Ishani’s Saga: The Memorable First Trip

Hi, my name is Ishani from Kolkata and this is a short incident from last year. I write this today because, the people concerned have moved out of town recently. I am now 30 and fair, height of 5’7″. I am not slim, but I care to say I am curvy. My figure stands at 34 d-28-36, with long hair.

I am married and my husband is in merchant navy. I have not been that sweet Bengali girl, and I have enjoyed pleasures of this world before marriage. But in spite of my ideals of marrying a person I love, I settled for a arranged marriage and fell in love with the person I married.

For the first 6 months we enjoyed at home, and then for another 20 months I was with him on ships. We enjoyed while it lasted but I Guess I was bored with the globetrotting and endless seas. I was home and was planning to take up a job after about 4 months of laziness and being choosy without a job, my cousin sister

Anima who lived in Kulti (about 200km from Kolkata) invited me over. I planned to stay there for sometime and enjoy their company. The plan was for 20 days at least. Subrata her husband, worked in ECL, a coal mining plant. They were some 10 yrs older than me.

But I had more bad luck in store (or was it good luck). 5 days into my stay and Anima Di, had to go to tend to her mom-in-law who lived in Asansol (25km from her house). So the tragic routine turned out to be, Subrata Da leaving at 8:30 AM, and Anima Di, leaving around 10 and I am alone with myself.

Both returned around 7:30-8:00PM in the evening. Of course they would try to compensate by bringing in moves and food so that we can enjoy. But with the cable TV, porn sites and their pet parrot for company, it was becoming dreary. I started complaining on the 3rd day.

After a little thought, next morning, she took me to the house in front of theirs it belonged to Rekha and Sumon. Smart Young couple! Rekha & Sumon were both of my age and has had a love marriage 3 yrs ago. Rekha was a housewife and Sumon worked as a financial consultant.

Sumon was just leaving when we went in, he was a smart and athletic looking guy who said “hi” in a very charming manner and left for work. Rekha on getting to know my so called issue at hand was only happy since she was a housewife and a little company will make her feel only better.

Impromptu, she asked Anima Di to wait a little as she would like to take me along with her to Asansol and do some shopping. It was a welcome relief after 3 days of super boredom that I have been through. But little I know that life would be getting spicier soon.

For the next 2 days we watched movies together, shopped, ate out and super fun. It was Saturday, the usually my husband and I usually have parties and all, but my brother in law and sister were at their usual tasks, him at work and sis with her mom-in-law.

I went off to Rekha’s place. She was busy cooking and Sumon was also there. Apparently its Sumon’s day off. While Rekha finished her cooking and finished with her bath, Sumon and I chatted. It ranged from politics to choice of reading material.

I pride myself of my ability to chat out serious things as guys do and did my best to impress him. Rekha was back soon in a white balloon top and a pair of decent shorts. Since I have had my bath recently, we got together to one of Bengali’s women’s favourite things Chul sokhano drying of long hair.

We sat on the sofa and put our hair behind the back rest and turned on the fan at full blast. I was by the way in a short rust coloured kurti with patiala. Sumon excused himself from stupid women chat, as he mentioned and went far his bath.

We were watching TV and chatting and discussing serials and heroines and hero’s when Rekha started talking about my hair and complimenting me for it. She had her fingers in hair and then she brushed my nape and touched my ear to talk about my earring.

Next she touched my thighs and said “Isha, you have such nice long slender legs, they are really nice. Now, her touch was weird to start off with, and words, flattering, but I never judged it to be sexual in nature. After all she was a woman. Well, I have done my fair share of experiments with girls in school.

The usual boob presses and hugs crushing tits together in the labs. The quick smooches in the loo. But they were experiments at best. The farthest I ever went was probably in class 10 when we rubbed each others pussy over our panties and sucked each other’s budding puffy nipples in a tight bathroom at school.

I must admit it was exciting and highly pleasurable at that age, but it was more for the newness of it and the fun of doing the forbidden thing. But never did I consider myself a lesbian, not even a bi-sexual, as the pleasure of a hard cock is something irreplaceable. You can call me, at best a bi-curious, till this moment.

Back to the story: when I think of it now, the touch was nice to feel and the context of endless fucking for more than 2 yrs followed by absolute celibacy for last 5 months didn’t help. She then very disarmingly asked about my figure a.k.a. sizes. I gave them to her casually and by habit of chats I asked her about hers.

She was 32E-26-36. At only 5’4″, she was small but with a good size boobs and ass. Pocket bomb, as I call her now. She was by then touching my breasts with the back of her hand and rubbing a little while discussing the unavailability of bras for her unusual size.

That truly felt new and nice. Someone touching my breasts after months! She cupped her breast with the free hand and gave me a feel of the shape while discussing it when we heard the door of the bedroom open, she moved her hand and placed it on my right thigh and for a couple of moments there were no chatter.

Sumon opened the door, while brushing his wavy hair and noticed Rekha hand for a fleeting second. Sumon walked in all fresh, in his Bermudas, all 6’1″ of him. His long lightly haired fair legs suddenly seemed attractive. I noticed his butt which was nice and firm and shapely.

I am not sure why, but I probably even thought of his cock size for a moment and could not dwell on it or visualize it since he start talking. He was saying how wonderful the rust colour suited me and I looking very attractive in my salwar.

I said thanks with a smile and moved back to the TV, when I almost jumped up with surprise. I wasn’t expecting it at all from Sumon(now I wonder: Why wasn’t I? He then brought his nose closer to my neck and said, “You smell wonderful too with that I felt Rekha’s hand brushing my nipples again.

The light touch on my nipples, Sumon’s warm breath on my neck brought to surface all the sexual tensions brewing underneath. So when Sumon bent down to plant a soft kiss on the side of my neck, I could only let out a small moan involuntarily, my left hand was on Sumon’s hand on my thigh to stop him and when

Rekha cupped my breast and gave it a small gentle squeeze, both my hands went up to resist her. Sumon made the most of this opportunity and put his hand into my short kurti. He was caressing my navel and that was making me really hot. That strange but familiar feeling in the tummy that I am sure all women reading will be able to relate to.

And that was it, I totally surrendered to them. I couldn’t believe that a married woman that I was gave up so easily. It hurts my pride. Was I such a easy target? Here I am supposed to be a simple demure Bengali housewife who is ever so faithful to her husband.

I was moaning with pleasure under the gentle caress of two strangers I met barely 2 days ago. Rekha asked me in a husky seductive tone, Ki bhalo lagche Isha?(Are u enjoying this, Isha?) and all I could say between my moans was a barely audible yes. Both of them laughed.

As I opened my eyes and looked at Sumon, for the first time I noticed his broad shoulders and deep brown eyes. But not for long as he sealed his lips over mine and sucked them. As I surrendered my lips he slipped in his tongue in to my mouth and there began on of the most sensuous kisses

I have ever had. He moved his tongue expertly to reach place and give me pleasure I never associated with Kissing. But Sumon, is a multi-tasker at the core, his right hand had reached my back and was rubbing it lightly relaxing me further while his left had reach my breasts and kneading it over my bra.

His hand moved under my bra and touched my nipple. His still cold hand on my nipples was making me crazy. In the meantime, his right hand unhooked my bra and while he cupped my open boobs in his hand. I was totally out of control.

Two of them were wreaking havoc on my senses. This seemed like one dream I didn’t want to end. I did not want to move from this position. Sumon planted a kiss on my earlobe and bit it gently, this guy is an expert, and took the kurti off my body in tandem Rekha removed my bra and there

I was sitting in a stranger’s living room absolutely topless. Rekha and Sumon took each of my breasts in their mouth and start sucking. They were swirling their tongues on my nipples which was now so hard while they were sucking. The feeling of 2 sets of lips and tongues on my body is a feeling that is indescribable.

People who have experienced it will know, and but will never be able to express it in words. They were sucking my nipples hard and biting them lightly, swirling their tongue on it and chewing them. It ran chills in down my spine.

He was licking my cleavage when with his right hand he untied the knot of my patiala and slipped his hand into my panties to caress my public hair. I have almost no hair on my body, and my public hair is also very soft and light. I shave it sometimes but now with my hubby away, I didn’t have the motivation to it.

It seemed I was already in heaven. Rekha got down to her knees and removed my bottoms and my panties my legs were wide open for all to see. I was buck naked. She came back up, caressed my clit a little and put in her finger in my already wet pussy and started fingering me.

I was beyond this world now. I moved my hands to massage her ample boobs over her dress and the came down to kiss me. That was one awesome kiss. She was licking my tongue with hers and duelling with it. Between the two of them, I wondered who the master of kissing was and who taught whom.

Sumon picked me up in his arms and I buried my face in his chest. He carried me to his bedroom and gently rolled me on to their bed when I looked around Rekha was already nude and Sumon was undressing. With lust in ones eyes, men look even more handsome I guess.

His wavy hair, tall figure, broad shoulders, nice hairy chest all looked to me like a Greek god. When he took off his Bermuda along with his undies, I was in for a surprise. His cock was so fair. Never have I seen a fairer cock and the thick bulging head was red, more like pinkish red.

That was a cock I have seen on porn movies, but never on an Indian. My hubby has a beautiful piece of meat around 6.5 in, but this looked probably an inch longer and the girth was very thick. It was a good 2.5 in thick. The bulging veins were almost looking green in colour.

It looked like a piece of sculpture and I was all but mesmerized.He came down on my breast and started cupping and kneading one while sucking the other. He slowly moved down and kissed and licked my tummy and then kissed my navel.

It was almost as if he was making love to my navel. Never has Rahul (my husband) or any of my past partners spent so much time and gave me so much pleasure at my navel. It was as if this was a day of discoveries. I felt as if this was a sex organ and I never knew about it.

Between these heavenly pleasures I was barely aware that Rekha was sucking his meat. When Sumon reached my pussy it was flowing like a river, and after planting a few small kisses on the mound he licked and chewed on my clit for what seemed like eternity.

His intensity would increase at times and I think it was when Rekha’s sucking made him more excited or took him close to Cumming. I had my eyes closed and I was drinking in the pleasures. It seemed that my body would not be able to take much more of this ecstasy.

The strange aroma of strong sex juice and active around me on bed made me open my eyes and I saw Rekha straddling me and positioning her pussy close to my mouth. From between her legs could see Sumon place a couple of pillows below my waist and spreading me wide.

He was ready and his beautiful cock was glistening with all the sucking that Rekha has put in. My Dream was getting better and better. And for the time in my life I was see a Pussy up close in my face and I was attracted and I liked it.

I have never really thought about Rekha’s pussy so there was no expectation. But up close it looked very beautiful. She had a little triangle shaped hair patch just above the slit and none on the lips or the sides which made it look really exceptional.

The outer labia were puffy and the inner lips were unevenly long and stick out of her outer labia. Her general skin tone is exceptionally fair, some of us may even consider her pale, and her outer pussy lips were dark pink and the inner lips were lighter.

She seemed wet already and the clit was peeking out of the hood. It wasn’t a huge clit or anything but it looked cute. The first thing that caught my attention was the inner lips. I have a puffy swollen mound and the protruding lips really were different.

I kissed them and tasted another woman for the first time. It was good. I now believe that every woman has a streak of lesbianism in her, it only needs some motivation. I chewed on them for a few seconds and then concentrated on her clit.

This was all new to me and my only experience was the many XXX rated movies that I have seen and the clips on net. But the gyrating of her hips and her moans told me that I wasn’t too bad at this. I wriggled my nose on her clit while I was sucking her hole and sticking my tongue in as much as possible into her.

I took the clit into lips and sucked on it, and while doing so I hummed a little like I do when I suck cock. She stiffened up, shivered a little. I knew she was close, I stuck my finger in her ass hole and that made her cum, it seemed, quite hard.

My face was smeared with her wetness. But she was in no mood to relent. A woman with suck a beautiful body ought to have a large appetite for sex, it seemed justified in the mean time Sumon was teasing my clit with his large tool by stroking in on my slit.

Whenever his large swollen pink head touched my clit, I stiffened a little and I am sure Rekha felt the fervour of my excitement on her pussy through my tongue. He then moved on to my well lubricated hole. The thoughts of unprotected sex and consequences came to me for a fleeting moment was washed away with the throes of pleasure when his cock touched my pussy hole. H

e pushed in the swollen head and was enjoying the friction on the head of his cock! I have been well fucked for the past couple of years and I thought I am lose enough for a cock to go in easy, but this meat felt like filling me up as he pushed it in very lazily. It was as if he was teasing me. I was enjoying every inch of it. It was as if I was swelling up.

It felt so full. It seemed to be pushing into places that have never been touched before. I was feeling like a virgin again. It may have been my excitement, but I felt out of the world as he slowly started stroking. With his first slow stroke I came for the first time.

I squeezed his cock and he seemed to like it. He kept stroking slowly and then kept increasing the speed. Rekha was adding to the pleasure, she had turned around with her ass facing my face. I was still sucking on her and she probably came two more times when Sumon was going full speed.

Rekha was sometimes kissing Sumon, and Sumon was sometimes sucking her tits, and during these times the strokes were back to slow. Then he returned with gusto. Rekha was bending down, and I would take that opportunity to suck on her clit again, that would make her cum.

While bending down, she would lick my clit and suck it, and push me over the edge and make me cum strongly. To me time seemed to be standing still and I was getting orgasm after orgasm. I don’t think I have ever had so many during one session. I counted 3 or 4, and then I am not sure about anything but the pleasure.

I was barely aware when Sumon called my name. Very politely but excitedly he asked, “Bhetorey felbo? kono oshubidha nei toh?”(shall I release it inside, you don’t have a problem, right?). My eyes let up….I said between my moan, “Kono osubidha nei, ami puro enjoy kortey chai”(No problems at all, I want to enjoy to the fullest).

Rekha was on her knees and licking Sumon’s asshole and balls when he came strongly in me. When his warm semen hit the wall, I orgasm again and this time the strongest. There were at least 2 big squirts and then some more small ones as he collapsed on me.

He rolled over after a minute with his face near my pussy and I put my left thigh on his shoulder. Rekha was still working. She was licking Sumon’s cum as it was oozing out of my pussy and that was soothing my pussy.

After a brief few minutes and my first wave of guilt hit me. Never before this moment did I think that i was cheating my husband. I wondered what I would do if he cheated on me. Then Rekha came in beside me and kissed me. Her mouth still tasted of Sumon’s cum. We fell asleep.

But we woke up more to come on part 2. This is my first attempt so do let me know my mistakes and your comments. Vulgar and constructive, both would be appreciated. You can Mail me at ishanihouwife(at) So till next time, Keep those cocks hard and cunts wet!

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