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Hi, Indian sex story readers, myself Guru an IT professional living in Velachery Chennai, with a normal physic.I am really crazy about ladies (aunty )in the age of mid 30’sand 40′, and also I like and love to sniff ladies armpit’s smell,l started at the age of 15 I have a habit of sniffing the blouses of ladies in my family.

Since I have a joint family I have 3 aunties, mom, grandma sisters in my village, in the village, we have 2 bathrooms we don’t have attached bathroom so we people will use this two bathrooms from bathing. So usually ladies will bath early in the morning so they will place the used cloths in the bathroom itself it’s my day to day habit of sniffing and all the blouses of aunties and sisters, 3 aunties ( Sudha, Nirmala, Sumathi ). I like Nirmala aunty the core because she has an armpit so she has a dick raising sweat smell.Also, I have seen them while dressing.

During my sister marriage, so many people occupied my home, so most of them were ladies, so we are very congested in my home, so I got a lot of chance to see ladies.While they changing their clothes, it’s my regular habit of seeing them and jerking my dick and explore the cum, I was very close to Nirmala chichi, she has wonderful boobs with 34 sizes with black dark nipple like a 1 rupee coin.She never minds while changing the dress in front of me.In relatives I have an eye on my aunties Prabha and Suja, Vijaya they have a sexy body, due to the crowd in my home ladies doesn’t care while changing the dress, I started seeing the aunt who is changing the dress.

Coming back to the sex story, after I got a job and settled in Chennai, don’t have much physical work in an office so I planned to go for jogging, usually, I will start at 5 am. I am living in near 100 feet road, so I will jog in 100 feet road, at the same time lady of age mid 35 to 40 will jog at same time, during 1 week of jogging I noticed that lady also regularly coming for jogging,she also noticed me and had a look,but never talked, day passed after 1 week I have smiled, she also smile in return, never talked, coming to her asset she have wonderful curve, she often wear shirt and skinny pants, while jogging her boobs will bounce like anything can’t express here how it is bouncing.

As you all know I always I have an eye on her armpit and at the armpit area it was fully wetted, one seeing her I can’t control on her sweaty armpit. After day passed I started wishing her good morning, in return she wished me from that day we rated jogging together,then we introduced each other, after introduction I came to know she is staying in one of the apartment which is on 100 feet road, and she is 34 year with 2 kids,her husband is also a software professional (will travel most of the time), after started talking, I got to know she is more talkative and very jovial lady,days passes exchanged our number and her usual text me daily while starting for jogging, sometimes she will wait for me, because my home bit inside from 100 feet road.

Daily we will jog for 1 hour and after completing jogging we will go to RH cafe and we will have coffee, days passes we are so close and she invited to her flat, I said I will come some other day, then she said ok you should to tell same reason next time you should come. Next day sat, the sun I usually come to village, Monday morning she was waiting I joined her and jogged for some time, while jogging she slipped on stone and fell down and got sprain in her leg, she was crying, it’s 5.15, so we went to excellent hospital and doctor advised her it’s a small sprain nothing to worry, given some ointment, and I took her to apartment, she welcomed me I helped her to reach her bedroom, two kids was sleeping, I asked her anything she need, I went to kitchen and took water and given to her and I asked can I apply oinment on her feet, initially she refused and didn’t leave her, at last, she agreed and show her feet.

I applied ointment and her usually I will do it for my granny so I did nicely.During my massage she was crying with her pain, I made her lie on the bed and massaged her, she thanked me for good body massage. Day passed we are more closed to each other, during this her husband went to Canada for business visit he will not be available to 2 months, then we started roaming to Phoenix mall, beach more or less like a lover, and also started touching each other, hugging, I started going to her flat 2 to 3 time a week.

One day morning, I came early for jogging I called her she didn’t pick and I went to her flat and ran the calling bell, she came and opened she was in deep sleep so she didn’t pick call she asked to come inside and wait for a minute she will change her track and come, I was waiting in the hall, she didn’t close the bedroom door and started changing the dress I saw her full body without any single cloth and she wore the sports bra and t-shirt and track and came out, she noticed I am watching from hall she got shocked and smiled from bedroom, will tell the rest of the sex story in the next part what happened. Please write your valuable comment to [email protected], friend I am waiting for your comment thanks a lot, Guru

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