It’s Just A Game Between A Brother And Sister

Hello Friends, this is Shravan from Bangalore. The following new story is completely a FICTION and it’s not related to real life. I hope you will like it and please do send your feedback to [email protected]

Enjoy my latest Fiction story…..

I was 19 at the time and my younger sister, Sheetal, had recently turned 18.

Sheetal and I were pretty close as brother and sister go. Occasionally we would hang out in the same overlapping circles of friends. So when my parents went out on the town one evening, leaving us at home by ourselves for several hours, it wasn’t out of the ordinary at all for her to come down and ask if I wanted to play a game.

I said I was up for it and she suggested truth or dare, a game I hadn’t played since I was like 8. I always liked the concept though and thought it could be really fun to play now that we were older so I agreed.

We played through a couple of silly rounds with dares like prank call our neighbours and truths about whether or not we had ever cheated on tests. Then one round I chose Truth, and Sheetal asked me if I had ever kissed a girl.

When I said I had, her eyes lit up. “Really?Who?!”

“Um, well a couple actually. You know Deepika from school right? We kissed after our dates a couple of times. And then I kissed Anita that time I took her to the disco.”

Sheetal listened intently and said after I finished, “That’s so cool,” and giggled a bit.

Now that it was Sheetal’s turn, she chose Truth and I asked her if she had a crush on anyone. She replied that she didn’t, and I made her promise she was telling the truth before we went on.

I chose Dare for my turn and Sheetal thought for a moment, then bit her bottom lip. She looked at me and had a rather timid look in her face.

“What?” I asked.

“Well, I, uh, have never kissed a boy. So…if I dare you to kiss me will you do it?”

“What, really?” I said. I was kinda surprised by the dare. Sheetal had always been a cute girl. She kept her hair just above her shoulders. She had always been pretty skinny, but not overly so. If I had to guess, I’d say she had B cup breasts which I often ogled through her tight tees and such. Other than the fact that it was my sister, I liked the idea of having a girl right in front of me who was eager for me to kiss her. My hormones won the battle pretty easily.

“Sure, I guess I can do that. A dare is a dare after all.”

She got really excited and said, “But I want a full kiss. Not like a peck on the cheek. I want to see what a real kiss is like.”

I told her I would do it, and slid over next to her sitting on the floor. I grabbed a hold of both of her shoulders and leaned in. She closed her eyes and parted her lips and we kissed a few times. I was enjoying the free make out session and she was enjoying learning how to kiss I think, so it went on longer than I expected it would.

Eventually I broke it off. She leaned back, laughed under her breath and said, “Thanks, bhaiyya.”

“Sure thing,” I said, “but now it’s your turn to go!”

By now I was horny and had an idea if she chose Dare. I didn’t know if she’d go for it, but I had done what she asked, so I was hoping…Luckily for me she did select Dare.

With a bit of a naughty smile I declared her dare was to remove her shirt for the remainder of the game.

“Um, I don’t know…”

“I’ll do it too if you want, and besides, I went through with your dare.”

The light bulb went on in her head as she decided it was only fair. She reached down to the bottom of her t-shirt and lifted it up and over her head, revealing a red bra and a lot more of her breasts than I had ever seen before.

She kind of folded her arms over her chest after a minute, either because she was cold now or embarrassed, I couldn’t tell. I upheld my end of the barter and removed my own shirt as well. Then, I chose Truth.

Her question was quick and abrupt. “Do you masturbate?”

I was a little surprised she knew about masturbation to be honest, but without much hesitation I responded, “Yeah, I tend to do it almost every night before bed.”

A small awkward silence was preceded by her saying, “Ok. My turn I guess, Truth.”

I didn’t have to think long before I said, “Same question to you then. How much do you masturbate?”

“Uh, well, I dunno if it’s normal for girls to do it or not, but I usually do a couple of times a week in the shower.”

The conversation was having an effect on me. I had never heard a girl talk this explicitly about masturbating. I was beginning to get turned on and was wondering if she was too.

I chose Dare next, and she turned the tables on me.

“Ok, I dare you to take your shorts off. And I’ll do it too, just like you did.”

I was surprised she offered to do it too but jumped at the chance. I stood up and unbuttoned my shorts, sliding them down to my feet. She did the same for her denim skirt. So I was now just in my boxers and socks, and she was standing in front of me in a set of red bra and panties. She looked way better with just those small items of clothes on than I thought she did normally. She eyed me up just as I did her, focusing on the erection I was quickly getting.

“I want a dare,” she said next, sitting back down.

Feeling pretty adventurous now I dared her to rub her panties with her fingers. Surprisingly there was no resistance this time; I think she had to be turned on by now too and was happy to get a little release by touching herself.

So she lay back on the floor, spread her legs so I could see and ran her hand over the top of her panties in a circular motion. She did this for a minute or so and then sat back up, grinning.

I chose Truth, but she protested saying, “Aw, come on, and take a dare…” I gave in and she said, “Ok, I dare YOU to rub my panties.”

Obviously her brief session hadn’t been enough. She scooted back so her back was against the front of the couch and spread her legs again. I came over and sat beside her, and ran a hand down her stomach reaching her cotton red panties and feeling her slit through them. I found where I figured her clit was and started making the same circular motions she had done.

Sheetal tossed her head backwards so it was resting on the couch, closed her eyes, and started letting out small moans. I noticed the panties getting wetter as I went on. Thinking this was a great time to feel my first real pussy, I slid my hand to the side of her panties, pushed them aside and saw her beautiful private area.

Her eyes bolted open though as she hopped a way a bit and said, “Hey! That wasn’t part of the dare! Now you have to go again!”

At this point I didn’t care who was going, they were all getting incredibly exciting.

“Dare,” I chose, of course.

“Ok, for touching me down there, I dare you to let me watch you masturbate.”

I was a bit weary of getting fully naked, but I did so anyway, and lay back on the floor. Sheetal was watching my very hard cock really closely, the first she’d ever seen, I’m sure. I assumed my normal position with my hand and started stroking it, all the while watching her sitting there in just her bra and panties.

I was so turned on I could have cum in a flash, but I didn’t want the game to end, so as I slowed down but kept going I said, “Your turn while I do this?”

“Sure, dare.”

“I dare you to masturbate too.”

She had to know this was coming, because she pretty quickly unhooked her bra and slid her panties down her long legs. Now she was naked with me too and I could get a real view of her small but beautiful breasts and her wet pussy. She stayed where she was against the couch and started moving her hand just as she hand when she did it over her panties.

I had to go so slow to keep from Cumming, I couldn’t believe I was watching my sister play with herself right in front of me. After a minute I got up and went over to her, and kissed her again. She was very receptive to it, keeping her hand going as she kissed me deeper than we had before. The electricity from kissing and touching ourselves was unreal.

As the kissing went on, she slowly fell to her back on the floor, with me above her. I finally went back to stroking myself, but now as I did so I occasionally brushed my cock along the length of her slit, which felt good for both of us.

We both kept going, looking each other in the eyes and kissing occasionally, me huddling over top of her. After a few more minutes she said, “It’s your turn I think.”

I had forgotten about the game but quickly said dare.

“Ok, are you about to cum?”

“Yeah, I’m really close.”

“When you cum, I want you to do it inside me.”

I couldn’t believe it. We’d already gone way further than I thought we’d ever go. But all worked up as I was there was no way I was going to say no. After another minute or so, I could feel my climax coming, so I lined up and started to push inside.

She was so wet from all of our foreplay that I slid in with ease and when I was as deep as I could go, I felt my cock twitch for a moment as I held it still. The pleasure was so intense, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I started to cum, and it was harder and faster than I had ever cum before. Shot after shot exploded inside my sister, making her already wet pussy feel even wetter.

I think this triggered her own orgasm as she screamed a bit and I could feel her legs and pussy muscles tighten up for a bit. This milked still more cum out of me, and each wave was as intense and awesome as the first.

When I was finally done, I withdrew from her dripping pussy and we both sat up as she reached for her panties.

“Well I think we both won that game, huh?”

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