Indian Wife Fucks Young Boy – Part 3

Hi, We’re back and we are ready to continue this story for a new adventure, since you may have read the other 2 parts… I’ll just continue from where we left off…

After spending the night seeing my wife with that young boy…..we sent him to the floor to sleep and he still had his hands inside his shorts, no doubt thinking of the best in life sex he had…..i came out from the closet and stood there with my hands on my cock started jerking off on top of my wife who still had the lick from the young boy…..i took her hand and placed it on my cock and told her to start stroking it slow and steady but her hands started moving faster…in another min I had cummed and was shooting the load on her 42 DD boobs….

We had another kinky stuff we wanted to try so we waited for him to wake up and then we’d start out action in earnest…..

In the morning when he woke up he was still erect and stood in front of my wife who was on the bed……my wife took her hand and put it on his cock…she started stroking his cock in his shorts and within ten seconds he came and then left to clean up..

After some time she went indo the kitchen and stood next to the boy…

W : ek baat batao tum saara din hilate to rahte ho,,,phir tum karte ho free time mein….

B: Ji mein khelta hoon, cricket aur football….

W: accha tiumhare best friend kaun hai….

B: ji radhey…bachpan se…

W: Accha tum ne uska lauda kabhi dekha hai…

B: Haan ji hum dono jab blue movie dekhte hain to bad per ya aofa per baith ker ek dusre ka lund haath mein le ker ek dusre ka muth maarte hain…..

W: accha tujhe dekhna pasand hai….

B: haan ji mein khade ho ker ek kone mein aapna lund hilata hun.

W: ek kaam ker apne friend ko le aa….aisa maza karenge ki zindagi bhar mazae ko yaad karoge….

B: Accha madam jab sahib jaayenge to bula lenge….

In the evening, my wife wore a micro mini and a top showing her big boobs to the fullest…..radhey stopped before getting in as he was looking at my wife’s legs which were looking awesome….he realiazed what he was doing and took his eyes off my wife but my wife had noticed that and was smiling as she gave this guy a boner…..he tried hiding it but it was pretty obvious that he had a tent where is zip was.

W: accha ander aa jaao bahaar thand hai zayada….

The two boys walked in and my wife made them sit on the ssofa but they were wary and said they would be okay on the carpet…..

w: toh tum dono khelte ho…..kya karte ho tum…..

B: ji cricket ..

The two boys sat on the floor facing my wife and started talking…..My wife knew why they refused….if she sai in the mcro mini be able to see her upper thighs….those two definitely saw more then that….they saw her black V.secret panty and kept staring while answering my wife..

W: Tumhare dost ne bataya kit um bahut tharki ho aur din mein 7 ya 8 baar muth maarte ho…

The boy felt embrassed and didn’t reply and put his head down not wanting any eye contact with my wife

W: delho koi baat nahin yahan per sab frank hain…

B: Haan ji mein itna maar leta hoon…koi girlfriend nahi n hai na isliye

W: waah mere sher….bahut accha hai…..accha kabhi kisi ladki ke boobs ya chut dekhi hai…..

The boy was a little uncomfortable and my wife calmed him down and told him to relax.

B: Nahin madam asli mein abhi tak nahin….haan ek randi ke dabaye hue hain…

W: arre who koi asli aurat toh nahin hai….maal hai…..

W: accha phir daba ker kya kiya….

B: maine usko zip kholne ko bola aur aapna haath ander daal ke mujhe muth maarne ko bola….woh gandi thi isliye mera lund bahut dare baad jaa ker khada hua….

W: koi baat nahin aaj tujhe ek asli aurat dekhaungi…….per wohi karma jo mein bolungi nahin to bhagaa dungi…..

B: Ji madam mein paagal thodi nah un ki aapke jaise Kohinoor ko chorh dun….

Both the boys were about 5 feet with virgin bodies.

W: Theek hai tum dono uth ker sofa per aa jaao mere dono side per baith jaao….. blue movie dekhte hain…

The two boys came to the sofa and they pinned her body between them….My wife opened her laptop an sat back on the saofa and put on a blue movie about big black cocks fucking. My wife loves black cock….

B: Arre madam yeh kya hai itna bada….asli hia kya…..

W: Haan yeh asli hai aur kale African ka aise he hota hai…..

The boys had started having an erection again watching a big black cock going into the pussy inch by inch…..

W: Arre tum dono ke khade ho gayi lulli…..Chal thoda maza karati hun tum dono ko……

My wife took her hands and placed them on the top of their erection stroking it….those guys were really enjoying it. My wife opened the zipper of both shorts and took her hands inside each short stroking them with out taking them out…. both had their eyes closed and were enjoying my wife stroking their cocks….

W: Ab batao saalo kaise laga….ek mulayam sa haath tumhare gande lulli per….

B: Madam paheli baar zindagi ka maza aaya hai…..

W: Who to hai….. ab chal ek kaam karo…tum dono khade ho jaao ar mere samne aa ker khade ho jaao…

B: Kyon madam muh mein pichkari chodni hai kya….. ya phir muh ke uper chodh dun iske saath ….

W: Nahin tum khade ho jaao aur apna lauda mein jab ghutno per baith jaaon toh nikaal lena bahaar.

The two boys stood up and took off their shorts and shirts…ther were standing infront of my wife and waving theur cocks in front of her mouth..

W: arre tum dono ka lund chhota sa hai per shuker hai ki kala hai nahin to waapis bhejna parhta…

B: Haan ji …..

My wife took their small cocks in their hands and started stroking them givin them a handjob in the process ……. within ten seconds they had both cum on the floor and were content with the fun they had …..

W: Arre gadho paani chodna that oh mujhe batate, mujhe tumhara saara laude ka juice mere muh aur mommo ke uper chorh dena …..

My wife started stroking their cocks even before they lost their eerection and amazingly they got hard within a few seconds …..

W: haan ab ek kaam karo apne dono laude mere muh ke uper rakh do aur jaise tum hilate ho waise ker ke dekhao…..

They started stroking their cocks on my kneeling wife and wiping their cocks on my wife’s face all over and rubbing hard on her lips ……. trying maybe for a blowjob …. My wife was having the time of her life and was enjoying these two virgin cocks …..

W: accha muh mein daalna hai tum dono ko …. woh bhi dekhenge pahele tum dono zameen per jaao aur meri pure badan ko acchi tarah kiss karo ….

Both of them sat on the floor and started moving their hands all over her legs and thighs going upto her pussy slowly …..

To be Continued

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