Journey towards sex with my Girl friend-Part 1

Hi everybody this is John(name changed). My height is about 5′.6 with weight of 62 kgs. I am typical south indian boy with avg built body.I am great fan of ISS.Was thinking for long time to submit my experience to others.This is my story telling how my journey to sex took place with my girlfriend.Let me start, this took during my engineering in 2010in chennai, i was in final year.My friend one day told me that he is going to see his class mate who is studying nursing. He was from kerela. I have seen of lot of kerela girls, they are natually beautiful.So i thought i could make an new friend if i go along with him. so i asked whther i can accompany him since i was feeling bored. He said ok. So i accompanied him.We met her at Spencer Plaza. She( came along with another 2 of her friends. To tell about her she was absolute kerela beauty with right amount of flesh. She was typical malayali girl , with height of 5.5; weight of about 52 kgsI acted as if i never took interest in her. That we had cofee and then we left. Why leaving i just said bye to her.

Once at back to my home , i called my frnd i took her number, and after few days i was feeling bored ;i msged her, there was no reply.So i msged her again i got reply saying who is this .I replied with my name. I got reply saying she is busy now will msg later. I really got angry and said no need. I didnt get reply from her. After few days i got msg from her. I replied i am busy. She msged me saying that she is sorry and she was writing her record and thats why she didnt respond properly on that day. I also apologisedwith her. ;Slowly we started to msg each other and sometime talk over phone, but most of the time we wud msg each other. We became very close . We use to go outside togeter to beach, cinemas etc.. as a good friends..but in me there was somehing happening , that attracted me to her , slowly i use to think of her while sleeping. i used to think my pillow as her and i would kiss, hug it and so many things. i wud imagine my pillow as her i mean lover and with imagining it as her would as if we were lovers and i wud act as if i am removing her dress, sucking her breast and some many things.

But when i am with her , i wud behave as good friend. She became close to me, i wud touch her as if i am beating her , pinch her hips and i also felt that she is attracted to me. but i didnt want to take chances bcos i dont want to miss her. She wud discuss er family problems and others problems with me.

(Let me tell about her. Her name is Rashmi. Height 5.5, weight 50kg and but nice structure 32 27 32. her boob size is average which can be cupped in my hands. Most attractive part is her eyes and lips.)

But one fine day, during night i called her, she didnt answered me first time. i again tried calling her this time she answered me, i asked what happened she said she is not feeling well, i asked what happened, she said her stomach is paining , i asked her why, she said girls matter, out of no where i asked whether there is any chance that i can help her, she said no. But i insisted to keep talking to me so that she can forget the pain, she said ok. But my mind became dirty. itold her that there is something that can make er pain disappear she asked what. i said that she shud not get angry if i say the remedy. she said ok. I said her to imagine that i am next to her and iam kissing her stomach, she said NOOOOOOO in a moaning voice.. i thought thati have her today. so i started to give kisses to my phone which is in away that i am kissing her stomach, she was enjying it, then i ;asked her what is she wearing she said shirt and skirt, i said that i am going to remove her shirt and narrated how i am removing her shirt and told her to do the same , she was under my control, she started to moan , i told her iam pressing her boobs, sucking her nipples and slowly going down between her legs, she said NOOOoo and said it will be dirty, this made me more MAD, i said its ok and started to narrate that i am kissing her pussy now, she said that it is paining more now. I said iam licking it now, she said pls stop that its really paining. i said tht i love her very much, she also that she also loves me, that night we decied we will go for a movie after her periods , but we contniued the phone sex everyday and we went to movie as planned.

I told hr to wear chudidhar , she came as i told, inside the theatre , i bought the corner seat and there was less people for the movie. During the movie i started the session by kissing her chin, then slowly her lips, but soon our tongue were exploring each others mouth, we were exchanging our saliava. slowly my hands were pressing her boobs, herboobs were big enough for my hand to feel the flesh, it was so sofft, i was feeling it over her dress, slowly i started to insert my hand in her tops, i was able to pull her bra aside and take her breast out and see her nipples, once i felt her nipples, my mouth went to it and started sucking it, she was moaning slowly, she said go slow, but i was not able to control, istarted biting her nipples she was controling the pain and enjoying it, i was able to play with boh boobs one after other.

Then slowly i inserted my hand iside her phant, and inside her panties,slowly i reahed the pussy, it was clean shaved as i said to her..i slowly inserted my finger in her pussy. she pressed my hand with her legs, slowly she released my hand and i started to finger the pussy, she ws enjoying it, i tried to put my finger inside as much deep as i can.. she was crying as it was the first time .. slowly i took my hand showed her cum in my hand and i started to lick, she tried to stop me saying it is dirty, but i put my finger in my mouth and licked , so i took my finger out she pulled me towards her and started to kiss and for the first time , she touched my bulge and started to press it. i asked her to put her hand inside my pant , she smiled and pulled my zip down and took my cock out and started pressing it , it was like heaven, iasked her to suck it, she said not today but kissed it.Then it was time for the movie to finish, so we made our dress propwerly so that we can go out clean.After the movie i told her that i will drop her athostel.During the ride she hugged so tightly that i was able to feel her nipples. This really made me hot. At the end of the ride i told her that i want to love her , she said that she also wanted it. So told her we will do it soon. She kissed me on the lips and started to walk towards her hostel.

In the night had phone sex for long time. She was really horny. She asked to arrange for love time very soon , i promised i will arrange as soon as possible.

And with both our thoughts in having sex really paved a way.. soon i arranged one of my friends room.

Will tell you how we had sex for the first time in the next submission.please send me the feed back to [email protected]. Any auntys, girls in chennai &around can contact me.

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