sat on his face.

Ashok licked every drop of cum in my ass and said, “The butter flavor was amazing”.

From that day onward, I started calling George over to my house and we both fuck in front of my husband.

Ashok would lick me and clean me up after George makes my pussy dirty. We also have had more fun together. I would suck George’s tool and after he cums inside my mouth, my husband would eat his cum from my mouth. I stopped having sex with Ashok and eventually, locked him in a chastity cage.

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