Into The World Of Romance (Erotica – Part 3)

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I was in my seventh heaven, feeling a women’s lips on my dick for the first time. And that too, my dream women, my Rama attha doing it for me. There was this sudden rush in my balls, and I came in her mouth. She took it in her mouth, stood up and went to sync to spit it out. It was the first time in my life I ejected so heavy, that too in the company of a woman and not a hand job.

She returned from the washroom, still nude. Came next to me on the bed and kissed me on the forehead. I hugged her tight and started kneading her boobs again.

How is it? She asked…Super Attha, Fantastic.

Now dress up, your uncle may come anytime soon.

Fuck… It’s lunch time already? But Atha, I want to.. stay. Want to do it with you… This is not the time Raj, she said. Now go home. Study well and finish your exams. We will meet again.

With a heavy heart, I had to dress up and leave her place.

The story begins from here:

Part #3: Losing virginity to my Rama Attha.

It has been two weeks since my +2 final exams. While All other students are busy preparing for EMCET (engineering entrance) I gave a damn about it (Don’t judge me here, I chose journalism as my career), I have ample time to dream about my darling Rama. A few days later I heard my dad and mom talking about an office tour. My father and Subbu Uncle, Rama Atha’s husband work in the same company and they are going to Ooty, to attend the training session. And the good news is that Rama is coming to stay with us while her husband is away.

I was in cloud9 when I heard the news. I was so eager to meet her. That evening I bought a packet of condoms and hid them under the mattress. I couldn’t sleep that night due to the excitement. Her beautiful face, her firm tits and the foreplay we enjoyed in the previous encounter filled my dreams. I slept very late that night. By the time, I woke up the room is already bright, half asleep, still in my boxers, I walked into the kitchen to get my morning cup of coffee. To my surprise, Rama attha was standing in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

Hi Atha, what are you doing in the kitchen? Where is mom?

Did you check the time? It is already 10, and she left to office. Now, brush your teeth and come. I will serve you breakfast.

Wow… That means. We are alone in the house. Wow Attha

I said okay and returned in half an hour after taking the shower. She served breakfast and started talking all casual things. But I was in no mood for all this. I was just in my late teens, with pumping hormones and full of lust. All the while I was ogling at her assets. She wore simple saree with a matching low neck blouse. Like any other working woman, she tucked her pallu in the waist, revealing her tummy from one side.

She always wore her saree below her waist and her belly button is clearly visible from the position I am sitting. I was so tempted to touch her belly button and pull her close and kiss her. I imagined it all, in my mind. But I don’t want to spoil it. She is a mature woman, and I don’t want to touch her without her permission. She caught me ogling at her with my mouth half open and playfully hit me on my head and gave a mischievous smile.

Raj.. Stop staring at me like this. I can guess what you are thinking of me right now. We have one full week, now stop behaving like a despo.And remember to be careful and behave well in front of your parents. One misadventure and you can never touch me in life again. Got it?

I said, Okay Attha.

Rama, call me by name when no one is around.

Of course darling. I winked.

Great, now give me ten mins. I will come back after setting kitchen right.

I said okay, I will wait and left to my room after finishing my breakfast. Rama cleared the dining table and headed to the kitchen. I switched on my PC and started surfing Orkut.

Hitting on friend’s friends and checking out beautiful girls was my best time pass till I heard Rama coming to my bedroom.

I quickly got up from my computer table and hid behind my bedroom door. The minute she entered in, I closed the door in the quick wave, bolted it and hugged her from behind, all in less than 10 seconds. She doesn’t seem to be surprised but anticipating it. She didn’t say anything, neither she tried to free herself. I bent a little to reach her neck and gave a soft kiss below her left earlobe.

I pulled her close and started fondling her bosom. A soft moan slipped out of her lips. I slid the pallu off her shoulders and started squeezing her tits over the blouse. She is responding well for my wet kisses behind her neck. With a flick, I unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it out of her shoulders and threw it on the computer table, and her bra met the same fate a little later.

I was continuously kissing her on the back her neck and she is thoroughly enjoying the moment. She held my left hand and gently and directed it to her groin. I slid my hand into her petticoat, panty and reached her golden triangle. It was clean shaven, and I could easily navigate to her straight lips. Wasting no time I slid my finger in and touched her clitoris.

Oooch.. She gave a loud moan with a sudden jerk.

Raj …. Stop it. I can’t stand anymore ….

I wasn’t listening to her… Finally, I explored her weak point… Like a boss.

Her heartbeat doubled, she threw all her weight on me and started breathing heavy like a dragon. While I pistoned my finger in and out of her pussy, touching her G-Spot every time, she is trying hard not to scream by biting her lower lip. It was three acts in one, I was kissing all over her neck and shoulders, fondling her bare breast with one hand and started finger fucking her pussy. She is in ecstasy, I was enjoying her expressions from the life-size mirror fixed on the wardrobe opposite to us. She had an orgasm or two, with a loud moan she squirted all her love juices on my fingers. She turned toward me and hugged me tight.

You are super raja…. In my five years of marriage, I never came during foreplay.

Her eyes are full of lust. She came very close to my face and said

‘I love you’ from today you are my secret boyfriend. Come, take me….

And we smooched. The kiss was eternal, we sucked each other’s lips like we were competing in a kissing marathon. Finally, we broke the kiss after some 10 mins and sat on the bed. The room is so hot despite the AC running in full swing.

We took a quick break for 5 mins or so, she went to the washroom meanwhile and relieved herself. She left her saree in the washroom itself and came back in just petticoat. For my eyes, she looked like a sex goddess with right amounts of flesh and curves in right places. She did not cover her breast, she is semi-nude with just petticoat and panty on. Her nipples are still erect, and her tits are firm forming a gorgeous valley in between. She isn’t wearing any jewelry except the long mangal sutra hanging above her melons. I was sitting at the edge of the bed still in my boxers and tee shirt. She came near me and removed my tee shirt and pushed me onto the bed.

Now it’s my turn to satisfy my boyfriend… She said with a wicked smile and started kissing all over my chest. She asked me to come fully on the bed and came over me with her round boobs hanging like mangos over my face. She slowly adjusted herself similar to a missionary position and started massaging my chest with her tits. She was so careful not to throw her weight on me. It was two well-shaped bosom rolling over your chest like rose petals with the occasional rubbing of each other’s nipples. Oh Man …. that was so sensual. She then went down and pulled down my boxers and underwear in one go.

She started kissing me around the waistline and gave soft love bites near my groin. She held my fully erect penis and showered soft kisses across the length and breadth of my tool. She held my dick in the middle with two fingers and took my cock head into her mouth and started playing with my foreskin. Gently moving my cock up and down with her two fingers, she sucked my dick like a lollipop. After a couple of minutes, I started shouting like a school kid out of excitement.

She understood that it is time. She left my tool for the real job now and came next to me one bed. She whispered in my ears.

Come fuck me… Fuck me… Show me your real power and I will give you heaven. She said in a husky voice with eyes full of lust.

With a lot of excitement, I positioned myself in the missionary position. Kissed her love hole for one last time and started rubbing my dick on her straight lips. She directed my cock towards her love hole and asked me to push in. I gave a big thrust and pushed my dick into her vagina..and gave gentle strokes. In my third or fourth, I dig deep into her love hole. I could feel the pleasure of soft tissues contracting around my dick. I started my hump with a slow movement and increased my speed in a rythm.

She put her legs around my waist and dragged me close to her tights and started giving me reverse thrusts. That was an amazing fuck. I was going to realize my manhood for the first time.

Rama started moaning loud …. Fuck me.. Fuck me deep ….

Hit my uterus wall on every thrust. Ha … That’s it …. Fuck me … Deeper and deeper. Wow.. Super Raja… You are better than your uncle ….. Do it …

That wasn’t her style of enjoying an orgasm, but she did that to boost my confidence and make me comfortable on my first fuck. (she revealed later)

I was humping like a camel enjoying every thrust, I could feel the gush in my testicles …… Attha… am going to cum.

Don’t stop ….. Cum inside … cum deep inside and get me pregnant …

Aaah … Ahhhh .. Aaahhh.

Oooh.. I am cumming … I am cumming ….

I emptied my sack in her vagina and lay flat on her body with my dick still in her vagina… In a few minutes, my dick became numb. I gave a peck on her lips and said thank you, Rama… I feel like a man now.

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