Investing On A Rag Picker

Dear readers, this is my second story. As I described earlier in ‘daring housewife story’ how much hair fetish I am. To get long hair women ready to spend money, time everything. One and only criteria for a woman to me is her hair. Age, complexion, figure, look everything immaterial for me. I am a bachelor and not going to marry at least within 10 years. Because marriage will spoil my obsession, my dream.

My office is about 20 km away from my home. Usually I work till 8pm, but that day I left office around 4pm because had a plan to watch ipl final match. On way to my home there comes a slum area, very dirty . Actually that is the area where rag pickers stay. I one word miniature of hell. While my car was crossing the slum, suddenly from nowhere a baby about 2 years came in front of car. Put the brake as hard as I can, my car stopped but a car which was just behind dashed and my car was badly damaged. Got down from car, the baby was absolutely alright but due to huge noise the slum people came on road. I was surrounded by them, I could not breathe properly because of fear and unbearable bad smell. Trying to understand the attitude of the crowd, by this time one lady came out running and shouting.

She came to the baby and picked up. Very surprisingly the entire crowd started blaming the lady for her irresponsible behavior. My car was unable to move, with help of the locals pushed it by the side of road and called garage to take the car with recovery van. Gradually everyone went away, I was alone there waiting for mechanic. Sometimes later heard a female voice, “babuji, forgive me”. Turned back, saw the lady standing in front of me with the baby in her lap. I replied “it’s ok”. She started to apologize before me for the damage and also thanking me to save her child’s life. While she was talking had a close look at her. She was around 27 years, dark complexion, about 5’2”, thin and not at all good looking. Moreover extremely dirty. I was planning to bypass her but as she was talking continuously no scope was there. Another lady was passing from there, she asked “what happened sudha, anything wrong?”.

Sudha turned back and started explaining what happened sometimes before, she was describing how her child was saved by me. Upto this, I was very much irritated but the situation changed completely when I noticed her hair bun within 2ft distance.

Her hair bun was awfully huge but sticky and full of dirt. My experience told me, if proper investment with proper planning is made behind her, she is the lady to fulfill my lust. As the another lady went away, Sudha started talking again. Now it was my turn to show greatness. I asked her why does she stay in such an unhealthy place? She told she is a rag picker, her husband was also the same. About 1 year ago her husband died in a road accident.

Asked about her monthly income. She told about 1500. I said if possible to leave this place otherwise her baby will be badly sick very soon. The trick clicked, she asked me to give a job of a housemaid, where she can stay with her child and have food. Even 1000 rs per month will be enough for her. Though my heart was dancing, I kept cool. Told her to wait in front of a movie theater tomorrow about 7 pm, which is 2 km away from her place, from where I will pick up her and she will work as a housemaid at my home with stay and food and 3000 rs per month. Moreover, separate care for her child. She became extremely happy and went into the slums thanking me a lot. She did not notice I was happier than her.

Next day was a big day for me. I left office at 5pm. Bought 4 saris, bras, blouses etc, big bottle of shampoo, hair oil, lice killing oil, combs, soaps, other cosmetics for her and some cloths and other necessary items for her child. Reached at the movie theatre at 7:15pm. Saw she was standing there with her baby, eagerly looking for my arrival. Asked her to sit on the rear sit, turned off ac of car and opened all the windows. Because such a bad smell was coming from her. After reaching home I gave her a room at the ground floor of my bungalow with attached washroom. Gave her all the items what I bought for her and her child except lice killing oil. Asked her to clean herself and her child and to have good bath. Also told to wear new dresses after shower.

After 1 hour I came down to ground floor and saw she was playing with her child on the bed. Both of them was looking fresh after shower and in new clothes. But still some bad smell was there. Noticed her huge bun is dry, which means she did not wash her hair. I told her “sudha, why did not you wash your hair? That is why still bad smell is coming.” very casually she replied her hair takes at least 4/5 hrs to dry. In night her wet hair will cause headache. Her answer made my cock as hard as iron. Told her to look after cleaning of house from tomorrow and not to leave house unattended.As usual left for office next morning, at that time sudha was in kitchen busy in washing utensils.

My eyes stuck on her bun, waiting to be undone in due course of time. It was Saturday, came back home at 7 pm. As I entered home, she came forward and asked if I need anything. Requested her to give a cup of tea. She was looking much better, and did not get any bad smell. As she was moving towards kitchen, gave a look on her huge hair bun. It was shining a bit and even looking bigger. Understood she applied shampoo on it. My hands were ready to pull it hard and to open her juda, but correct time yet to come. A few minutes later she came with tea, smiled asked is there any bad odor today? In a very cool way replied “so far no”. In late evening went to her room, she was sitting beside her sleeping child, called her outside of room and said “listen Sudha, you were staying in a extremely dirty place, now you are in bungalow, so try to stay neat and clean all the time.” so nodded her head. Now I applied my second trick. Handed over lice killing oil and asked to apply on her entire hair.

This time she reacted in a different manner, replied in a rough manner “ I am not that much dirty, what you are thinking”. Instantly I changed tactics, told her “I am not telling that you are dirty but it is better to take steps for preventing any health problem, because your child may get affected for this.” she kept quiet. Returned back to my room with next day plan.

Next day was Sunday, woke up at 8 am. While I was going for the washroom, saw Sudha was preparing a table for breakfast. She noticed me and gave a smile, I also smiled at her. I saw her tight huge hair bun was heavily oiled, surely it was lice oil what she applied last night. After getting fresh I took out a doll came to the breakfast table and gave it to sudha. Asked to give it to her child. She became happy for this. Asked her to sit for breakfast, she was hesitating but in my second request, she accompanied me.

Suddenly of her own she stated me that I was correct. She applied lice oil last night and on today morning while she was combing her hair, some lice came out. I told her “ok fine, now after breakfast go and have your bath.” she agreed, but said it will take a bit of time because firstly she has to shampoo then normal bathing. As her hair is long so it will be difficult for her to manage. Previously any other woman used to help her while washing her hair. A lady having such a big hair bun discussing hair with me made my heartbeat double. I saw it is the golden opportunity, it has to be utilized. Accumulating courage I asked her “sudha, if you don’t mind I can help you”. For a while, she stared at me and then started laughing, “being a male how can you help me in the bathroom?” I said, “don’t misunderstand me, I will just help you to wash your hair, then you take your bath”. She thought for while and agreed.

Took her to my bedroom attached bathroom. Both of us stood under shower, asked her may I open her juda? She gave a sweet smile. Sudha was standing infront of me with a magnum size hair bun, heavily oiled waiting to be undone by me. Caught her bun with two hands, my 9 incher was about to explode. The bun was made with many twist and turns of thick hair. Gently pulled her bun from top to open lock. Then grabbed middle part of bun and pulled. Her head inclined towards my shoulder. Gave a shake and the thick heavy jet black hair came down upto her calves. Her hair was not only long but very thick also. It was very heavy because of oil. Opened shower, allowed to wet entire hair. Then took shampoo bottle and poured directly on her scalp and on back hair. Now put my fingers into her scalp hair to massage. Hair was so dense initially it was becoming difficult to put fingers inside.

After completing scalp started rubbing her calf length hair. Took her hair in two hands and rubbed it from top to bottom. After half an hour again opened shower and washed her hair. She thanked me a lot and I came out from bathroom. Realized my shorts is spoiled, quickly changed it. After another half an hour sudha came out, with a wrapped towel on her head. With towel her bun was looking like a football. She stood infront of mirror and pulled off towel, her magnificent calf length hair came down. She was combing her wet hair, I was unable to stop staring the fairy scene. She told till 4 to 5 hours she has to keep her hair open to make it dry. Another chance for me. Told her again I can help, if she allows. She asked “how?”. Asked her to sit at the edge of bed. Took out hair drier, and plugged in. Took a comb and started combing, then took the hair drier and started from scalp hair. Like a professional beautician dried her extremely long and thick hair.

She stood up with her hair open, she was looking like a hair goddess, she was facing me, her hair was much wider than her body till her calves. As if she was standing with a hair background. She gave a meaningful smile and tied her hair in a gigantic bun and left room.After lunch while I was in my room with my laptop, sudha entered my room. She told some sort insect has bitten on back side of her neck, she is having burning sensation over there. I became really worried, asked her to turn back. Then tried to find the place on her neck, her hair bun was resting on her neck so lifted the huge bun with left hand to point out the place. My cock was not under my control, my hand was wanting to grab her juda and pull it hard, my ear was wanting to hear her moan. Aroma of her hair mesmerized me , I was in a dream mode.

Suddenly felt pressure on my cock, saw sudha caught my cock with her right hand and was pressing it. My left hand was on her juda, grabbed her tight bun and pulled hard downwards, her face was just below my leap. Started kissing and by right hand opened her sari. Pressing her boobs , kissing and was pulling her hair hard. She was moaning in pain. I knew she is ready to have sex with me, but if I go for normal sex then chance pulling thick calf length hair will be lost. Her bun was caught by me, gave a strong pull and threw her on bed. Her bun was almost undone, before she could stand up, again grabbed her lustrous hair, wrapped twice around my wrist and brutally pulled her up. She was asking me to stop hair pulling because it was hurting her. From bed brought her on floor, ripped off her blouse , bra and petticoat. She was lying infront of me naked and her thick super long sexy hair was spread on floor.

I stood on her hair, so that she can not stand. I felt as if I was standing on silk, my feet was skidding over her hair. I took off my t shirt and shorts, my 9 incher was waiting for this moment, it jumped out like spring. Removed my feet from her hair and asked to stand up. She stood on her feet. Calf length thick hair completely nude woman was standing infront of me. Took her to bed, I lied on bed and asked her to sit beside for hairjob. She had no idea about this, took her thick sexy hair , wrapped around my dick then took her hand onto it and taught how to masturbate with hair.

While she was doing hairjob I was fingering her cunt. Very soon her vagina became wet and started discharging droplets. She wanted to be fucked but I have to teach her blowjob. Again caught her by her hair and brought down from bed. This time she did not resist , asked her to go on knees. Then I put my dick into her mouth, she willingly took it. While she was sucking I divided her hair into two parts, grabbed two parts with two hands, started pulling towards me for deep throat fucking. I felt it is the time for fuck , placed her on bed for doggie style. Inserted my iron cock into her cunt and her hair in my hand. With hard hair pull fucked her as long as can hold my cum, then poured entire white fluid into her hole.

Both of us were absolutely exhausted, I lied on bed , she kept her head on my chest and covered my body with her hair like a blanket. She requested me not to be so brutal henceforth. I promised her, but I knew I will not be able to control myself from pulling such beautiful long thick hair. My next aim to teach her about hair bun fuck and to fuck reverse cowgirl with hard hair pull.


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