Journey From Jabalpur To Delhi Travel Ended On Bed

Hi friends, I am Akhil i am back after long time .i am introducing myself again for the sake of new readers. i am 26 m, handsome south Indian(Hyderabad) guy working in Jabalpur .i am getting so many reply from so many women’s and girls every day. i am thankful for your address for my previous stories. I am very happy to share my experiences with u. Now i am here with my new experience which happened 1 week before. i will tell you about Sujatha heroine of this story ,her physic 34c-30-34.she looks so beautiful that every male can get erection after seeing her. This story will be some was lengthy and taken nearly 2 days to narrate nicely, for you people to enjoy.

When I was travelling from Jabalpur to Delhi in train for office work my reservation not confirmed and I got only RAC. I went in to the train and searched for my berth and i found a beautiful woman on by berth. She was talking with someone from the window who was aged nearly 50,i thought he is her father.

In the mean time i went to search her name from the chart, there I noticed her name as Sujatha and age 41 from the list of passenger of that coach. But she was looking younger than her age with good physique. I thought her age around 30 only .I thought he was her father. Train started and i asked her that to adjust herself because we 2 wants to sit in the same birth We both on the side berth and little close to each other. I started talks first that where she is going to. she told me that she is up to Delhi felt so happy and my devil mind went to dreams. I introduced myself to her and I asked are you Sujatha 41. She replied “yes” in a smiling manner.

I said admiringly that she was looking around 30 only. Then she said with smile that she had 42 years of age. I asked about the person who came to station with her. She said that he was her husband. I said “I thought he is your father”. She said with smile “he is my husband only”. I said “sorry”. She replied “Its all right”. By observing her closely I realized about her age. We both introduced. i asked her why is she going to Delhi, she replied -for office work. She said she goes to Delhi very frequently. I said that I was going first time to Delhi and I had no friends there. i asked her about her children and she replied that she was having one son and daughter.

That was a long journey from Jabalpur to Delhi (16 hours). We discussed several things. I told some jokes to her. Initially ordinary jokes later on while time going on i started Adult jokes with her, she don’t tell anything for that. I noticed that she was enjoying and the journey in my company and we became so friendly and we chatted for a long time. she said that she was going to stay there for 2 days work and she asked me where i wil stay after reaching Delhi. i told her that i some hotel . she asked me to stay with her in the same hotel. I 2 wants the same. I got the answer for what i was expecting for. I readily accepted for . We reached Delhi and went to the 3 star hotel that she suggested. We occupied two separate rooms.

That day was a Sunday. So that day i was free and wants to take rest and i wants to attend for office next day. I called her asked her what is the program for her for that day she replied nothing wants to take rest. i asked her to go out to room if she is interested ,immediately she replied that she is ok for that. In the afternoon we went to film “gangs wasseypur” we sat each other beside. There is no crowd in the theatre.

Then i intentionally kept my hands on her hands. she don’t say anything for that ,her hands are soft her perfume is making me mad .i got some courage and touch right boob of her with my left elbow and she made her eyes big and say me, for 20 min i don’t go further on her and one scene came in that scene reema sen was fucked by hero in standing position, in the mean time i have seen her face she is smiling and enjoying. i got courage and touched her boobs like previously her boobs are so soft and she don’t say anything and smiled at me.

I went further and i kept my hands on her thighs she don’t say anything and enjoying ,then i kept my hand on her belly ,its smooth and she was moaning slowly. i inserted my hand in to her panty through sari. She was shocked and opened her mouth wider but don’t say anything i found rough surface in her panty. i thought she has not cleaned her pussy. It became difficult for me to enter my finger in to her pussy and at last i reached it was wet.

Then i finger fucked her and she was enjoying a lot in the mean time she had 2 times. My fore hand became wet after that i licked my fingers ,its so tasty. And the film got completed she don’t talk to me anything and we had dinner and went to our respective rooms. I did my hand job 2 times thinking of her. In the morning we both greeted ourselves had Tiffin and went to our offices ,she dnt talk to me on that time. I completed my work in the evening and came to my room.

At 8 i went to her room and asked her about her dinner she said ok and asked me to wait in my room. she wil come in 5 min. She came out in a pink sari , i was mad to see her in that sari. We completed our dinner ,and went to our rooms. But i was not getting sleep thinking of her , some body was knocked my door. I opened the door. It was Sujatha. She was in nighty. It was somewhat transparent and I could notice her panty and bra which are inside. i was shocked to see her in that position. I invited her in to my room. She said she was not getting sleep in her room.

We both sat on the bed. I asked her to forgive me about what was happened in theatre. She said its ok with a naughty smile. Again started our discussions. Suddenly she enquired that I had any girl friend?. I said no. Do u have sex with any one ? i said yes with whom she asked? told with aunties. she got funk and asked aunties? Why aunties? I told that aunties will give nice co-operation in sex and they will motive us and they will be safe. For that she laughed and asked how i had my experience? i said to her all about my experiences with was posted by me . she was observing me like anything and at last asked me that can i fuck her. “I am very happy to take the chance”.

Then she kept her hand on my hand. Then I watched her face. She was looking at me.i lip locked her and exchanged our saliva, her lips are so smooth and tasty i was eating her lips for 10 min. then she broke the kissing session and smiled at me.i kept my left hand around her waist and my right hand on her left boob ,her boobs i squeezed softly. she then moaning. I unbuttoned her nighty and it felt down. she was now in red bra and red panty only. i found that her bra nipple portion is wet. i unhooked her bra white melons with brown nipple came out. I kept one boob in my mouth and squeezing other. milk is flowing in to my mouth its so tasty and i emptied all the milk.

She was just closing her eyes and moaning. I decided not to waste time. I hugged her. She didn’t refuse my action. I felt comfortable and kissed all over her face and moving my hands on her back. She was also hugging me. I was kissing on her forehead, checks, and nose, belly, waist everywhere will do foreplay very well and i got so many appreciations from aunties for doing like that I removed my T-shirt. Now both shared the bed. I liked her belly and folds on sides. I considered this the sexiest part in any women. I licked the hairy armpits. She said it was giggling her and her hubby dont do her like this.

I moved down and to her smooth thighs and licked it. I moved my tongue on all over her legs from toe. I rubbed her pussy through her panty it was wet and she was pressing my hands in to her pussy. I removed her panty. She got big bush.i laughed by seeing that I asked her why she dnt keep clean. She said that her hubby not showing interest in sex, so, she was neglected to shave it. She got big pussy with brown lips. Her wet pussy shining. I moved my hand on it. I felt a rough surface. I kissed there. It smelled so nice.

Her under hair came in to my mouth she laughed and said sorry. I inserted my index finger in it, and tasted it. It was a nice taste I tasted the juices of 5 aunties upto now. I like it very much. Then she asked me to lick it. She spread her legs and I placed in between those. I cleaned the pussy from out side first. Then opened with two thumb fingers and started liking it.

My tongue is moving deeper and deeper. She was moaning like ohhhhhh. haaaaaaaaa… and she was pressing my head towards her pussy. I was licking the pussy like fucking it with small jerks on clitoris. After some time she pulled out some cum from her pussy. I ate it and cleaned totally. She could not restrict herself and asked me to stop it and fuck her with my long big dick. I inserted my dick into her pussy with little difficulty and started jerks. She was tying me with her legs. She was moaning like oh.. oh.. oh.. for each jerk. She said that after long time she was enjoying sex.

After some time I increased my speed and finally filled her pussy with the cum. I took rest on her while my dick still in her pussy. After some time we both went to bathroom to clean our genitals. I cleaned her pussy, and I said that I would shave her bush. She agreed. I brought my shaving kit. I put my knees down while she was standing. First I trimmed the hair.

Then applied foam on it. Slowly I shaved her pussy. Now it was looking so nice. I cleaned every thing. Again I got tempted to lick her pussy. I asked her to put her leg on bucket which was turned down. Her lips spread apart. In that position I was licking her pussy. Her hands moving in my hair. She was moaning like oh… ha….. I opened her pussy by holding the two lips with my thumb. I licked from bottom to top several times along the pink path. I pinched the clit. She could not able to stand there for long time.

Then we shifted to bed. She said that she wanted to suck my dick. But I don’t want to leave her pussy. Because it’s so tasty and amazing.

So, we decided to go for 69 position. she was on me. She was sucking my dick while I am enjoying by licking her pussy from down. My face in between her heavy thighs, after some time she got and i drank with out wasting any single drop ,but her under hair is disturbing me.i asked her that can i shave your under hair. she smiled and said no need. I told her that i like to shave pussys, she said how can i shave now. I opened my bag and taken new razor and shaving foam. we went to bathroom and i asked to lay down and she did and i applied foam and i removed her under hair with so caringly.

Now its a clean shaven pussy and its shining now .she has seen her clean shave pussy and told me that u r so naughty. After that she told me that can i shave u r timed under hair and readily accepted for her. its giggling for me when she touched my balls and my pennies is in 90 degrees position. She told me that my pennies is big and thick . she clean shaved my under hair and she asked to lift my arms ,i asked why? She told that she will clean my arm pits also, i readily accepted. i enjoyed that moment

After some time she come to normal position and inserted my dick into her pussy and started riding on me. She enjoyed a lot while fucking me in active position. I was also enjoyed lot. After some time I released my cum into her hot pussy. After that we cleaned ourselves asked her to lay down like that only in bathroom she readily accepted and we are in 69 position. She is sucking my dick like anything, she is doing blowjob show slowly and neatly like and experienced bitch. That’s why i like aunties’ licked her pussy like anything she got another 2 times in the mean time and she is moaning loudly haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….then we cleaned and went on to the bed.

I went near my table there jam bottle is there. I have taken jam and applied on her pussy and belly i ate her pussy like anything she is screaming in i licked her belly. She then taken my pennies and applied jam all over my pennies. I was shocked to see that and she is trying to eat my pennies like bread and jam. I was cleaned jam all over my pennies with her tongue i released my sperm in her mouth with jam its nice experience. she drank all the sperms.

Then we went to bath room and cleaned ourselves. Then we drank some cool drinks which are in my room and after the i laid her on bed an kept her boobs in my mouth one by one and drank the milk. i once again licked her clean shaved pussy and taken my pennies and kept on her pussy ,she told me to enter my pennies in to her love hole. I entered my pennies in to her love hole so easily. I once came out and pushed my pennies in to her she screamed in pain and told me to do slowly. i said sorry and i said ok and did slowly in between i will push forcibly on that time she will scream in pain. she 2 enjoying that style and of course me too.

She told that she is Cumming and she cummed, For 5 min in fucked her nicely i was going to come, and i asked her where i want to cum, she told me to come in her mouth. I did the same. She drank all the cum and my pennies is leaning, she is not leaving my pennies she is sucking my pennies like that only for 10 min and once again it became hard. Now she told me to fuck her mouth. i started to fuck her mouth now , my pennies went in to her throat ,she is enjoying it as a lollipop fucked her like that for 10 min and at last cummed in her mouth. she told she enjoyed my company a lot and we both have no more energy for fucking and i slept on her on that whole night.

In the early morning my pennies is erected and it is touching her pussy lips ,i laughed seeing that i entered my pennies in to her pussy and started slow strokes she started moaning and at a sudden i gave a strong stroke she gave a loud noise aaaaaaaaa stop it its paining. i stopped for 2 seconds and again started pumping slowly and at last after 10 min i asked where to release she told that in her mouth and i did what she said. she drank all like a morning coffee and cleaned my pennies.. We enjoyed like newly married couple. We have seen my mobile alarming its 8 in the morning. She told that its going to late her ,so she wants to leave.

While leaving, i told that i was leaving in the evening train she said ok and she will be leaving tomorrow. She has not given her Address of her and she asked my mobile number and she said she will be in touch with me. At last i made a lip lock her for 5 min on that time i remember to drink her milk and i immediately kept right boob in my mouth and drank her milk and emptied,and left next. At last i kept some milk in my mouth and lip locked her in that time we exchanged her milk .its nice experience. And then she left. But had a most memorable and joyful trip. Now I am staying in Jabalpur, any women/ girl interested can mail me and tell me ur comments at [email protected].

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