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Hello, there the horny aunts , girls, guys who use this site for their own secret pleasure.This is my first story on Indian Sex StoriesYou can mail me at [email protected] for feedback & more *winks.

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So here’s the story. I am good at writing. I write hang on. There won’t be fucking right from the first line..have patience a bit, it will be worth your orgasm.My name is karan.I am 19 years old. Athletic body, tall, and good-looking .Lately, have been interested in the ladies who are bit older than my age as they are most sexy and great assets.This happened with my neighbor aunt.

Her name is Kavita.She got married couple of years ago. Aged around 26-27 , very fair , great boobs and ass and so was always got turned on when she used to come around to chat with my mother about new food dishes.

As bad the luck was, I never got to have chat with her one on one as she was bit conservative and stuff.

But one day, when I was working out, the bell rang and I opened it and there she was. Standing in a dark blue dress.I was shirtless and sweaty a bit and she got shocked for a second and i could see her staring at my half naked body and I could see that she liked it a bit .

I cleared my throat and asked“Hi !! Kuchh kaam tha aunty aapko ?? Aur Meri aankhein upar hai .” I winked.

She was totally embarrassed and shy that I caught her staring at me and she rushed off to her place.We live in a flat, so it’s literally next door.

Over a next few days, I saw a change in her behavior.She used to come by my house more than often,She mostly started coming when my mom wouldn’t be at home and when I used to work out,And she started giving naughty smiles and stare at me hungrily.

I was damn sure that I had a great chance of fucking her and already I used to masturbate thinking of her In different positions.

One day, she came over and asked me to come over as she needed some help in taking down some culinary items as it was at bit height.

I told ya sure I will be there over in a minute.

I purposely removed my Jockey underwear, and went just in a tee and shorts.

I went in there and the sight there n there had gotten me hard.

She was against the kitchen counter, her ass tempting me, her hair was over her neck in the front, her back visible. Damn, I had such a hard on and had no intention to go back without making her my bitch.

“Haan aunty, kaise help Kru main aapki.”I asked staring at her boobs knowing she would notice.She smiled and said“Yahaan upar ki shelf se yeh container uttar do na. I can’t reach it ”

I said “sure aunty, sab utaar dunga , don’t worry,” I said without a shame.

She turned red and didn’t say anything and turned back smiling.

That was my signal.I wasn’t gonna miss on that.

I stood right behind her, pressing my dick into her ass and pretending to reach up to the shelf.

Mannnn, that feeling. Of me slowly grinding my dick on her ass was nothing short of heaven

She was shocked at first but then gave in and started pushing back and also in circles.

I didn’t waste any moment and grabbed both her boobs and started pressing them by putting hands inside her dress and kissing on her back while grinding and humping my dick on her ass and she started moaning so sensuously and then I put one finger of mine in her mouth and she licked it. I couldn’t control much.

I took down my shorts, turned her and got her down on her knees and made her suck my dick, damn she was looking so hot and sexy and gave an awesome handjob and blowjob sucking my balls too.And she took the whole load in her mouth as wiped it clean..

She dragged me back to her bedroom.I was shocked seeing this strong and hungry side of her taking control.

Closing the door she pushed me on her bed and started smooching and kissing over my ears and removed my T-shirt while I tore off her dress and removed her bra and took her boobs in my mouth and started sucking em and nipples and bit her nipples which made her moan so hard that I started pressing them.more roughly and she was shouting out in pleasure and pain

Then I took off her leggings and spanked her on the ass and took off her blue panty and spanked it few more times and she liked it a lot as her face showed it she loved it and looked at me hungrily.

I started fingering her pussy and starting it harder and she was moaning a lot and pressing her boobs and kissing her and spanking with my other hand, she came in just a few minutes.

She was damn exhausted by it.But I was not at all done.

I came over her and held my cock to enter her pussy and started stroking, slowly at first but then all at once, full force and around a bit and put my hands on her boobs and pinching her nipples, she looked as in another world , eyes closed and head a bit back and moaning now n then and clenching the bedsheet and touching her pussy ,

We tried couple more positionAnd after 14-15 min we both came at almost at the same time and I got off her and we both lay there side by side, exhausted.

We cleaned each other up and then cuddled up for few minutes naked, which made me hard again and had another go.

She said she never had orgasms like that and that’s how I managed to fuck my next door aunt.

.So, what did you think about it?My first story here in ISS.Feedbacks would be highly welcomed and to chat and know more about me or sex chat or discreet/casual hookups around Ahmedabad. , mail me at [email protected].Your identity won’t be revealed.I am good with secrecy.

See ya !!Will post another story soon if the feedbacks are good.

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