Job Application Turns Into Love Making

Myself Arjun ([email protected]), a software professional aged 32 from Bangalore. I am working for a small software firm in a reputed position and I got this opportunity to pen up coz of my job.I am married and having a good family life. However, something is missing from life due to my wife’s lack of interest in sex. Even I am interested in enjoying it outside, I never tried something until this happened.

This happened in 2015. We were hiring new developers for our company and I got many resumes during that process. I called most of them for an initial discussion during that process. I got a resume from a girl named Ramya when I was about to leave the office and I was traveling to my native that day. I didn’t get time to replied for her mail coz of that. The night around 10 when I was waiting for a bus in Shanti Nagar station, I was going through all email on my phone and then I realized about this email. Immediately I added her number to mobile and thought of giving her a call next day.

After I boarded the bus I was browsing my WhatsApp and I find Ramya’s dp a she seems cute and find her online. Immediately I messaged her introducing me and informed her that I ll check the resume n call once I back to Bangalore. She replied for that saying thank you and then somehow our chatting continues. We chatted till 2 am and become friends. She called me next day and we talked for hours. Our friendship continues and we met in a park after I came back and she is a girl just 22 years of age with a cute face and nice figure. We used to talk for hours daily and chat most of the time in WhatsApp and our friendship becomes stronger. She was staying in a pg which is just 2km from my place and this make us met every day after my office.

We used to sit in the park and started holding hands and small kisses on forehead cheeks etc. Instead of a lust, there was some feeling between us which made us close. Our hugs and kisses continue for weeks and our closeness made us decide we shouldn’t work in the same firm. So I started helping her to clear interviews in other firms which I personally referred to few and taken her there for an interview.

One day when we came back from an interview I asked her to come to my home as my family was not in town and she agreed to that. She was wearing a blue color top with short sleeves and black leggings that day. We reached my home and I made her seat of the sofa near me. I started holding her tight and kiss her forehead and eyes.

Then we hugged tight and I kept my face on her neck started smelling her hairs and started caressing her hairs. Kissed her neck and she started getting goosebumps and she tightened her grip on me. I started kissing her neck behind the ears and started licking n sucking the earlobes and she started shaking her head and I slowly kissed her neck from one end to other and made her lie on the sofa, I climbed on top of her and kissed, licked and sucked her neck from one end to other continuously. Stretched her legs and started moving my waist without removing any of our dress and she closed her eyes and started biting lips. I kissed all over her face and then reach the beautiful lips. slowly kissed the lips and started sucking her upper lips. She started cooperating and we had interchanged sucking the lips for some time.

My hand was running on top of her leggings stomach and breast all the time. I slowly move to her neck and came down to shoulders and arms. Lifted her arms and started kissing her armpits. She had removed the hairs 3 days back it seams and there were very tiny hairs there and I started licking there. Since the top was short sleeve I am not getting access to it entirely. I slowly started lifting her top by caressing her stomach and after a lot of struggle (she was not allowing me initially) I’ve removed it.

She was in a pink color bra and I started hugging her tight and running my hand on her back. Lifted her both hands and holds it above the head and started kissing and licking her armpits. I licked her armpits with my full tongue out and she was laughing with the tickling sensation. Moved from arms to shoulder and licked and kissed her shoulder and licked her all finger one by one. My one hand was just caressing over her bra all the time.

Then I slowly kissed her chest just below the neck and kiss the visible parts of breast outside bra ad kept my face in between the breast. Came down and kissed the stomach and licked all over her stomach from one to another licking around her navel while pressing her breasts. Slowly my tongue went inside her navel and licked for some time came down to her waist and kissed all over there and slowly started removing her leggings. The struggle continues and last she allowed me to remove it. She was in a light blue panty with wet patches in her groin area. I kept my face over the pant as soon as the legging are removed which made her automatically lifted her waist for a second and then fell back on the sofa. I kissed there for a couple of minutes and started kissing n licking her thighs. Lifted her leg and kissed the inner thighs and licked the leg from top to bottom and licked her toes one by one. My fingers were rubbing over the panty all these times and kissed her legs and thighs for a long time.

Kissing continues to above from legs to the stomach and then to the chest and started removing her bra. Removed the start from shoulder and then removed the hook. She had a nice firmed 34 boobs (seen in bra) with pink small nipples. I started kissing the nipples and circling my tongue around the nipples for some right-hand thumb and index finger were playing with her one nipple while my tongue is on the other. I started licking her breasts from bottom to top and sucked the nipples when my tongue reach there. Pressed and hold the breast which made her nipple pointed and started licking it. Done same to both breast n intervals and started sucking it hard.

Taken the breast in my mouth and started licking nipple when the breast is inside my mouth. She was shaking her head to both sides all the time. Started inserted my hand inside her panty and rub there while sucking continues. Slowly lowered her panty till knees and run my fingers on her thighs and pussy. Removed my t-shirt, jeans, and jockey in one go and started hugging her and kissing lips again. Kept my dick in between her thighs this time and started moving making sure that it rub her pussy lips.

I made her sleep straight and came down and removed her panty completely. Kept my face between her legs and kissed the top part. Then slowly stretched her legs and kept my face on her pussy for few minutes without doing anything. Started kissing around the pussy with out my lips touching the pussy and last I kept my lips on her pussy. Kissed there and started licking the top part slowly. My tongue was moving left to right on top of her pussy and she and holding my hairs tight. I started kissing her pussy from bottom to top and started taking the pussy lips inside my lips when my tongue reach the top. this continues for some time. Stretched her pussy lips with my fingers slowly and started licking inside. Circing my tongue around her love hole and started putting my tongue inside. Started moving my head in and out which made her crazy. Was pressing her one breast and running another hand over the stomach while licking n sucking her pussy.

Then came on top of her looked into her eyes and kissed her forehead eyes lips and started rubbing my tip on her pussy. Lifted her leg little started putting my dick inside. She was a virgin and hence I was going slow. The tip went in and she was holding the pain. Started moving in n out with just the tip inside and started penetrating more with each push after some time. The slow movement made her lubricated more and it made easy for me to go deep inside. Once it completely in, I laid on top of her for a couple of minutes kissing her then slowly started moving my hips. Speed increases with each stroke and removed my dick when I was about to explode and sprayed everything on top of her pussy. I never consider it has a sex and it was a perfect love making. We shared our love and I can never forget it.

We lied hugging each other for some time and then had a bath together and I dropped her back to pg.

She got placed in a firm and moved to another location on mid of 2016.

Thanks everyone for reading this. ‘[email protected]’.Arjun

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