It’s Always A Fun With Lubes And Vibrators

Hello to everyone, I am from Pune, Viman Nagar area, doing mass communication. As we all know in media sleeping with unknown persons and one-nightstands are very common and I keep indulging in such things, but yea with safety and proper precautions. My name is Vishal and I am around 5 feet 9 inch tall with athlete type body, Black eyes and Black Hair. My age is 22 years. Without wasting much of your time, let’s read what I have to say.

After joining college I started hunting for girls because I was virgin and I wanted to lose my virginity as everyone wants. I started talking with one of my classmate. Her name is Monisha; she is around 33-26-32. Fair complexion and Punjabi. Anyways, as months went on we got so open with each other. I used to flirt with her every time and she never minded that. In the month of February I proposed her for relationship and she said yes! We had sex thrice after this but the one which I am going to describe below is one of the best sessions we had.

After a month we went into Live-in relationship for somedays as we both wasn’t able to live without each other touch, smell, etc. After our last exam and we shifted to 1BHK flat. As our exam was over I decided to have sex with her. I went to chemist shop and brought chill thrill condom of Kama sutra and durex strawberry lube. Then I went to wine shop and brought apple vodka, rum and two bottles of breezers.

I reached home and asked her to have some drinks with me; she went to kitchen and brought some chips as chakhna. We sat in balcony and started having alcohol. After 35-40 minutes we started feeling high and she leaned over me, I kissed her and offered her dairy milk, we ate dairy milk and we got so high in our sense that I was not able to stand up even. After sometime we went to bedroom and I pushed her on bed and started licking her all over her face. I opened her top and kissed her near neck area, she started moaning. I opened her bra and started sucking her nipples in rolling motion and biting slowly slowly. She went mad; she started biting me back on my shoulders and neck area. After kissing her for 10-15 minutes I asked her, now it’s your turn baby.

She pushed me aside, sat over me and started kissing me all over. She removed my tee and started kissing on my chest. She went down slowly slowly and opened my jeans then shorts and took my hard 7inches dick in hand and she was about to suck it, I stopped her and gave her strawberry lube. She poured lube over my dick and balls area and started sucking it. I was feeling on cloud 9 and I instructed her, suck me baby, suck me hard. When I started feeling something coming out I asked her to stop. Then I opened her skirt and removed her pink colored panty in one go. I poured some lube over her vagina and I started licking her vagina like we used to see in xxx movies. I was fingering her and licking her at same time. She started moaning. mmmmmm mmmmmmmm ,Aaaa aaahhhhhhhhhh. ya common lick me… Common. Lick me dear. Lick me rapidly and all.

I poured whole lube bottle over our body, our body became so lubricated that it became so fun in licking and massaging each other. ( as durex lubes are water soluble, simply no chip-Chip) After licking her for more 5-6minutes I took out Kama sutra Methanol flavoured chill thrill condom and worn on my dick. As it was methanol I started feeling chilling effect on my dick. I asked her to lie on bed , I came over her and took her legs over my shoulder and entered my dick slowly into her pussy in missionary position. She started moaning too loud now and pleaded me to fuck her hard, I started pumping her rapidly , she too was feeling cold inside her pussy (as she told me later). I was giving love bites all over her neck and boobs area and she was enjoying fucking to the fullest as she was moaning very loud, “mmmmmm aaaahhhhh..yea common fuck me harder, pls fuck me more harder, fuck me like bitch..common plsssssssssss.

After 5-6minutes of missionary style, I lied down on bed and asked her to sit over my dick in over-ride style. She sat on my dick and started jumping and making circular round, then I stopped her and started pumping her from back. She started screaming, I am Cumming, I am Cummingand she came all over my chest and face.

Then I made her in doggy style and was pumping her vigorously for next 6-10 minutes with spanking on her ass and all. I hold her hair and keep pumping inside her. Then I felt I was Cumming, I told her same and asked where should I cum, she asked me to cum over her boobs, I took my dick out and removed condom and came over her boobs. She was smiling, with a satisfying smile.

Later on, we went to bathroom for bathe and there I asked her for one more round, this time I fucked her with vibrator and in standing position and in sitting position on pot. There I brushed her vagina with toothbrush which I got in honeymoon pack of branded company, as a result she came twice in that session

I still do some amazing sex rounds with girls like this, mainly after drinking and I keep spending money in exploring new sexual fantasies like buying different type of lubes, condoms, etc. With lubes it’s always a fun, give it a try. How I fucked two of her friends, will submit later according to response of this story.

Any lady who is married/unmarried/divorcee /single can contact me in Pune for satisfaction round with amazing lubes ,flavored condoms and toys. Privacy is guaranteed for your and my benefit. My email id is [email protected], I charge according to the need of women. Sometimes I offer free service too. I love aunties very much. They are experienced and understanding in Sexual needs. They are practical book of Kama sutra. Do contact me. Thank you. Keep reading. Enjoy!!!

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