It Happens In Bangalore Malls

Hey boobies and cocks… I am a normal built guy from Bangalore with a tool that can satisfy both girls and hot men… Yes I am a bisexual and I have both experiences… I usually prefer teens of my age to have fun… Please leave comments on this story to [email protected]

Coming to the story it was Saturday morning. I had a joint I smoked up and it was total peace. I went to orion mall as usual to checkout babes and chill a bit. I was sitting near a cafe and was eating a muffin. There was a really hot babe with perky boobies and very short shorts. I was enjoying her stats. I guess she was of age 23, she had a sexy figure of 34d-24-36. Her upper body was full and boobies were juicy. Waistline so thin that one could hold it with 2 hands.Hips which swung sexily when she walked, 36″ in girth and ass protruding out like two hemispherical volleyballs.

She saw me and she came to my table directly.

She: hey! Stoner?

Me: hmm.. Eyes tell everything now

She: do u have one more joint… I haven’t gone high from a fortnight

Me: I have a joint but it’s in the pocket of my inner wear

She: washroom?

Me: no babe.. I dont feel safe here.. And what will I get by giving u my stuff? Lets smokeup together?

She: my apartment is near… Lets go

We left mall and drove in my bike to her apartment which was not so far…

(god!! She was awesome.. Her aroma.. Perky boobies.. Those big eyes and red lips.. Fuck I was horny and hard like iron rod)

As soon as we entered her apt. She closed the door and asked me to take out the joint.

Me: u only take it( stood with my hands at back… Dick was erect and bulge was visible)

She being a horny slut after seeing my bulge.. Went on her knees and started removing my pant.. She rolled down my inner wear and my hard dick sprung out.. She was observing it with rapt attention. She found the joint and took it.

Me: my joint(dick) needs some service I guess(expecting a blowjob at least)

She: well well its bigger than my boyfriend.. And she took it directly in her mouth..

Fuck fuck fuck.. She sucked it like a porn star and I cummed in her mouth…

She started smoking the joint… I went close to her.. Pressed her boobies and started sucking them on her top… Fuck she was high and started smooching me…

I removed my clothes.. Took her in my arms and went to bed room..

I removed her clothes and made her naked and started feasting her body..

Those boobies were perfect… Round perky..Hmmm I loved chewing those nipples..

She was very high and moaning like a slut.. I started licking her pussy.. She had orgasm after orgasm and was exhausted.. I thought better not to fuck her holes in this position and went to cuddle with her.

We had a nice sleep. She woke up in evening.

She: dude put it in me… My pussy is burning..

My rod was erect and I inserted inside her and started ramming her with full deep strokes…

I rammed into her pussy like piston of a formula 1 car at its top speed. She was moaning, crying as loud as she could but demanded more of it. She was craving endlessly for it. Although the music was loud, it was not loud enough to hide her voice. So I put the dupatta which was around my neck deep into her mouth, now she couldn’t scream. She started panting like a thirsty bitch in heat. She engraved her 1 cm long nails in my buttocks. She begged me to explore her depths. She pleaded me to enter harder.

The room was filled with the sound of thap-thap, thap-thap, my thighs on her thighs, my scrotum on her ass. I fucked her deeper and deeper and suddenly I felt a gush of watery liquid on my member. She reached her orgasm, she was squirting perhaps. I was also near my edge.

I tried to pull my dick but she insisted me to ejaculate inside her, this time her nails dug deeper. I did as she commanded. Our love juices met. It was warm and humid inside. I pulled it back. I was never satisfied this much in my life. The glow on her face even through her exhaustion, showed how relieved she was.. I inserted my dick in her mouth..

She:that was the best fuck I ever had

Me: u are beautiful babe(smooched her)

She: my boyfriend will die if he gets to know this

Me: well let him fuck me to call it even

She: wtf!! Are you a bisexual?

Me: yea babe!! I saw your pic with your boyfriend in hall.. He is a muscular hunk.. I love such type of men.. Let him fuck my hole.

She: you are crazy dude.. Well idea seems to be kinky.. I will arrange him for you if you fuck me whenever I want.

My dick was already inside her and I started fucking her..

She: ooohh it fills my pussy.. Fuck… Fuck me .. Aaahhha

She wanted me to go harder and faster.. I was pounding her with all the strength I could..We then changed our positions after about 10 min and she came on top of me and started riding me.. Her boobs were bouncing in front of me.. I was squeezing them, pinching her nipples.. I lit a cigarette and started smoking while fucking her… It is the kinkiest stuff… I got kinda high and started ramming her… Deep and deep… Fuck it was paining but brutal and rough.. We both cummed at same time..We were exhausted and slept for a while.. We ordered pizza.. Ate it naked..

I sucked her boobies again with ketchup on it and we took bath together.. While taking bath her ass got my attention.. Those big musk melons… I automatically went on my knees with my face buried in between those big cheeks licking and rimming her ass hole.. She was moaning in pleasure rubbing her pussy.. I tried inserting my dick inside her ass.. It was too tight but I had experience so I did it like a pro causing very less pain to her..

I started pounding her ass in doggy style.. I can never forget that view of fucking a perfect ass.. I cummed inside her ass.. We cleaned ourselves and walked out.. She couldn’t walk properly after her ass got destroyed… But that figure deserved it..

(We ate dinner outside came back..Had red bull and had two more sessions at night and I left her apartment next morning. I left my number with her. She called me on Friday and asked me to come to her apartment so that I can get fucked by that macho hunk)

Next part I will describe how I fucked him and made him discover his gayness…

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